Creating A Team Task Management App To Enhance Workers’ Productivity

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Attaining success in today's extremely competitive and dynamic business environment requires resilience and organization. Hence productivity software is essential for the organization of work processes.

Tools like Jira, Trello, Skype, Google Calendar, Adana, Slack, and Google Hangout are distinctly efficient. However, all of them together can spawn a mess, distracting people and congesting their routines.

Can you build an app to suit the needs of your team?

There are basically two common kinds of task management apps: team task management app which is great for team collaboration and personal to-do apps that help to manage daily activities.

It is not often easy to get an existing app that completely fits your team. If you're a publisher, you will need a tool that will help structure your material and organize publishing schedules. If you're a startup, you will be required to plan team meetings, assign tasks and allow team members work together on use cases and documentation. And if you're a mobile app development company, you will be expected to organize small-scale tasks across several projects, manage project documentation, keep a record of the time expended on every activity and so on.

It has been observed that new task management apps are either intended for a large number of users or just a small number of users. When it is aimed at a wider number of consumers, the apps are overly simple and lack key features, and when it is targeted at a smaller number of users, they are often too complex. Some task management apps can be useful for specific companies and teams while others eventually rely on multiple apps to increase their workflow.

A productivity app that makes things more complicated rather than easy can be frustrating to use.

Here are three principal features that a good task management app should provide.


Since all productivity tools are intended to make work organization less difficult, task management apps should eliminate distractions with clear and uncomplicated visual design, substantial functionality and intuitive UX.

Although to-do apps are expected to be simple, team task management tools should not only provide simple task list; it should also have an extensive set of features such as:

1. Write Down Tasks and Ideas- The mobile app should be able to create task, checklists and take notes.

2. Customize User Content- Users should be able to edit lists and notes, attach images, links, documents and other files.

3. Repetitive Tasks- if you have specific routines in the team’s workflow, you will find this feature useful.

4. Organize Task- To customized workflow, users must be allowed to organize all their content.

5. Set Due Date- This feature will help remind your team members of deadlines and increase their efficiency.


Communication Tools
Messengers are examples of communication tools that can be added to collaborative task managers. But it is not compulsory for task management apps to include native communication especially as teams can make use of other third party solutions.

Sending relevant and frequent information to members of your team and specific group of users helps keep the team on the same page. Many task management apps have SMS, email, push notification and reminders for forthcoming events. You can also choose to add an activity feed to your app to further boost productivity.

The ideal environments for collaborative management of tasks solutions include synchronization across platforms web and desktop, and they also appears most suitable platforms for work in the office. Nonetheless, the productivity of the team could decrease when each team member is attached to their PC, particularly for employees who work remotely.

Standard task management apps like Asana, Toodledo, Trello, and others have functionally similar versions for every single platform including iOS and Android apps development.

Ideally, to attain maximum flexibility your task management tool for all platforms should have similar functionalities and be synchronized to help your team members access and accomplish their projects from anywhere and with any device. A mobile app developer will be more than capable to help you build the right app.


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