Extreme Advantages To Make "User Personas" Before App Development

Extreme Advantages To Make

While making a foray into making an online presence, most of the time a guesswork might not be one of the best practices for measuring the audience that is pointed to build an app and their behavior towards the brands. The result that is mentioned is a dip in sales and reduced customer engagement. One of the most common practices, for the business owners, is to simply remain with the prospective customer, but this experience is frustrating & expensive too. A simpler way to solve this issue is the creation of the user persona.

First, You Should Know That What is User Personas!

A Persona is a “fictional” image of an original user and is used in the early stages of product development or product redesign. The Personas play an important role in the decision making. Well in advance, before even the design has really started. Personas show not only the common business requirements but also take care of the shared understanding of the users in terms of the goals and objectives. The Personas, as such are not just some hypothetical users, but are often given actual names, their ages, qualifications, also the geographical locations and the systems that they apply.

All these individual factors contribute towards the build of larger targeted audience of users before the mobile app development process really gets started. Both the Personas and the market segmentation in the form of demographics like age, salary etc are important before developing an app. The personas actually help in the development process. Now, let us take a look at some advantages to used a persona.

Best Advantages of User Personas:

1) Personas Present Stakeholders A Chance To Discuss Critical Features Of A Redesign:

This is very helpful when you have various stakeholders with various ideas about what requires to be developed first. Using Personas to walk stakeholders through common communication unveils frustration & pain-points that will help clarify real user priorities over the stakeholder’s personal wish list.

2) Establishment of a Consent Among The Users:

Interpretation of raw data is difficult and the personas are useful to encapsulates the research made and then helps the user to visualize the product in an easier way. A mobile app development team often comprises of developers with changing skills and it is the Personas that found a connection between the users, developers and the stakeholders and thereby overcome any kind of confusions and disagreements that may happen. The goal is that everybody understands the targeted audience.

3) Wireframes And Site Architecture:

As Personas focus on the requirements of the users, the team can walk by scenarios & determine the optimal placement of content to especially support the goal of the product. This is important to the success of a website or app and will save your client's lots of dollars or man-hours reworking a product after it’s launched.

4) Validations Of Decisions Made:

It is not much important to assess the targeted audience of the user persona, but also desires of them. Without perfect validations in place, the product may not comply with needs of users. It is required that the development process will not get astray and must primarily serve to user requirements.

5) Better Apps:

Better product development is done by the creation of the customer models. This will also secure a long-term association with the mobile app development company, following with the user needs.

What Makes Up a Persona?

Personas include the following key pieces of information:

• Persona Group

• Fictional name

• Job titles and major responsibilities

• Optional: A quote this person would say that defines them.

• Demographics like age, education, ethnicity, etc.

• Pain points or frustrations

• Technical experience and background

• Their working environment

• Casual photos

User personas are important for everyone during the development process in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work. A persona improves product quality as it quickly addresses the end users pain points & fix problems that they experience. Closing it on a particular set of users will generate higher download rates as well as more importantly, it will keep the engagement of the users. Contact us now and get some important information regarding app development.


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