Everything you should know about Unity & It's latest version 5

Everything you should know about Unity & It's latest version 5

Game development has become very popular for kids and even for adults. It is the market where you will never see a low graph of growth as it's demand is just high as the sky. Here, we are going to talk about very famous game development platform “Unity” and it's latest version Unity 5.


Firstly what is Unity? It is a flexible and powerful cross platform game engine to create 2D and 3D games and interactive experience. It's a whole ecosystem for everyone who targets to create a business on building high-end content and connecting to their most precious and passionate players and customers. Unity game engine is developed by Unity Technologies and widely used to develop different games for multiple platforms and devices.


You can build your game once and deploy it anywhere anytime. Yes! It is that easy with Unity. There are various platforms on which you can deploy your game. Unity gives you the facility to create your content once and deployment on all Unity 5 is a major mobile, desktop and web platforms in just one click.






They have a separate division for mobile gamers. “Unity for Mobile” is very popular among the game developers. So why is it so popular?



1) It is very easy to deploy on Android, iOS, Windows platforms.


2) There are loads of optimization because of some excellent features like asset building and build size stripping and occlusion culling.


3) World's best monetization and retention services for all the mobile games.


4) 2D and 3D tools which are so dedicated and easy to use.



They have the same separate thing for the Desktop, VR & AR, Console and web gaming development. So their area of gaming development is spreaded on each and every platform and each devices. Many App Development Companies are using it to attract their clients and create a different level in game development.


Their world class services to monetize and improvise your game include:



1) Unity Ads


2) Unity Analytics


3) Unity Everyplay


4) Unity cloud Build


5) Unity Multiplayer


6) Unity Performance reporting



Integration of their Unity Ads, Unity cloud build, Unity Analytics and Unity Mulyiplayer can create and manage your game as smooth, simple and rewarding as possible.





Unity 5 is it's latest edition which makes it more attractive and create the 2D and 3D games in a more interactive manner. Unity 5 gives you more artistic power. It give you power to connect with the more game players, It also makes your hard work to create some fantastic games smoother and more fun. Unity 5 is a Graphics powerhouse. That means you can get the artistic toolset which you surely haven't seen in Unity before.



1) Physically based standard shader


2) Real-Time global Illumination


3) HDR reflection Probes



Their feature rich and Highly adaptable editors make you go crazy:



1) The audio mixer


2) Brand new Physics Engine


3) High Powered Animator



Unity 5 is a whole powerful Ecosystem built for your creative success in the gaming world. As one of the Top App development companies, we have upgrade ourselves with Unity 5. Are y ou ready to get upgraded? Than Contact us now to experience world's best gaming arena. 


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