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5 Elements With Which You Can Improve Your Online Portfolio

Web Development

Oct 2019
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5 elements with which you can improve your online portfolio
For designers, developers, architects, creative writers, publicists, marketing and app development companies, it is essential to have an online portfolio. In this portfolio, you not only include your best projects but also explain the creative process used by each professional. It is perfect for both print projects and digital projects, which today are much more common.
A portfolio becomes the most effective way in which a professional can demonstrate their skills, knowledge, interests and their work process, an element that is well appreciated by anyone who is looking for a professional who will take care of their future draft. In other words, a portfolio is a way to reach people. And if you are looking for freelance projects, it is more than necessary that you have an online portfolio.
In this article, we mention the 5 elements that make your online portfolio much more attractive and that will surely capture the attention of your visitors.
Pay attention to the graphics of your site
pay attention to the graphics of your site
The aesthetic aspect of a site is the first thing a user takes into account, especially in an online portfolio. Whether you dedicate yourself to web development or design, you are better as a professional if you present a site that has a great design. This is the way to capture the attention of your customers at first sight. If they are interested in the graphic aspect of your site, they are likely to decide to navigate further.
Not only is the graphic aspect enough, but you must also ensure that your website offers a good user experience. In the case of an online portfolio, the most obvious thing is to place a call-to-action button that links to the portfolio section. Other designers make use of the parallax effect to show their differential benefits and achievements. It depends on your style and the type of portfolio you want to develop, in any case, the portfolio section can be accessed from the menu on the home page.
There should be no navigation problems, the menu sections must be well divided, there must be interactive elements and the projects in your portfolio must be well organized. If you have developed various types of projects you can add categories that function as search filters, that way, your users only see the projects that interest them most.
Includes the duration of each project
Including the duration of each project allows you to know how quickly you can conclude certain types of projects. It is true that it depends on your workload and the characteristics of the specific project, but we cannot deny that it is important for your client to have some type of reference. Sometimes, your clients will need urgent projects, if they see that you have already developed other similar projects in less time, they will probably decide to hire you.
On the other hand, verifying the duration of a project also allows your clients to learn how long it takes to make a web page or any other type of project. It is a way for your clients to learn about this and that they can even take it into account when they decide to hire you for a project.
In addition, dividing each project into hours, days or weeks lets you know the percentage of your project that has been carried out on a certain date. This percentage helps you establish milestones. In this way, your future client notices that you have a design process and that you meet the delivery dates agreed with your client. In addition, it allows you to delve into your design process and the different solutions that you have given to your client.
Explain how you improved or what aspects of the project were a challenge for you
Currently, your clients not only take into account the final result of your portfolio projects, but also the process. They need to know how you have dealt with the problematic situations that have arisen throughout the project. Sustain every decision you have made, so you demonstrate your knowledge and also that you know how to face challenges, even if obstacles are shown along the way. These obstacles can be economic, time issues or personal preference of your client. Talk in detail about how you overcome each problem that was presented in the project, taking into account time limits, budget, etc.
Place a link where the project is displayed online
link placement
This is a way to build greater confidence from the beginning. It is not enough to show the details of each project, show that you have a process and that you have been able to keep up or exceed the expectations of your customers. These are features that your client definitely appreciates and will consider, but placing a live link where your project is shown is even better.
There is no reason why you should not include this link and if you do not include it, the client may begin to have their doubts about it, after all, what is the reason for not including a link to the website where your project is shown? Many designers simply forget it, busy reviewing the other details of their portfolio such as including a good description of the project and writing the problems they faced when carrying out the project, etc.
It doesn't matter how “small” your contribution has been on the client's page, whether you redesigned the logo, designed a form, implemented a scoring system, etc. No matter what type of work you have done, be sure to include the website where it is displayed.
Write an informative text about the project and its resolution
Currently, not only the images of the result and the process matter, but you should also include an explanatory text about it. Explain how you developed the first sketches and how that idea evolved from its initial stages to the final stages. Detail what type of reviews the client requested and how you solved each situation to be able to deliver the project on time.
Why did you select such style or colors in the project and what tools or techniques did you use? There are so many details that you can mention about it. Select those details that you find most interesting or relevant about the project and reduce them in a simple way, avoid using technical expressions or words.
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