Development Of Mobile Apps - 7 Subtleties To Know

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Functionality and utility are important for users, but if the design does not attract or even makes it difficult to work with the application, it will be immediately removed.
Therefore, in this article, we talk about the intricacies of design that need to be considered in the design.

- Easy navigation
easy navigation
Do not complicate navigation in the application with cumbersome menus, and even more so its absence. The navigation unit should not close the main field of the application. You can use the “hamburger system” or hide the menu in the left curtain of the application.
Use icons that will be intuitive for customers, that is, those that are used in most applications. This will allow users to quickly and efficiently navigate through the service. The intuitiveness of your mobile app can be what will differentiate you from your competitors and give you an edge over them.
- Simple background
The design of iOS applications was one of the first to base the trend of minimalism and simplicity. If web designers include beautiful themes and backgrounds when creating a site, then mobile app designers can make background images monochromatic or blurry, which will make the application’s navigation and functions more expressive. This will also save load time and increase user interaction. The faster the load time of an app, the more inclined the users will be to open it.
- Color palettes
Design development of mobile applications involves the correct use of color palette. Using tinted versions of your brand colors and more white space is recommended Place colors strategically, emphasizing where readers can find the most relevant information. A good color matching method is the Mood board. It helps to create the color scheme of the application, which will cause the emotions and feelings you need.
- Swipe gestures
The design of mobile apps for Android and iOS includes thinking through gestures with the help of which users work with the service. There are several gestures and functionalities that you can use on your site: touch, double-tap, “tweak”, hold and drag, and touch and drag. The user experience will help determine the most frequently used gestures in order to include them in the app and stay on top.
- Intuitive interface
Usability design of an application for iPhone or Android runs like a thread through all development points. No one wants to feel that they are not intelligent enough to navigate an app irrespective of the devices they use. Your interface should be intuitive for all devices.
Instead of relying on your sixth sense, just think about what the most natural action would be for the desired function. When users feel comfortable in the application, they will constantly work with it, which means that the rating will only increase.
- Integration with social networks
When designing an Android app, you should take into account the fact that a large portion of the users will be from social networks. This is true if your app is an online store. Therefore, add social buttons to the service and the ability to log in via Facebook or Instagram. This will further increase user experience and usability since registration does not take much time.
- Wearable gadgets
wearable gadgets
Mobile apps for iPhone or Android - this is not all that the scope of mobile is limited to. Over the past year, wearable gadgets, smart watches, and fitness trackers have burst onto the arena. They have become not just single-task devices, but have combined many functions of smartphones. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the minimalistic design of such gadgets, the essence of which is to catch information with a cursory glance and run about their business.
As you can see, the design of Android applications, as well as iOS, is closely related to the programming and development capabilities. Only by working together, you can get a really cool service that combines user experience, good design, and advanced development capabilities.
App design is an important stage for creating a mobile application in the mobile-department of mobile app development companies. App developers come to implementing professionally - and designers, programmers, and testers work smoothly, which means that products always delight customers. Moreover, developing a SCRUM application allows you to optimize the project after each iteration. At the exit, this gives the advantage of any changes during the project. The designer does not adapt to what the developer has programmed, and the developer does not “pull” the design onto the code. Products are holistic in both areas, and users enjoy working with them.
So these are the most important things you need to know before starting to develop mobile applications. As always, everyone has their own workflow and preferred applications, so try to choose your platform, the software you need, the template, and start doing creative work in the mobile area. When your design is ready, try to work as closely as possible with the developer, this ensures that your vision and design were developed exactly as you imagined. Just like web development, this is a difficult and sometimes boring job, but it must be done in order for your final product to look exactly the way you want it.
If you want to order a mobile application design for Android and iOS or order a comprehensive development, ensure that you do it from a top mobile app development company.

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