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How Can Mobile Apps Help Boost Employee Engagement & Cultivate Internal Communication?

App Development

Apr 2021
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how can mobile apps help boost employee engagement and cultivate internal communication
Technological advancements have changed the way we function, whether it's our workspace or home. The communications sector has grown drastically due to digital advances. Several years ago, could you imagine that you could transmit your message overseas with the hit on the send button? No right! But the technical experts did it!
Communication plays a crucial role in building an incredible work culture and boosting efficiency at work. No doubt, businesses communicate over emails internally and externally, but it seems outdated now up to some extent. With the advent of the smartphone and mobile apps, communication & engagement should be more timely, personalized, and straightforward.
Are you also one such entrepreneur who wishes to enhance internal processes and communication style? Do you wish to stay updated in real-time to serve your clients and business partners better? Well, mobile apps are a fantastic solution for you to achieve a successful working environment.
This article will focus on 6 reasons why you must reconsider your employee engagement and internal communication strategies for a better output. Let's learn how mobile apps can play a vital role in all of this.
6 Ways To Enhance the Working Environment For Your Employees
1. Work From Home
work from home
Remote working has become the new normal during the Covid-19 crisis. Even before we got stuck with the pandemic, there was a trend to work remotely. Several employees are working remotely; however, the engagement levels are not high due to the feeling of isolation. Humans are social animals, and we need a sense of connectivity.
Working from home does have several advantages: more flexibility to work whenever you feel, save commuting time, save costs on fuel or transport, and a better quality of life surrounded by family. However, remote work is still problematic. How?
Employees are deprived of having colleagues around them, and there are no fun talks during lunchtime due to working from home. You can still make your employees feel connected within your company network through a custom mobile app despite working remotely. A customized mobile app calls for effective communication and will support your team.
2. Internal Communication
Apart from using smartphones for work, employees are also leaning towards internal communication. Sending text through Skype or Whatsapp is actually quicker than an email! Businesses can create their own custom app that provides features like prompt messaging. Prompt messaging enables users access from any location via the internet. You don't have to come out into common areas like the break room each time you need to say something quickly, instead of playing around emails back & forth.
Peer-to-peer communication can be more efficient than interaction from top to bottom management. Employees can do their daily work much faster through these messages. Another benefit of these communication apps is that announcements can be made quicker and easier. This communication style can nourish employee relationships, improving your company culture.
3. Building Company Culture
A custom app can establish company culture by rendering space for employees to interact and perform effective teamwork. It offers a chance to share important announcements with your team in real-time via push notifications straight on smartphones.
Modern human resources prioritize happiness & workspace culture much more than past generations. If businesses fail to create a culture that meets employees' values, those enterprises struggle to retain skilled employees.
A custom app can create a culture even while working remotely. It is a chance for the human resource and leadership team to interact with your employees and manage their safety or grievances on the job site. It's an incredible way to build loyalty among existing staff by displaying them you care about what matters the most.
4. Quick Communication
quick communication
Prompt communication is a need for modern workspaces. It isn't adequate for HR to simply offer a communication method with distant employees, field workers, and others. They need the ability to communicate speedily, without relying on phone calls or emails alone.
Mobile apps and communication channels like Slack and immediate messaging from one device to another have become possible. It's clearer than ever why these intranet communications have become famous during these days when everyone wants prompt responses.
5. Videos
Videos are a super cool way to boost employee engagement and feel more connected. It can also establish a culture within an organization as it renders people opportunities for learning new skills, getting inspiration from others, creating a fun element, and others. This concept can make workers feel better about not communicating face-to-face every day, which would boost efficiency levels.
Mobile apps can display video content for safety training programs, improve the onboarding process, consulting services, and much more. Moreover, videos can also mitigate employee anxiety.
6. Gamification
Implementing gamification elements can lead to fun and creativity in training your employees. This is a technique that has been successful for years by businesses like Starbucks, Walmart, and Mcdonald's to stimulate their employees.
People love added incentives. A company culture built on fun will go a long way in starting new initiatives but, more significantly, create innate motivation which lasts longer than external rewards such as games.
Mobile apps can perfectly implement game-based learning processes. Gamification is suitable for the onboarding process, as it renders more incentive for employees to watch training videos. These apps can also track tasks that staff has finished with a progress bar to display what they have accomplished.
The Bottom Line
A mobile app can help companies enhance internal communication and boost engagement levels. Mobile apps by top app developers are more personalized to employees' needs, helping them be happier in their jobs, leading them to perform better for your company. Mobile apps also allow companies to engage with employees on a deeper level rather than emails or phone calls alone.
Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? If yes, build a custom app for your business today.
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