Excellent Ideas For Launching Mobile Apps In 2020

mobile apps in 2019
Are you serious about creating your own mobile business application? Then this is the right time to start, as mobile application development offers great business opportunities. As the analysis shows, mobile phone sales last year increased by 58%, which means that the number of people involved in digital interactions is growing every day. But before you contact top app development companies, you need to determine which idea will bring you more benefits and revenue, as well as increase the engagement of your users in a short period of time.
If you are puzzled by the best ideas of mobile applications, this article can expand your knowledge and develop a clear understanding of the successful ideas of mobile applications. You can choose from the list which business model can work best for you.
Here are 11 of the best ideas for developing mobile apps in 2019:

1. Dating/Search for partners
Having a mobile application that makes it easier for you to communicate with interesting people and to find a partner is one of the viable ideas of mobile applications. You can develop an application that imports users from active media platforms and create a system that allows two people to search for compatibility. Users often interact with such applications, so success is assured.
2. Public transport
Whether it’s a bus or a train, traveling is something that people want to be sure of. You can create an app that helps users decide which public transport option is right for them, is economical in terms of finances and convenient, and will save time. You can even enable offline services to attract more users.
3. Restaurant reservation
When you have a good mood for dinner, you do not want to spoil it. How about using an app that quickly presents you with all the options to choose from? This type of application, designed to meet the requirements of unplanned dinners, will help users book a table at nearby restaurants, offering a mapping of accessible pubs and establishments.
4. Gifts for your loved ones
gifts for your loved ones
People living a busy life often do not have the time to shop and purchase special gifts for their loved ones. Flowers, toys, romantic gift cards can be sent as a gift directly to your loved ones as a surprise. Users can easily connect to the app and select a flower bouquet or other special gifts. Meet with app developers to give users the opportunity to place an online order that is delivered directly to the recipient's address.
5. Daily Task Management
When working on a digital platform, it is good to have an app that helps users plan and manage their tasks, as well as maintain their motivation. Top app development companies can help you develop a unique app that reminds users of their daily tasks, such as housework, an alarm clock, examination tests, workouts, and more. It can interact with the user's calendar and send them reminders.
6. Job search
If you, as a mobile application developer, are thinking about creating an online job board for mobile users, this will be one of the unusual ideas for developing a mobile application.
A marketplace that connects job seekers and employers can be a promising solution for a dream mobile application. Entrepreneurs often use online boards to hire freelancers and full-time employees. So you can claim a fair profit, contributing to the creation of such a highly functional platform along with premium services.
7. Food delivery
When people are on short notice or guests are on the threshold, they often do not have enough time to prepare their own meals. This idea of a mobile application can flourish in an excellent and successful project, because users will no doubt appreciate the ability to quickly access the restaurants and cafes listed in the application, booking the necessary dishes and the desired delivery time.
8. Visualization based on AR/VR
Development of mobile apps based on VR includes a click to make a photo of the interior that you want to remake, and then view its various options with different colors, objects, curtains, background or any furniture and amenities. AR-based applications allow you to scan your room with the device’s camera and place selected items in it to decide if it fits your style. Your app can also offer the best places to buy interior items.
9. Planning holidays and trips
planning holidays and trips
As a mobile application developer, you need to understand that there is a shortage of vacation applications that can provide detailed information on various areas for holidays and vacations. Such applications should contain audio information for users to rely on. You can create a vacation application that offers advanced features, such as searching for a taxi or bus, restaurant and bar, cultural events and entertainment, and much more.
10. Disaster/Emergency /Terrorism Warning
Disasters or sudden emergencies are unpredictable and can ruin your day at any time. That is why it is one of the brilliant ideas for a mobile app. There are many applications on the market today that cover a range of unfavorable situations in life and help users get out of the trap. Such apps usually have an alert function, which either prepares you for upcoming emergencies or sends an alarm to your saved contacts or emergency management, as well as to the nearest ambulance. Similarly, applications for the prevention of terrorist attacks or various crimes, can inform other users about the dangerous situation, and help to contact the police, showing your location.
11. Health and fitness
This is one of the areas of life that draws a large number of fitness lovers, especially the new generation of people between the ages of 18-35. Whether for Android or iOS, mobile phones or smart watches, fitness-oriented applications are growing rapidly. They encourage users to achieve their personal goals in the areas of health, fitness, and bodybuilding. Although the competition is high, top app development companies can benefit greatly from creating unique apps that can analyze the fitness for users of certain exercises and food. Recommend the best diet options, improve their BMI and offer analysis, as well as a daily action plan, so that it fits perfectly into their lifestyle.

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