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Get More From Your Advertising Campaign With Augmented Reality App Development

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Sep 2017
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advertising campaign with ar app development
AR app development has changed many aspects of life as we know it for good. The intuitive nature of AR has made it a veritable tool for advertising.
Every AR app development companies know that the success or failure of their app is judged after it is launched on the Android or iOS stores. The number of downloads, positive reviews, response to ‘call to action’ and a few other indicators tell the story. Hence, they try as much as possible to churn out well developed, tested and trusted apps every day. 
After the launch of their top-notch app, the focus of app developers in India shifts towards advertising. A lot of time and money goes into ensuring that their app gets to be used by those who need it the most. 
Due to the cost-effective nature of Augmented Reality, many corporations are adopting AR technology to reach out to their users and prospective users throughout the app development process. This is because more people seem to be captivated by the wonders of AR app development. 
Everyone knows about Television, Radio, Social Media and Print Media advertising channels. So, adopting this method to advertise your product and services is nothing out of the ordinary. 
To stand out among your competitors, you have to think outside the box. AR app development technology gives you that competitive advantage amidst your peers. 
A car manufacturing company can advertise new and yet to be produced cars to the public and gather feedback which would guide them in their next production. People would not need to visit the car stands or the production factory to see the cars. They only need to log into their augmented reality mobile app on their mobile phones and place the phone before the AR integrated image.
Benefits of Using Augmented Reality for adverts:
There are many benefits your brand can enjoy if you adopt AR technology for your ad campaign. Below are just a few.
1. AR helps you create Innovative adverts:
Imagine the shock on the faces of Commuters in central London at a Bus Station when they saw what they thought was a transparent window turn into scenes of alien abduction and meteorite explosion with Tigers running across the streets before their eyes. This was a Pepsi Max advert, and the side of the bus was integrated into Augmented Reality. Everyone talked about that stunt for a long time.
Being the first to start something gives you an edge over those who would try to catch up. With Augmented Reality, you can create innovative ads that would revolutionize conventional advertising, help you connect with your clients and ultimately stand you out from the crowd. App developer who use AR in the ad campaigns are considered innovative. 
2. An AR campaign is affordable:
An online ad is cheaper than a print ad in magazines. It might interest you to know that a four-color full-page advert in a monthly magazine goes for a one-time fee of $90,000 and above, meanwhile, with as low as $4000, you will successfully begin an engaging, interactive and cost-effective AR integrated campaign.
3. AR helps build Brand Connection:
Advertising is about creating a connection between the consumer and the product. If you are selling electronics, for example, your ads need to be in such a way that your prospective client connects with your product so much that they picture themselves using them in the real world. Until this happens, the user may not patronize your product despite the amount of money you sunk into advertising. 
Augmented Reality helps build a connection between what the buyer wants and what you are selling. 
Their ability to experience your products in their entirety in the virtual world would help them connect with your brand in the real world. 
4. You can zero-in on your target audience:
It is no longer news that the most effective form of the advert is the location-based ad'. Knowing the geographical location of your target audience helps you create adverts that understand and address their expectations, needs, interests, etc. this kind of specific ads are the ones that yield maximum results. 
The good news is that you do not need to spend time and money creating random ads for the whole nation. Tailor-made ads are possible with augmented reality. The GPS data does not only help you give your users unforgettable experiences, but it also helps you guide them to your physical location.
5. Augmented Reality adverts promote Customer retention: 
Using AR for your advert campaign provides your users the opportunity to see and most importantly experience your product. Through interaction and real-time engagement with your customers, augmented reality helps you create a connection between your product and your customers. 
You will have repeat customers for your pharmaceutical store if your advert for a particular drug shows the importance of taking the drugs, its dosage, duration, effects (including side effects) and any other information that would enlighten the user on the product he or she is purchasing. Augmented reality helps you create a detailed advert. It is not surprising that the end-product of such engaging campaigns is customer loyalty and retention. 
6. AR adverts promote profit maximization:
The purpose of advertising is to create awareness for a particular product to drive its sales.
Having invested human and material resources in creating a product for sale, it is only logical that you gain good Returns on investments from it.
As stated earlier, Augmented Reality helps you create innovative and affordable ads. The fact that users can connect with your brand makes it easier for them to remain loyal to your brand. They would gladly share your products on social media and refer their friends to your physical location. All these translate to profit maximization from both online and offline sales. 
In the last decade, people spend more time on their mobile devices more than on any other gadgets in the world (Television, PC, etc.). A greater percentage of that time is spent on mobile apps. It means that organizations seeking to promote their products would need more than the conventional print and broadcasting media to reach out to their target audience. 
Augmented Reality Adverts provide a great avenue for brands like yours to reach a wide variety of people real-time at an affordable rate. It helps you know your customers, their needs, and interest. With such knowledge, you can create products and ads that would meet those needs. Ultimately, you are assured of customer attraction and retention as well as huge return on investment if you adopt the AR app development technology for your advertising.
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