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An Extensive Guide On E-Commerce Application Development


Feb 2022
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guide on ecommerce application development
According to the worldometer, the world population is 7,953,952,567 right now (In the year 2022). If we talk about the total number of mobile applications, there are around 1.85 million mobile applications on the Apple app store and 2.56 million mobile applications on the google play store. You must be wondering why am I starting this random number right??? So, just think about the mobile app users if there are millions available, then there should be these many users right? Yes, there are around 5.29 billion active mobile devices globally. These mobile apps could be games, social media, healthcare apps or e-commerce apps. The e-commerce mobile application is the most trending one, but what exactly is mobile commerce?
  • What Is Mobile Commerce?
  • Why Do You Need an E-commerce Mobile Application?
  • Trends to Leverage in the E-commerce Mobile Application
  • How to Build an E-commerce Mobile Application?
  • Essential Features of E-commerce Mobile Application
  • How Much Does It Cost to Build an E-commerce Mobile Application?
  • Conclusion

What Is Mobile E-Commerce?

Mobile e-commerce or M-commerce basically refers to all the commercial activities that users can do through their portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on. The commercial activities could be anything such as purchasing or selling of the products, mobile banking facilities, online bill payments, transactions and so on. But do we really need an e-commerce mobile app? If yes, then why do we need an e-commerce mobile application?

Why Do We Need An E-Commerce Mobile Application?

Well, shopping mobile apps are growing at lightning speed. Mobile sales are dominating the eCommerce world. The usage of shopping apps is growing faster than every other type of app on the market. So by default, you’ll know that we do need an e-commerce mobile application.

Higher Conversion Rates

If we focus on some of the numbers, they are clear enough to convince us that e-commerce mobile applications can boost the customer conversion ratio. With e-commerce mobile applications customer ratio to view products is 286% higher, add products in cart ratio is 85% higher than shopping through mobile browsers. Mobile applications convert around 130% more customers. keeping it simple, you can earn much more through mobile applications rather than the mobile browser that too with fewer efforts.

Enhance Marketing Communication

E-commerce mobile applications are one of the ways to communicate with customers efficiently. It can help you convert more customers. Mobile app customized push notification with great content helps you to communicate with the potential customer easily. You can inform them about new deals and offers or remind them to proceed with the checkout process for the items they have left in the cart. Creative and efficient push notifications can enhance your marketing strategies and be in touch with your customers more than ever.

Improve Average Order Value

A mobile application with rich UI and UX makes it effortless for the customer to browse through millions of products. Mobile app filters, offers, discounts and customization helps users to find whatever they are looking for easily. It encourages users to stick with your mobile application. It can eventually help you to increase the average order value.

The Customized User Shopping Experience

It's human nature that we respond to our name instantly rather than just a simple hey and hello as we feel it is more personal. That's the thing you can leverage in your mobile application development. Customized push notification makes the user feel more personal than ever. You can even track users' buying patterns and suggest more products based on that. It will make it easier for them to order from your mobile application as you know their shopping taste.

Increase Customer Loyalty

You can attract more users through various customer loyalty programs. You can provide customer loyalty promos based on specific spending amounts or referral codes or new signs up to your mobile application. It will encourage users to increase their order value and encourage them to bring more potential users as well.

Membership and Subscription

Through the mobile application, you can introduce membership or subscription plans. You can provide various promo codes or discounts specifically for the subscribed members. It attracts users to buy your paid membership and help you to earn a bit through it. It's a win-win situation for both of you. You can keep track of authorized mobile device models for safety and security reasons through mobile e-commerce applications which are hard to identify through mobile browsers.

Customer Support and Assistance

Last but not the least, you can provide various support and assistance through e-commerce mobile applications. You can provide 24*7 support assistance to the customers and you can even send the push notification to the users for updates on their open chat thread. It is not possible through the mobile browser as the user has to stick through their mobile or laptop screen until you resolve the issue. You have the independence to get back to the client while you check and confirm the details. On the other hand, users have the independence to focus on the other work and get back to your mobile application whenever they receive the app notification.
I hope this answers your question about why you need to have an e-commerce mobile application. If you have made up your mind to have a mobile application for your products I would like to introduce you to the trends you should leverage in your mobile application development. It can help you provide a rich user experience and attract more potential users to your mobile application.

One-Click Ordering

You will need various information from the users' end at various stages such as user name, customer name, payment details, billing address, email address and so on. Asking for all those details for every single order is boring and exhausting to enter every single detail. You can end up losing potential users just because of the long product ordering process. Instead of that, you can ask for all the details at registration time or on the first order and save them in your database. You can confirm all those details in the next order. It will provide a hassle-free shopping experience to the users and as a provider, you can leverage this information to provide a customized shopping experience.

Voice Shopping

Voice search is not a new thing anymore but you will not find many mobile applications that provide voice search shopping assistance. You can leverage this trend in your e-commerce mobile application to provide the user with a chance to get rid of typing their product requirements. Along with that, hire a mobile app developer that can help you perform SEO on your mobile application through voice search as well. So, users can even reach out to your mobile application through voice assistance such as Google speak, Siri, Alexa and so on.

Mobile Chatbots

Mobile chatbots are not something new but leveraging them in your mobile application can do wonders for your e-commerce app development. The mobile chatbot support can help you provide customer assistance and support 24*7 and it helps you to enhance customer experience. Mobile chatbot support can be more useful in the on-demand mobile application. It helps the users to raise their issues, get information about their products and also solve their queries without any human interference. Mobile chatbots help you to enhance reliability and trust in your mobile application.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world closer to each other but without human interaction. You can now shop your desired products from anywhere in the world. You might be wondering what's new in that we are doing this forever. But the introduction of AR and VR has done wonders. You can leverage these technologies in your mobile app development allowing users to virtually try the product and get the accurate look and feel of the product. It will attract more potential users to your mobile application. You will be able to provide them with accurate user experience through these technologies. Apart from that, you can gather the necessary information about the user through these and enhance their future buying experience as well.

Omnichannel Mobile Shoppers

You know that you are not the sole ruler of your industry right? There are various competitors available out there. And users always research well before buying anything online. So, how can you set aside yourself from them? So, if you have a physical store and a mobile application as well, you can leverage the trend of Omnichannel mobile shoppers. You can track the shopping behavior of your potential buyer and provide them with customized discounts or coupons for your physical store whenever they order products from your mobile application or vice-versa. You can even go for a hybrid approach as well. It will enhance the order value on both physical and mobile stores as well.

Various Payment Modes

It's been years since mobile payment gateways have been in trend. If you are still accepting only credit and debit cards for the payment then you are losing on so much. You can allow users to choose their preferred way of advance payment such as cash, card, online banking, or UPI id payments. You can even allow users to pay through card, cash or UPI ids at the time of delivery. Ask your e-commerce mobile app developer to integrate third-party payment gateways to your mobile app and enhance the shopping experience for the users.
We have seen almost every single mobile app development trend that you should leverage in your mobile application but what should you do with that? Where should you start from? How will you find out which trend is the most suitable for you? To find out all these answers you should first understand the e-commerce mobile application development process. It will answer all your questions and will solve all queries as well.

The E-Commerce Mobile Application Development Process

You must be wondering why we need to understand the process when the mobile app developers are the ones to work on that. You are right, but the mobile app development process includes much more than just coding and designing your mobile app. Everything starting from the mobile app foundation to the after-sale support is dependent on your mobile app idea and your requirements. So, you need to understand and follow the app development process for a smooth and successful release of the mobile app.

Specify Your Primary Niche

First thing first you can not just say "I need a mobile app just like XYZ". As it is just a general specification. You have to be more conscious about your primary focus. For example, you need an e-commerce mobile application for the fashion industry. After that, you should specify what will be your primary focus: fashion apparel, fashion accessories and so on.
You can put the other one as your secondary niche. The first step just does not end here. After that our business analyst will do extensive research about which location you should choose, which gender to prefer, age group to target, mobile app development platform to leverage and so on. Everything else depends on your primary niche.

In-app Features to Leverage

After you decide on your niche, you should decide which app features you want for your mobile app development. It is not necessary for you to leverage each and every trending feature in your mobile app. You should finalize the list of features based on your mobile app requirement and niche. Mobile app features play a crucial role in your app development budget. Your budget can increase and decrease based on the in-app features you want in your mobile app. Our app developers will guide you to finalize the in-app features based on their extensive knowledge and years of experience.

Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is one of the first things that any user notices first about your mobile app. The user will decide whether he/she wants to continue browsing your mobile application within 0.2 seconds based on your mobile app design. There are some design elements that should be in a specific position as that's how the user mind works. It easily navigates the users starting from finding the product they want to check out. Apart from that, there are various other things that e-commerce mobile app designers should keep in mind that can attract more users and allow them to stay on your mobile app for a longer period such as a short product description upfront, detailed product details along with images available on a single click and so on. Your mobile app design should truly reflect your mobile app name and logo.

Operating System and Platform Selection

Your primary niche and in-app features play a vital role when it comes to finalizing the operating system your app should run, the platform and framework the app developers should choose. It is not necessary for you to have your mobile app development available for every OS. If you want your app on every OS then there is a choice to make if you want to go for Native app development or hybrid app development. But you don't have to worry much as our mobile app development team will be there for you to guide you on each and every step.

QA Testing

After finalizing the platform and framework to work on we move on with the app development process. After developing your mobile application based on your app requirements, we test each and every feature of the mobile application before delivering the app to you. We keep in mind to develop a mobile application that provides best in class user experience and follows the SEO norms as well that can help you boost your ROI.

After-Sale Support

When our QA tester gives us the green signal for your mobile application. It's time for your application to hit the market. We provide after-sale support where we solve all your queries and doubts about the mobile application. Apart from that we keep the customer feedback in consideration and make the changes according to that in your mobile application after consulting it with you first. Your end clients matter the most to us as ultimately they are the ones to use your mobile application.
You might not leverage every trending feature in your mobile application but there are some features that you should have in your mobile app. Such as:

Must-Have Features Of E-Commerce Mobile Application

The Quick and Easy Sign-Up Process

Your mobile app should have an easy sign-up and login process. It should only ask for necessary details. You should allow a sign-up process integrated with Google, Facebook or Twitter that allows you to sign up in your mobile application just with a single click.

Various Payment Modes

Your mobile app should have various third party payment mode integration that allows users to choose their preferred payment mode such as debit or credit card, cash, UPI payments such as Amazon pay, GPay and so on.

Push Notifications

Inform your all users about the sale, discount or promo codes they can leverage in their next order through push notification. You can inform them about their order status or product recommendation that can interest them the most.

Product Description

All the products you list on your e-commerce mobile app platform should have a detailed description of the product along with the product image. It can help the users with decision making and enhance the UI/UX design of your mobile app.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is a must-have feature for any e-commerce mobile application. The shopping cart should have all the product details along with the total billing amount, any discount applied to the total payable amount, the preferred mode of payment and the delivery address, along with estimated delivery time.

Realtime Delivery Tracking

It is one of the important features of the mobile application. Whether you have an on-demand mobile application or an e-commerce mobile application should have real-time product delivery status updates. It should showcase all the necessary updates about the product delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

It is not necessary that all the products that every user orders from your mobile application platform will love them and keep them. So, you can make your e-commerce mobile application more user friendly by providing a certain time period to return or exchange the products they have ordered.

Customer Support and Assistance

Not having any customer support or assistance might not affect your mobile application but having one will surely enhance the user experience. Users should be able to reach out to you in case of any doubts, queries or concerns. It will allow them to put trust in your application and will let them feel safe and secure. Mobile applications without any customer support and assistance channel are most likely to be considered fraud mobile applications.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An E-Commerce Mobile Application?

Your app development costing depends on various factors such as the trends you want to leverage, the app development framework and platform you want to use, the operating system you want to focus on and the app development process you choose from hybrid or native. So, Your app development costing can vary from $30,000 to $1,50,000 based on your requirements. Reach out to our app developers with your app requirements and they will give you the estimated cost of developing an e-commerce mobile app.


This extensive e-commerce mobile app development has covered all the important aspects of the development process. If you have any questions or project requirements you can reach out to the Hyperlink InfoSystem app development team and our team of experts will help you out in every way possible.
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