How To Boost The Conversion Rate On Your Mobile App

boost the conversion rate of your mobile app
Sales does not depend on only the quality of your apps, it also depends on your approach towards selling it. Here are some of the successful tips experienced app developers have been using to stay on top of their game for years.
Cut off all jargons
When advertising their apps, app developers usually come down to the level of a casual user. They make it very easy for everybody to understand. This is part of making the app easy to understand. While some inexperienced app developers believe that using big complicated words will attract people, successful app developers understand that it actually does the opposite. If you really expect people to read your post, then you should write like you are talking to people.
According to a highly successful app developer, some people believe that when you deliberately use complicated terms, it is either you are trying to bamboozle them or you really don’t understand the topic. After all, Bill Gates once said that if you cannot break a term down into simpler terms, you really do not understand the term.
So, you should always cut the jargon and make your sentences as clear as possible. It will not only make your messages easier to understand, it will also make you appear credible.
Focus on the solution
focus on the solution
Remember that apart from game apps, other apps are meant to solve certain problems, so you should focus on the problems that your app solves. This contributes 80 percent to the conversation rate of your app. All other features collectively contribute the remaining 20 percent. Do you remember Pareto’s 80-20 rule?
 It states that only 20 percent of your efforts yields 80 percent of the expected results. So, you should figure out the 20 percent effort. It is applicable here. The 20 percent efforts that contribute 80 percent to the conversion rate of any app is for you to focus on the solutions that your app offers.
If I have certain problems and a particular app solves it all, no matter how poor the interface of the app is, I will continue to use it. While listing out what your app can do, you need to follow the right procedure to attract people.
First of all, before people decide to listen to you or buy your products, you must demonstrate to them that you understand their problem. You can do this by explaining the problem, its causes, its solutions and how your products provide the solutions.
People will want to know why they should believe you. This is why you should prove that you are an authority on the field by showing off your credentials, experience, expertise, and awards (if any). This is why several marketers include numerous testimonials of different kinds of people that your products have worked for. Some people are natural “doubting Thomas”. Despite the testimonials, they will still doubt but you will convince some more people with the testimonials.
Finally, since you may have competitors, it is better to explain why your product or app is superior to that of your competitor and also provide evidence to back it up.
Create a sales funnel
You don’t just advertise to people and expect them to take actions. It does not work that way. Rather, you should create a sales funnel. Start by creating awareness about your product and then attract people’s interest in your brand by showing that you are an authority in your field. 
Try to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. The more you send informative mails about your area, the more they will trust you. It is then you can introduce your app and they will gladly by into it.
App store optimization
app store optimization
There are millions of apps on the internet that you need to optimize your app for both app stores and search engines to boost its conversion rate. You just have to do something to stand out. Launching an app without optimizing it is like winking in the dark. 
Although Google Play store and Apple App store are the two most popular app stores, after uploading your app on both of them, you should also promote them on all the less popular app stores because they are also effective.
App review sites
Another way to boost the popularity of your app and to also increase its conversion rate is to submit it for review on numerous review sites. In the process of reviewing your app, its attractive features will be outlined and one or two drawbacks may be mentioned if any. 
Have you observed that the review of great products usually sound promotional? It is normal. If your app has several attractive features, it will be promoted on review sites will reviewing its performance.
Hire a content marketing specialist
If cost is not a constraint, you may need to hire a content marketing specialist to help you boost the conversion rate of your app. While there are many content marketing specialists, their charges and the quality of their services vary widely. Unfortunately, higher prices do not always lead to higher quality services especially in content marketing.
So, you need to apply the following tips to get the best content marketing service at the lowest possible rate. First off, you need to consider the experience of your service provider. When it comes to any form of marketing, experience matters a lot because it is usually comes with a high level of expertise. 
In a nutshell, you should hire a content marketing specialist that has been in business for several years. However, it is not uncommon for service providers to inflate their years of experience just to attract clients. So, you should not rely on only word of mouth. Your prospective content marketing specialist should be able to prove his experience.
In fact, it is better to contact at least three or four service providers discretely before you hire one of them. That way, you will be able to compare prices and you will also be able to negotiate. You should never hire the first the first content marketing specialist you get to meet without talking to others first. This is because you can’t be too sure you are getting the best deal if you don’t compare charges.
In addition, you should also hire a full package. Content marketing works with SEO and ASO so it will be cheaper for you to hire a marketing specialist that can also offer both SEO and ASO.

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