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Flutter VS Native Script: A Complete Guide

App Development

Jul 2022
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flutter vs native script a complete guide
Do you have at least some idea why there has always been a tough competition between hiring Flutter vs NativeScript developers among top app development companies? Indeed, global app development companies are depending on cross-platform application development more than ever now. Even with all the hype of cross-platform app development, the competition between Flutter and Native script has not died out.
Moreover, both of these frameworks assist with building top-notch applications at a rapid speed. Along with that, they provide various other advantages such as enhanced performance, easy-to-code functionalities, an enhanced quantity of the mobile app users and millions of others. If we take the developers' end into consideration both of them minimize the efforts and time developers have to put throughout the app development process.
Furthermore, you get the capacity to personalize the app development based on the user requirements. Accordingly, this prompts an expansion in the number of application downloads. Down the line, organizations create more income and brand value using both of these mobile app development frameworks.
Both of them just sounds amazing, right? But the real question lies with what to do when you have to choose the one between Flutter and NativeScript? To be frank, it's not an easy question to answer, but we can guarantee one thing for sure is, that you can get your answer by the end of this blog. So, are you ready to get the answer? Let's dive in.



The open-source framework, flutter was launched by Google in the year 2018. Top App developers around the globe can develop high-performing applications for various operating systems including iOS and Android. It utilizes Google's Dart programming language. Flutter enables you to construct trendy and high-performing mobile applications by reusing existing code.
One of the reasons flutter is a preferred framework for the mobile app developers around the globe is for the support it provides for various systems whether it could be for the native or the web permitting you to construct the application your clients need. Also, Google's brainchild makes it simple to develop mind-boggling, excellent applications without stressing over the fundamental platform.
You won't believe but almost 42% of the global app developers choose flutter for their cross-platform mobile framework. So, What's the trick?
Fundamentally, Flutter development uses the qualities of more native code to give a preferred application building experience over existing cross-platform structures and dialects, like NativeScript. With each update, Google immunes Flutter to beat the wide range of various cross-platform frameworks on the lookout, broadening the advancement limit for app developers.

Native Script

NativeScript JavaScript-based, open-source cross-platform framework. One of the amazing things about NativeScript is it has its own rendering engine to deliver a native-like user experience and performance as opposed to other frameworks that utilise Cordova rendering.
Moreover, NativeScript offers direct admittance to essentially every native platform API utilizing JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular. Subsequently, the app developers can use their web development abilities to make native mobile applications. Also, the wide range of templates and modules speed up the application development process.
Angular and Vue.JS integration, native execution, XML for platform independence UIs, and code reusability make NativeScript good and famous among app development companies and app developers.

Mobile App Performance

The different app performance attributes of Flutter and NativeScript are extremely evident when you look at the two frameworks one next to the other. NativeScript is quicker, however, Flutter app development is liked for more performant mobile applications. One more significant advantage of Flutter is that it uses the resources of the host devices. At the end of the day, it is continuously dealing with the hardware and is upgraded to use however many system resources as could be expected under the circumstances on the platform.
NativeScript applications additionally have great execution and can keep 60 FPS with next to no issues. Also, the framework removes a few cycles from the frontend's shoulders for far superior execution and speed. At long last, integrating manual device instrumentation can assist with further enhancement and further execution.
For the rendering process, Flutter utilizes a hardware-accelerated Skia 2D graphics engine. Likewise, it hopes to give 60 or 120 frames each second exhibition on a gadget prepared for 120Hz updates.

Mobile App Architecture

Native Script uses MVC or MVVM architectural pattern, while on the other side, Flutter utilizes a layered architecture.
High-level root capabilities or platform-specific devices are first in the progressive system of applications made with Flutter and afterwards come the fundamental gadgets. That's the reason flutter is a perfect choice for small as well as large-scale mobile apps. On account of its design, which takes into consideration the utilization of basic or complex parts depending on the situation.
The thing that makes the NativeScrpit unique is that it is based on numerous modules, each with its own capabilities. This likewise takes into consideration a great deal of customization and various kinds of modules. Additionally, the structure being MVC agreeable empowers it to manage modules well, which thus helps enterprise-grade applications have a specific set of features.

Mobile App Testing

It is necessary to test your application to guarantee it follows app store guidelines and achieves profitable performance. Thusly, Flutter offers a huge number of testing features and functionalities to test each device, integration, and in the end the entire mobile application with detailed documentation. Since it utilizes Dart, Flutter likewise supports automated testing as well.
NativeScript, on the other side, has begun following its own Quality Analysis work process since the variant 2.5 release. Subsequently, there is an essential improvement in its app testing capacities. Also, NativeScript involves Karma for unit tests that empower continuous integration for unit testing configuration.

Use Cases

If you have come this far, you must be wondering; this theoretical knowledge is not enough for me to decide what app developers can develop through Flutter and Native Script. Let's discuss that as well.

Where Flutter App Development Can Be Helpful?

  • Minimum Viable Product - MVP
  • Mobile apps for the various OS as android, iOS, desktop, and MacOs using one single codebase
  • Platform-specific features compatible with mobile apps
  • Flexible UI with customizable widgets
  • Advanced OS plugins with simple logic

Where Native Script App Development Can Be Helpful?

  • Cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Enterprise-size mobile applications
  • Huge server connectivity compatible mobile apps


So, does this blog clear all your doubts about flutter and native script app development? If yes, it's excellent and if not you can still reach out to our App developers and they will help you understand what can be a perfect choice. Our app development service does not just end with that, we can help you create an aesthetically beautiful and feature-rich mobile application that can help you earn a bit more while serving your end-users the desired results they were expecting from you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter app development cost differs based on the features and functionalities of the mobile app. You can get a better idea over here.

Native development for Android and iOS is quite active on that front as well, but if you want to solve issues on both platforms in one go, Flutter is probably the more efficient choice.

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