Forthcoming of SEO : impassive or Zestful and Striking in Upcoming Years?

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And now Hyperlink Infosystem one of the best app development Company is back again with one of the most heated since long years that engross most noobs that are logging with their password in the broad spectrum of digital marketing. Though it is the most debated question that is asked frequently by numerous folks there are people that justify it as alive and well and other parties think it off as the escape clause.


This argument never itself old and the current updates make it more heated on . Some blood weight that PPC is way off to be out while on the controversy some folks come up with an argument that PPC still hold its place.

  still a doable way to steer traffic to the site ?


Whose Conviction is right?


For it seems that SEO fans were the winning team, more probably in 2013 when Google came out with the major change in his algorithm. It's the fact that maximum are been noticed in SEO both as and as . As the Search engines are becoming more and more updated and powerful it's becoming harsh to code the game and the old monkey tricks won't work any longer. The days are gone where people used to be Simple SEO specialist having about only keywords and Link-building.


With the commencement of the New Year and with the updates and awareness of the Google algorithm like of Hummingbird, Panda and penguin changed the Look of SEO Cover story. Now SEO is engaged with the term“User Experience” that includes richer user experience in all the terms along with rich quality and SEO-friendly content to maintain the consistency of the website.


SEO is not a stagnant discipline - it is process going through many changes and adaptions. Whenever any updating rolled out by Google or a new furtherance by Bing SEO will modify itself as per updates.

Let's watch out what makes SEO a dead -pool and What makes it a spiritual soul


SEO: what's your outlining Story?


 It is the most crucial aspect to be defined that decides your further SEO journey. The current trend has changed the way SERP works earlier and the ancient fairy tale like “Get my website straight right the first position “is just a fairy not the realm panorama.


Past was the Keywords and Future lies in User Engagement “ 

Earlier the focus point of most of the so-called SEO professionals was just Keywords and the Link-building. They think that just merely by setting keywords in the content and building of uneven links will get them on the crowns of Google Search engine but this is not the case.


Improved Search Engines and frequent has improved SEO drastically. Google has taken speed to penalize the bad and shabby sites that broken links, spammed content and irrelevant keywords and the links. This improvement of SEO has made a way off from the traditional SEO practice and has started walking on the Way of current updated SEO practices.


SEO: What's the New Definition?


 The reality is indeed booming: yes SEO is alive and Active and is prolific. SEO strategy only includes restricted bestowing of only keywords and back links but the changed trend has morphed with the User Experience.


The Refurbished SEO is UX “


USER ENGAGEMENT is the real key for of SEO.

More user Optimization leads to more growing SEO. Current SEO deals with 

Do visitors read your content? Do they engage with your website for a longer duration? Are your visitors converted to purchasers?

Let us understand current SEO trend that has made new ways in the future of digital marketing


1)  Web Performance influence Search Engine Ranks

Quality content is the primary requirement any website could have. Your Web content should be rich, relevant and accurate enough to build trust level and of course to rank high in the SERP.


the performance of your web page also plays a key role as it shows how you are involving users with your website.

These Performance ratio includes:


i) Web Site speed

ii) Page latency

iii) Code & Resource management

iv) Server and Hosting Configurations. Besides this some other entities that Performance are: URL extent, and Image, Keywords etc.

Amongst these Site speed is the most important aspect to be considered as users are impatient enough to wait for long and so faster is your site speed higher is the ratio for user engagement.


2) Visitor Metrics: Crucial role in Search Engine Rankings

Yes, Metrics do play a good role that actually allows search engines to have insights about what the visitors are doing with the site and how they are engaged with the site.


The 3 M of metrics that leads a major role are:


i) CTR (click-through Rate)

Factors that are responsible for CTR are URL, Search Position, Title, Meta description.


ii) User -Engagement

of time visitor with your site through content, image, social media, resources etc.


Iii) Bounce -rate

It is of time -duration within which user left the site. Bounce -rate highly affects your site ranking as it decides whether is satisfied with your website or not.


The outcome of the tests can be stunning - as users frequently see and manipulate with things that are unique on your website that we think they can do.


3) Engaging Trustworthy Content


The first and foremost priority rich, user-centric and informative content deliverance. The content written must be unique, grammatical error free and must pass the rules of plagiarism. More lengthy content more is the chances to be placed high in SERPS.


4) Are Still Important?


The incoming links from External websites are most important factor for the success of SEO strategy. are kind of approval from External website to yours that voicing out loudly that your website is trustworthy enough to link back to you.


As Google embraces more importance to back links during analysis so higher the back links more the opportunity to rank high in SERPS.


Earlier Link-building and keywords were only used to carry out SEO activities but now SEO strategies are used that do includes back links at required time along with the blend of UI/UX optimization , Keywords , analytic , rich content and many more agents to be considered.


5) Social Media playing Major role in Rankings


Whenever your website content distributed amongst some big social stage like Twitter , Facebook , Reedit , Weebly then such shared content are known as “ Social citation “ which are equally important as that of inbound links and both of them do carry weight that highly influence Rankings in Search Engine.


of your content clearly states to Search Engine that your web content rich , trustful that links to of users and is in current demand that is largely referred as one of the most valuable resources in the eyes of Google Search Engine.

Social citation includes:

i) FB like, comments, shares

ii) Twitter Tweets

iii) Pint rest pins, Google's + comments and You-tubes recommendations.


Future of SEO: Booming Digital Market Spectrum..!

SEO growing complexity with each day has forced many users to change their domain and shift to some other one. Earlier there was on only 2 factors respectively but now with the changing trend SEO has its area. You need professionals to maintain your site from both off -site and on-site manner.


SEO is growing stronger as the day’s passes. Earlier it was more kind of “try and Exception type of fundamental as it was considered as a part-time profession but now more than 2000 websites are uploaded on and with the hike in demand has converted this part-time profession to full-time Expert professionalism in of digital marketing. With the increased awareness about Google Spammed websites no -longer exist. Spam owners are banned and penalized and testing process has made the pillars of SEO stronger for the real Professionals as well for the community to focus further in this direction. Though in future it will change its shape with more advanced and tight architecture. An Analyst said:


Google has not underground SEO it has just increased its complexity level “


Let's see where it takes us next and at what level. Till then stay tuned with app Developers India..! Sayonara..! Keep buzzing us..!



Nirali Shah

Nirali Shah is affiliated with Hyperlink Infosystem as an Search Engine Optimization executive.Besides Contributing in SEO activities of the Company she is a standout technical writer. She believes to be stickler for perfection in whatever task she performs and wants to be synchronised with time. She is very enamoured of reading and writing which is one of her keen interest that has made her explore her interest area by writing some technical and informative blog page on our site. The enlightenment she bring to light is remarkable. She is Masters of Science in Information and Technology (MscIT). We are delighted to work with her.

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