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Know, How Your iPhone's Location Services Works! Part-II

App Development

Feb 2016
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know, how your iphone's location services works

Not long ago, we took you via an overview of the what is location services, Setting up location services in iOS, Location for specific apps, and Types of location service icon that arrive with your iOS devices and told you all about how you can grow your privacy by constructing your location services carefully.


In this blog lets define location for system services.



Location for system services



In inclusion to the apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, the OS itself also uses your location for different built-in features.


1) Cell network search:

Apple control a database of cell towers and monitors function in your area located on this option.

It is used to better products in general and it is not really a necessary function, So you can deactivate this feature if you want not to share cellular tower information with Apple.


2) Compass calibration:


With this feature turned off, applications needing compass access to be very slower to refresh your contextually to North. Carry this on if you use Mapping applications much.


3) Find my iPhone:


If you use the Find My iPhone application to carry tabs on all of your iOS device and Mac, then you should always keep this on and If you turn off, you will lose the capability to track the device in question on a map.


4) HomeKit:


Homekit will make a geofence throughout your house, allocating you to turn supported third-party accessorials on or off when you come at or leave from your home.

If you do not use accessories like this, you can disappear this feature to prevent unwanted location tracking.


5) Location-based alerts:

If you want to get notification based on your locations, like a reminder to call anyone when you come at a proper location, then this feature should remain turned on.If you don't want to receive alerts based on your location, you should turn off this feature.


6) Location-based iAds:


This option permits Apple to track your location in order to give you with iAds applicable to your geographical locations.

If you do not wish to have your location tracked for advertising motive, disappear this feature.



7) Motion calibration and distance:


This feature is used for different fitness activities that can be acted on Apple’s iOS device and Apple Watch. If you wish your device to keep track of how much you are walking, this feature should persist turned on.



8) Safari & Spotlight suggestions:


This feature utilizes your location to give you with applicable information in Safari and Spotlight depend on your geographical location.

The information is sent to Apple in order to give you with this content.


9) Setting time zone:


If you driving time zones generally, this feature is most useful, but for peoples who rarely ever leave their hometown, this feature is a decay of location service tracking and you can only set your personal time zone in the device’s time setting.


10) Share my location:


This feature allows you to share your present location with friends, family and others through the Messages application in conversations with another iMessage user, and through the Find My Friends application that arrives pre-installed in iOS 9.


11) Wi-Fi calling:


If you are using Wi-Fi calling on your own iPhone, you should have this feature allowed. It is needed by the Wi-Fi calling feature on your device.


12) Wi-Fi networking:


This feature is much like Cell Network Search simply it sends information to Apple about closer Wi-Fi networks so that Apple can upgrade its own product and feature.


13) Frequent locations:


With this feature, iOS can keep track of where you visit more and plot it on a map to attempt and estimates where you will be led next.

If you would enter this information the manual way in your Maps application, disappear this feature and do not have all your private location past logged on your device.



Product Improvement



1) Diagnostics & usage:


Apple gathers unknown information about you and how you operate your device so that it can improve its products in future releases.


2) People near me:


This feature gives information to Apple depends on what applications you use in proper locations and will help the company much better offers application and services in your zone.


3) Routing & traffic:


With this feature, Apple can detect your speed in original time depended off of your location to help give traffic information for other users of its Maps application.


Status Bar icon:



Whenever your device operates your location, the Status Bar Icon option will push an icon to perform in the Status Bar so you can inform when your location is being traced.

you can inspect and place a stop for anything you might not want trace your location.


In today's world, your location can be traced so quickly and your privacy can be disturbed so easily that it is a high time that you put a stop to it and build up a wall over yourself. There are many top app development companies around the word who work and deliver the best services and Hyperlink Infosystem is one of them making the difference by providing class apart services including iPhone app development India. Contact us now for better ideas and best app development around the globe.

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