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The content marketing has become the safe bet of the companies

This content marketing strategy continues to advance in its development and, now, it rebounds strongly towards Deep Linking, an effective way to promote its content.
Companies are acquiring it as inseparable from their current marketing strategy since the results of their staging speak for themselves. If you look for a clear idea about content marketing, you could define it as a marketing strategy based on the seduction of our target, by creating quality content that is interesting and useful.
Content marketing moves away from the old aggressive or invasive strategies to attract clients. On the contrary, it focuses on obtaining leads by creating valuable content. It is a very effective way to reach your target and build loyalty. Hire Indian app developers that will help you create iPhone app to easily manage your marketing campaign.
Reinvent yourself
Content marketing requires patience and effort. Its correct development involves a lot of time and dedication, and the results are visible in the long term. You should be assured that the result will be worth the effort. It has already been used not only in large corporate companies but also adapts to the requirements and needs of small and medium enterprises. The techniques of content marketing vary. Their strategies are reflected in thematic blog posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, templates, webinars, whitepapers, and many other combinations of quality content. But the content marketing stands out for its creativity and progression in constant ascent and, obviously, its path does not stop here. The most recent bet of the content marketing is called deep linking, and it is devastating where it is projected. Hire Indian app developers to achieve a good deep linking.
An approach to Deep Linking
It involves linking internal publications within a web, as long as it is not the main page or homepage. It is to include links that link directly with the page that contains the exact information, and not with the homepage. The link is made around important phrases or words that generate interest. The increase of internal pages supposes an increase of traffic towards the directly proportional destination pages, causing that the important words chosen are regrouped with order and sense.
This technique, framed in the context of content marketing, is considered part of the link building strategy. This technique consists of building a structure of external links (or other websites), for search engines like Google. It is important that there is a balance between the number of external and internal links. The purpose of link building is to convince Google (or other search engines) that your website has enough quality and popularity for other websites to link it naturally. However, it is also believed that internal links should exist on a website, not only because of traffic but also to provide more value and improve the user experience. The importance of adopting Deep Linking as a strategy lies mainly in obtaining two great benefits; the improvement of your web positioning through SEO and to provide users with the range of navigation options, being able to redirect them from content to others that are related, and thus increasing your conversion rate. This second benefit is, perhaps, the most important, because you must not forget that content marketing is made for your potential audience.
For example, if you have a company dedicated to music production and you write a post about the last album of a singer, you may want to allude his previous albums. Thus, when mentioning some of your previous works, you will add a link that will take your audience to the information about the album in question. The app that you get whenever you hire Indian app developers can be used to link your audience to the info.
Linking properly is an art
Now that we know what Deep Linking is, it's time to apply it. But it is not worth doing it if you won’t do it well. You must carefully plan how to link content with each other so that it is coherent and above all so that internet user will not feel saturated. At this point, another very important term comes into play: the Anchor Text.
The anchor text is the word or set of words that will serve as a hook to include the hyperlink that will take users to your internal content. Do not confuse it with banners or calls to action. It is another technique. Therefore, you will have to avoid the use of phrases such as "Click here," "Click," "Know more," etc. These terms are forbidden for deep linking. You will have to play with elements that are perfectly integrated into your text naturally and that are related to the internal pages to which you are going to direct.
Going back to the musical example, you could introduce a phrase like: "Madonna is the undisputed diva of pop" and link in "Madonna" a related article about her musical career that includes the singer's albums. 
As you can see, deep linking is a very effective technique as long as it is used with criteria and common sense. You should not forget that the ultimate purpose of this content marketing strategy is to facilitate the search of content for both the search engines and your target. This can be achieved when you hire Indian app developers.
Advantages of a Good Content Marketing Strategy
- A good content marketing strategy increases leads by 97%
- Companies and brands that have a high content creation activity through a blog, an updated website generate most leads. Companies that have good content generation strategy generates up to 97% more leads (potential customers) than companies that are not active in the field.
- A good content marketing strategy is much cheaper than traditional marketing
- Successfully implementing a content marketing strategy is more profitable than most alternative marketing tactics. Regardless of the distribution channel you use, whether digital or non-digital.
- Because of the high value that your content generates for your audience, reaching it will have less impact on your part than the demand for any other marketing technique.
Content marketing increases brand awareness
Providing quality content can position your brand as an opinion leader. This depends on the issues you expose and those who are dedicated to your business. By making your brand more visible and more authoritative, consumers can trust it more and think that your brand "knows what it does."
Content marketing increases engagement
Generate content segmented into different niches of your audience can produce an increase in interaction with them. Although you address a broad audience, undoubtedly, the individuals that comprise your audience can be divided into segments by interests.
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