How App Developers Are Boosting Their iOS Development Strategies To Foster Better User Adoption

ios app development
Every now and then, new features that can immensely improve usability are rolled out on Apple’s mobile iOS platform. Ultimately, developers are expected to make good use of these mobile enabling features while undertaking their iPhone app development projects so as to be able to obtain the desired results. 
Despite been around for a while, it is, however, sad to note that these highly efficient features are still lacking in many iOS apps published today. Many app development companies and developers alike simply do not consider them because they feel they are not relevant to their app’s usability. But it shouldn’t be so. 
With the recent release of iOS 11, there is obviously no better time to start integrating these features along with your iPhone app development than now. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert developer, you should be following this trend. Just to help you learn, here are some helpful means by which iPhone app developers are boosting their iOS development strategies in the industry. 
Drag and drop feature
drag and drop feature
Originally considered for iPad, Apple is looking to enable the drag and drop functionality for its mobile devices. With this feature, a user can effectively move objects within the interface from one particular application to another with just a single gesture. Many app development companies are already employing this feature as a development strategy to enable users to shortcut processes that were usually meant for copy-paste. 
With this new development, there is an enhanced exchange of data between applications which can effectively enable users to easily create content without the need of supporting every feature. Also, when it comes to establishing split view in iPhone app development, it is interesting to know how this feature can be just that perfect productivity companion you’ll need to perform such task. 
When utilized in the right manner, this feature will not only bring about a change but cause a huge improvement in the way customers use your app. To this end, it is important to ensure that the drag and drop feature is effectively integrated into your app development particularly if you plan to hire iPhone app developer. 
Employ the SiriKit
It is interesting to know that there is more to achieve with the use of Siri than just as a mere timer or task reminder. Even as a third-party app, SiriKit can enable users to get tasks completed by just making use of their voice. Basically, it serves as a smart assistant which users can leverage to perform voice prompts. 
When it comes to iPhone app development, there is always the need to ensure high usability. Obviously, there are times when your users may not be able to effectively interact with your application through touch thereby necessitating the need for voice command or prompt. Such challenge can be effectively resolved through Siri. 
In the absence of touch, app developers can empower their users to perform simple tasks with voice by integrating SiriKit into the development process. This is an interaction users can never forget when they find themselves in situations where touch is just unavailable. To this end, it is crucial to hire iPhone app developer who has a deep knowledge of Siri and can create apps that support Sirikit. 
Consider TouchID Authentication System
TouchID is simply an easy means of authentication on mobile without the need of using a password manager or typing username/password. Basically, this is an innovative process that has to do with the use of fingerprints. This is one unique feature that is receiving great adoption today due to its highly secure nature and efficient timeliness. 
For quite some time now, users have been looking forward to the creation of an efficient authentication capability for apps. TouchID authentication functions just like password manager integration. Actually, it is good to know that many app development companies in the industry are now employing this process to enhance seamless authentication on their apps. 
One great way to effectively allow users quick access to your mobile app is to hire iPhone app developer who can absolutely support TouchID authentication particularly if the mobile application you are developing would demand authentication more often. 
The Need for Extensions Cannot be Overemphasized 
When it comes to maintaining fewer features in an app and using a mobile application in conjunction with other apps, there is the need to develop an efficient workflow. This is where extensions come in. These are highly efficient mobile features that essentially allow applications to outsource various tasks that can be better handled by other apps. 
It is common to find several app development companies creating apps that support extensions. Basically, this implies that users can use different apps to complete tasks in their own app while their own apps are built to support access to other app’s extensions. One good thing about employing this feature is that it makes for happier users. 
Get Used to the Split View and Slide Over Feature
split view and slide over
This is a newly developed feature that is basically meant for iPad. Users can use the Split View feature launch more than just a single app on their device’s screen at a time. Also, they can effectively use this feature to get their screen distribution adjusted in a way that suits their viewing needs. Unfortunately, not many iPad apps are supporting this feature despite being regarded as best practice. 
This feature is highly recommended for those developers whose apps will need to work side-by-side with another app like Calendar or Notes. To this end, it is imperative to hire iPhone app developer who is fully capable of developing apps that support Split View and Slide Over. This can go a long way in preventing your users from performing regular switches between multiple apps. 
Interactive Notifications Are Essential
With interactive notifications, there will be no need for users to launch the app when they can effectively react to every notification they receive through the notification page itself. It is advisable to hire iPhone app developer who can enable users to preview adequate content that is relevant to them without having to launch the app.

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