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How Much Does Mobile Game Development Cost?

Game Development

Jul 2022
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how much does mobile game development cost
Games have always been one of the top forms of entertainment for people all around the globe. No matter which age group they belong to there has always been a bunch of games available that they can enjoy.
The gaming industry is a million-dollar generating industry which will cross the 100 billion-dollar-mark in revenue by 2023. The United States is the biggest contributor to the industry. When it comes to games there are various types of games that exist that various game development companies can develop based on client requirements. Let's explore trending types of mobile game development.

What Are The Types of Mobile Game Development?

Action Games

One of the popular mobile gaming types is action games. The various types of games such as platform games, shooter games, fighting games, Battle Royale, shooting games and many more fall under this category.

Casual Games

With a 58% mobile device penetration rate, casual games are the most played game genre by Android users. Various mobile games such as Candy crush, bingo and many more fall under this category.

Puzzle Games

The mobile games that demand much more attention from the players tend to form the strategy and meet the objectives fall into this category. Chess, Parcheesi, Dominoes, Scrabble and many more fall under this category.
The game development cost for every category is different from the other one. But it is not just the gaming category that affects the cost of the game development. There are various other factors that affect the game development cost.

Which Factors Affect The Mobile Game Development Cost?

Selecting Mobile Platform

As every one of us knows, the most common choices are Android and iOS. The right choice of app development platform is one of the major affecting factors app development cost, reach and revenue as well.
Android app development can cost a bit more compared to iOS app development. But when it comes to market reach, the gaming industry has more android users than iPhone. The overall iPhone app development might be a bit less but the payment system and administrator of apple devices are a bit costlier compared to android development.
Other than that, the native app development can be a pocket-friendly option for game development compared to cross-platform, but on the other hand, it will minimize the chances of revenue generation as well. The cross-platform app development might cost a bit more; it will provide a wide range of user base using various different platforms.

The Complexity of the Game Development

The complexity of game development is another major factor that affects the cost of mobile game development. Some of the games might not need various high-profile gaming features and graphics so developing such games might not cost much but various other games demand rich graphics, voice integration and many more that can enhance the game development cost.

Mobile Game Engine

The most important factor in mobile game development is the game engine. The entire working of the mobile game depends on the game engine. It helps to decide the features and functionalities of the mobile game and ensures the working of the games. There are various game development engines in the market that can affect the mobile game development cost.

Mobile Game Development Time

Mobile game development might not seem like a time-consuming thing because of its popularity, but it surely is a time taking process. The entire game development process includes various factors such as research, game design, game development, features and functionalities development, testing, updates and many more. The more time the game development process takes the more it can cost.

Mobile Game Testing

Would you like to play a full-featured mobile game with lots of bugs or minimal games with no bugs? Surely the second one is preferable, right? But having a fully functional mobile game with no bugs means specific spending in mobile game testing. The various prestigious game development companies provide game testing functionality to ensure smooth running. They can help you find and fix the mobile game to release the perfect game that can provide exceptional gaming functionality.

Additional Cost

The mobile game development cost does not include the marketing or advertising cost. But it is as important as the other development costs. If you won't be able to capture the attention of the target user base, there will be no use for your mobile application. Other than that there are other expenses that you should keep in mind or set aside as emergency funds.

How Much Does Game Development Cost?

As we have mentioned earlier, no one can provide proper mobile game development cost estimation without knowing the proper mobile game development requirements. But we can provide an estimated cost for different types of games. A mini-game development can cost anything between $10k to $ 20k. Whereas 2D game development can cost anything between $15k to $25k, A 3D game development can cost a bit higher $30k to $60k.


Every game's development costs differ based on its user requirements. And game development requirements can be as small as developing a snake and ladder game or Metaverse-based gaming solution. You should reach out to game development companies with the requirements to know the estimated cost of game development.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No other than a top game developers can help you better. But it's on you to differentiate between the actual proficient game development company to just a self-claimed proficient company.

Mobile game development can take as little time as 3 months or it can even take 18 months as well. Along with that, Often the basic game takes 10-20% of the time and fine-tuning and bug fixes often take 80-90% of the time. As you can see it is impossible to give you a better answer than this.

Everyone already knows that the market for mobile games is thriving every day. And not just “on the sly,” but at a tremendous rate. After all, every year we see how mobile games are winning world awards and breaking records in profit.

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