Deep Linking Driving User Engagement : Know How, What and Why!

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The mobile app industry has witnessed the growing numbers of available mobile applications in the majority of app stores. In today's scenario, a mobile app developed by experienced app developers from India has made common man's life easy going by just a tap and go within the app installed in smartphone devices. For every single thing, whether it is ordering food or buying of clothes, demanding a taxi on rent or every single occasion, a mobile app is at our fingertips inside the App-store.

As there are many apps available in the market in order to beat the other applications and to hold users with your app you need to widen your strategies as the trend changes. It's a known fact that making customers install an app is easy but making them engaged for a long term with your app is quite difficult. This is where Deep-linking acts as a savior. According to the statistics 20% of Food and Beverages apps, 18% of Health apps and 30% of Gaming apps are kept isolated after its first use. To make your app discovered and used by the audience, a deep-linking ad can be incorporated that not only makes your app discovered amongst users, and also redirects to the particular product page when clicked by the user.

What Exactly is Deep-link and how does it work?

Deep-linking is a functionality generally used to boost up user's engagement with the application. It is incorporated along with advertisements. Whenever the user clicks on a particular ad then they navigated to the actual product page within the app. Deep-linking is commenced to target mobile-users who would visit the ad on some big social platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram or on SERP. It can also be performed for web users where the user searches for products and clicks on the ad to find particular product page that increases user's conversions with the app. If the user does not have that particular app installed on their device, then they redirected to app stores to install the app.

Breaking Down of audience

It's an important step that let you recognize your audience on basis of their performance and the activities undertaken. There are Some pre-defined events from which you can select and also you can create your own customized events, that lets you track the audience behavior and can convert into conversions. From this, you can easily create success stories of your campaign.

Deep Linking : Driving Engagement and Boosting Revenue

Nowadays Mobile apps are the most preferred source when we want to avail any kind of services. People would prefer mobile browsing rather than the web and when they are across any kind of advertisement they would simply click it and that opens in a new tab which can feel quite bothering. But, when it comes to deep-linking the ad is aligned with the product page of the app. So, when users click on the ad, they straight away landed to the product page from where users can avail service. Such services are quite fruitful for E-commerce stores like Amazon or Flipkart. This strategy seems to be useful for them to target users who have uninstalled their application from smart phone devices.

Wrap up:

So, these were some of the benefits of deep linking that every startup and the established company should be aware of. As you will surpass the journey of more app development, you will unlock more benefits. Hope that this post gave you some insights about the outline. Share your thoughts and get engaged with us. If you have more insights, drop us your feedback.


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