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Native Vs React Native Development: Key Differences

App Development

Feb 2022
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native vs react native
React Native and native development since the day it has outgrown its presence in the mobile app development industry.
Well mobile app developers were traditionally writing it in the native language but lately due to the cross hybrid platforms and ample opportunities of the framework provided by React Native.
React Native has been in the front of the tech world by the whirlwind of creating mobile applications for both the platforms that are iOS and android using a single data codebase for evolving in developing the mobile application.
Amidst this discussion, you will be confused which is better for you and your company to develop a mobile application as well as grow in generating sales.

What Is Native Application?

Native application is used to develop a device on a particular platform. As it's far constructed for the use of a selected tool and its OS, it has the capacity to apply tool particular hardware and software. Mobile Applications constructed natively are going to work on the operational structures they had been advanced for and consequently whenever you need to aim both iOS and Android customers you’ll have to expand the mobile application twice.

What Is React Native Application?

The rise in the popularity of mobile app development has been much more evolved when react native was launched. React Native is a javascript based technology building the cross hybrid framework and mobile application using the same data codebase for both the platforms that is iOS and Android.
Companies that have turned into mobile applications from a web page used render native ideas and components to successfully omit the drawback of loading a mobile application.
Some of the leading mobile applications such as skype, Facebook and instagram use react native for developing the mobile application.
Every coin has two sides, you never know what suits your business.
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Pros and Cons of Native Application and It's Framework


  • Access to New Features: Introduces a new capability and access for the app developers straight away before launching the mobile application. This can show to be effective or even offer a facet in instances in which the brand new function facilitates to enhance the attraction of your app.
  • Device Integration and Updates: Access to all the capabilities to associated hardware, sensor and specific features in the run. It gives app developers the control over the mobile application to improve it.
  • Superior Performance: Native Framework are higher proper for resource-extensive apps which includes the ones the use of 3D/AR/VR technology, in addition to facts or animation-heavy applications. It also performs better in terms of graphics, speed and overall efficiency as they have access to devices and the operating system.


  • Development and Maintenance Logistics: Developing the actual app two times is probably a waste of time for a Product Owner. Taking care of separate teams, coping with extraordinary troubles alongside the way. Developing native mobile applications at the same time calls for a straightforward set of tactics.
  • Time Consuming and High Development Process: Developing two separate mobile applications which involves a lot more budget then the hybrid cross platform solutions. Two code bases,two separate teams and problems would arrive if it diverged from the track.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the React Native Development


  • Platform Specific Coding: The ability to generate the platform specific code,while the app developers develop the mobile application and generating framework resulting in efficient developing time.
  • Suitable to Front-End Developers: The design concepts and the graphic UI which is hands on for a front end app developer, who just needs to know about react.js and API Platforms.
  • Efficient Development Time: The app developers are quickly able to see,test and change the possibility of evolving mobile applications. The feature of hot reloading speeds up the development process and saves time. It boosts productivity and also encourages cross platform solutions.
  • User Experience and User Interface: Other cross platform hybrid options are available and the possibility of using native language in react native mobile applications is possible and developing creative features to sustain.
  • Short time for the market: React Native app development allows the mobile application to launch much faster on both the platforms and updates are just as fast as the mobile application.


  • Complex design: Designs are too complex with a lot of interactions and having technological constraints which is a drawback for the React Native application developers.
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging: Some integrated applications and functionalities cause unexpected technicalities for the whole mobile application and makes it hard for the app developer. Since the React Native is a new transforming language debugging issue consumes time.
With all the advantages and disadvantages of both the mobile app development applications you would have been confused on which path to go ahead with, Let’s clear that too.
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When To Use React Native:

  • When an app developer wants to develop an application that can match a cross hybrid platform.
  • Logistical benefits that provide a hybrid framework supporting a single codebase which reduces costs.
  • Quick in making prototypes, valuable test of making framework and viability and bringing product to market.

When To Use Native Mobile App Development:

  • Direct access to capabilities for targeting a single platform.
  • Resources and processes that support logistical variants running two mobile application development and syncing them together.
  • Making the use of AR/VR/3D technologies to form native development applications.
React Native and Native app development have their own pros and cons. While it makes no sense in only choosing React Native,as both of the applications have their own developments,  it is going to be the appropriate choice as per your small business idea or startup.
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