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How Can Mobile Apps Help B2B Businesses?

App Development

Jul 2020
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how can mobile apps help b2b businesses
The benefits of mobile apps are not just confined to B2C businesses. B2B companies can also benefit from mobile apps. Studies show that with mobile apps, companies are more productive, and employees are more involved. Mobile apps for B2B businesses are rising now, and that can be great. 80% of B2B companies are using smartphones at work, and above 60% say mobile played a major role in a recent purchase. With smartphone apps generating above 40% of B2B earnings and 75% of B2B buyers prefer to serve themselves than interact with sales representatives, it is clear now how much is the need for mobile apps in B2B businesses.
The thing is that the B2B concept in mobile apps is a bit varied. As a business owner, you need to judiciously analyze the options and examine whether it is worth investing in mobile app development for your type of business.
The tailored mobile apps for companies are sure to create plenty of opportunities. Now take an instance of your business as a fabric manufacturer. You do not sell your products directly to the end-user but sell it to your business partners, who will likely be interior showrooms. Having an app for your business will make it easier for these showrooms clients to make purchases without any hassle, and keep track of it as well. Your regular customers can also tailor their purchases based on previous orders, thus giving better productivity and building better relationships.
Mobile App Features for B2B Business Apps
To stay ahead of your nemesis and establish a reputed business, you must consider investing in a B2B mobile app. There are some features of a mobile app you can implement for your business app.
Invoicing is a core app feature of a B2B app. With this feature of the B2B app, you can have your own marketplace and sync the app with your current market. This feature enables you to keep track of various orders easily and even create automated invoices. You can get payments via the app and oversee the delivery process as well.
There are a few apps in the App Store to create invoices and below are some,
Square Invoices
QuickBooks Online
If yours is the business that involves interactions with other companies, it is good to focus on appointment and consultation schedules. The clients will undoubtedly appreciate it if they can communicate with you whenever they require it.
Appointments or consultation features in your app will be quite useful in such scenarios. Your clients can schedule an appointment through the app, and you can answer as per your schedule. Not just that, a reminder will also be sent to both parties, so that you don’t miss it.
The below are the apps with appointment attributes.
Acuity Scheduling
Each business needs to get identified. Creating your portal to enable your clients to display their features will result in improved customer relationships and development in the business.
If your company is engaged in seminars, training, or events, a promotional feature will allow your business to receive more clients since you are allowing them to display their items on your app. This app feature in your mobile app can smoothly tackle everything on your end, such as comments, posts, and attendee list.
The best way to spread a word about your business is to let people know about it. Push notifications are a powerful app marketing technique in the online world today.
The study says the initial rate of push notifications is 90%, and 52% of people look for relevant deals through push notifications.
Therefore, having this feature in your business app can be helpful to use the geofencing targeting approach. Geofencing targeting enables you to send tailored business-related notifications based on where the client is located. 
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM is one of the important reasons to have a B2B mobile app, and this feature is essential for every business. The CRM support feature enables the companies to contact, oversee, and communicate with clients directly.
The businesses can see orders, locations, and feedback in real-time, which will help enhance their business in the long-haul.
Optimized Carts
During the age of 5G connection, no one wants a slow connection to hinder their progress. In case you own an eCommerce business, you must wish to have a high-speed connection to complete the payment transactions and successful conversions. 
Often, the online shopping carts do not convert into a complete transaction, and guess the reasons.
Lousy connectivity
Intricate check-out process
Trust issues regarding payment gateway
Unsatisfactory return and exchange policies
GPS connectivity
With the help of GPS connection, manual order tracking gets redundant. GPS tracking features allow businesses to choose a virtual delivery location as per the site of the clients. This mobile app functions like a B2C app. But, as the B2B company owners are always in a rush, the B2B mobile app strategy will develop a simpler access point for the current and potential clients.
Loyalty Programs
loyalty programs
Everybody loves enormous discounts, and B2B clients are also the same. Hence, incorporating a loyalty scheme in your app will work in your best interest. Your business can reward the most regular and loyal clients with offers, coupons, and other such stuff.
Below are a few loyalty programs that can be added in the B2B app;
Spend Program
Value-Based Program
Tiered Program
Point Program
Email marketing, the most influential promotional tool in mobile apps for businesses, and is the most effective way to engage with clients. You can update your clients regarding all your latest products or services, greeting emails, offering or discounts emails, and building customer relationship trust.
Benefits of this feature:
Boosts the business reputation
Displays the brand expertise
Increases website traffic
Gets extra referrals
Final Words:
It is essential to make a proper strategy and choose the right mobile app development company that can understand your needs and thus design the most suitable app for your business. B2B or B2C, developing trust between your business partners is key to running your business successfully.
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