Cross Platform App Development : Gaining Traction Amongst Businesses and Enterprise

cross platform app development

With the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets, mobile applications are becoming indispensable parts of human life. Growing smartphone usage has encouraged many startups and entrepreneurs to come up with competitive evolution in the mobile arena. To survive and rule in such competitive scenario, you need to consider 3 Key components: Quality, Availability, and Responsiveness. So, if you have any app idea then, do you target a single platform or would like to explore your app to a wide range of device users? So, why these increasing devices actually interest newbies to try out their hands in the mobile industry?

Well, you might have heard about the term “cross-platform” couple of times. It is one of the best choices to be considered when you want to develop a single app to target multi-device audience. But this popularity of cross-platform app development amongst industries and business arises couple of question like,

What Is The Current Market Scenario?

Today, the majority of the startups and enterprise wants their applications to be accessed globally by all range of the device. Competition is getting fierce and resources are becoming limited. Business wants to earn maximum ROI at a minimum budget. The main question that arises during app development is:

• How much time you have to develop an app that supports all range of devices?

• How much budget and resources you can spend to develop multi-device supporting app?

The current market scenario is highly competitive where applications are released at lightening speed and the device range is getting more augmented. It is becoming hard to support all range devices. In such case, cross-platform development can be the best option. But, this raises another question,

Why Is Cross-Platform App Development Is So Attractive Option For Enterprise And Companies?

Earlier cross-platform simple means targeting PC, computer, and MAC but now it includes more of mobiles and particularly targeting android and iOS both. For more traditional approach: Add up to mobile OS to the existing PC's and consoles. Today many of the business will think : why they should prefer cross platform? The answer is simple and clear. Because you want an app that runs on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, windows, Blackberry.

Business is looking forward to cross-platform because of the features and functionalities that it provides, allowing developers to create exceptional quality applications at low cost. Ultimate mobile experience, different device support, lower cost, and portability are the factors that head cross-platform app development as the best possible option. Such apps can increase business brand and ROI in quite shorter time.

What Developers Need To Think And Consider While Planning Cross-Platform App Development?

Cross-platform is nothing more than a titled ”mass-market” where mobile OS is an add up along with old aged computers, PC's and consoles. Earlier the customers used to pay for applications but the time it takes to install an app is highly large. Though your customer has paid for particular app still, it is going to take intended time to download and install an app. Even with free apps, installation time and hurdles like permission popups to access an app, browsers, plugins etc creates a great impact on future sales. This thing needs to be considered for any cross-platform development tool.

Do They Need To Consider Each And Every Platform?

Yes, you do need to consider each and every platform. There are situations where an app is targeted only on multiple mobile platforms while the other in which an app is targeted on the specific mobile platform : Eg. Android. In such case, you mobile app strategy proves to be very risky as customer acquisition cost is higher on mobile. It means your app needs to earn 5 times more bucks compared to the amount spent on the single install.

How Can Cross-Platform App Development Benefit You To Augment Business Opportunities?

One of the biggest investment advantages for business is that you need to write an app once and can run on multiple platforms to avail majority ROI benefits. The advantages that every business or enterprise can expect from cross-platform app development are:

• Code Reusability

• Reduction In Maintenance And Development Cost

• Multi-Device Supporting

• Broad Audience Reach

• Building Effective Brand Value

• Reduction In Overall Development Cost

Final Words:

Avoiding cross-platform app development and focusing on Native approach seems like inviting big challenge for your business. There is no doubt that technically it sounds bit easy but, from a business point of view – challenge to make your app a success will be more harsh and difficult. So, if you are a startup and want to advance your business with cross-platform app development then, hire best app developers from India and rock the app industry. For more details, hit us your app briefings and we will get back to you soon.


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