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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Flutter App In 2022?

App Development

Mar 2022
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cost to develop a flutter app
You know mobile app development demands way too much work than it seems. Front end development, back end development, UI design, and millions of other things. That surely affects the development costing but keeping all the aspects in mind Flutter app development is the most cost-friendly approach than native app development.
That is one of the reasons that more than 68.8% of app developers choose Flutter app development for their projects. Flutter app development has gained more popularity in 2021 compared to 2020. It is likely to gain more popularity in 2022 as well. Even though Flutter minimizes the cost, there are various factors that affect the flutter app development cost.

Factors That Affects the Flutter App Development Cost

The Features and Functionalities of the Mobile App

No mobile app development is as same as the other even though it provides the same services. All the features and functionality you want in your mobile app affects the app development cost. App development companies define the apps in three general ways - low, high, medium based on their complexity. The more complex the app development level, the more it is going to cost you because it is going to expect that level of effort from the Flutter app developers.
The deployment model, third party integration, real-time analytics and various other functionalities can increase your app development budget. Apart from integrating various technologies, just upgrading the basic feature can cost you a bit. For example, a basic login, sign up functionality can not cost much but OTP verification can cost you a bit, going a step forward a calling functionality is basic but includes a video call functionality that demands camera access from the users' end and it can increase the budget. The same goes with live navigation support and various other functionalities that you might think is simple can be complicated to integrate and it can affect the flutter app development cost.

Location of App Developers

App development companies or App developers play a vital role in app development costing. App development companies USA can charge you a bit more compared to the companies from Asia or Western Europe based companies. You can hire Flutter app developers from Eastern European companies as they usually charge the lowest compared to all the other countries. That is one of the factors many app development companies provide outsourcing services as well. This allows them to work on global projects to enhance their work portfolio and charge a bit more whereas the companies might find it cheaper than hiring the App developers from their own country.
Region Hourly Rates(In U.S. Dollars)
The USA and North America $100-$250
Western Europe $65-$100
Ukraine and Eastern Europe $40-$65
Brazil and South America $20-$40

The Mobile App Design

Aesthetic designs are in trend not just for the photos or home decor but even for the mobile app designs as well. And let's not deny the facts that everyone cherishes an instinctive and aesthetic UI, yet it comes at a higher Flutter application development cost. The more people-pleasing application design the more it is going to cost. Even though UX/UI claims to be the most important factor of app development, it increases the complexity of the mobile app. When UI app design demands an astonishing app outlook for the app, UX app design demands seamless user interaction. User interface and user experience are equally important for you to attract more app users. So, the type of mobile app and even the app design is also going to affect the cost of the mobile app. For example, A gaming mobile application demands high definition graphics and 2D - 3D animations to provide an immersive gaming experience. So it demands a top-notch mobile app design than a mobile application such as a calendar or calculator.

Support & Maintenance

Have you ever come across any mobile app that is up to date ever since the launch? No right? Even the most basic mobile application such as clock or calendar demands support and maintenance. So, you should also consider the support and maintenance costs in your app development budget planning. Various app development companies provide after-sale support as well that updates the mobile app based on the user feedback or work on the problems that users have encountered after the launch while actually using your mobile app. Most of the time support and maintenance demands small updates and bug fixes only but ignoring them can cause the mobile app failure as well.

Hardware Costing

Do you think your mobile application can handle a number of devices after the launch? No, more connected devices require more strong front end and back end support. So, if you have a large audience group to target, increase your app development budget accordingly. Along with that, if you want your mobile app to run seamlessly on all the operating versions it can also affect the app development cost.
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How Much A Flutter App Development Can Cost?

Apart from all these factors, there are various other small factors that affect the factor app development cost such as the number of individuals working on your project, the time your app development is going to take, and various other small things. The Flutter app development can cost you around $20,000 and $40,000 and a complex flutter mobile app can cost around $30,0000 to $80,000.


If you are not a technical person, you should watch out for scammers. It might happen that freelance app developers or even app development companies might not be transparent enough or increase the budget using technical slang. So, always choose a reputed mobile app development company. They might give you a slightly high budget but you can be worry-free after trusting them.
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