How To Boost The Optimization Of Your App For App Stores

app store optimization
If you want to optimize your app for app stores and get the best results, it is necessary you do it the way top app development companies have been doing it. Here are some of them.
Using keyword search
Search for the most effective keywords within your niche and build the content of your page around the keywords. Some keywords have already been overused but they are worth it. They keep pulling traffic so you can compete with those keywords too. You can even use special tools like App Annie and SensorTower to fill the content of your page with the most sought-after terms.
Describe your app wisely
While the best keywords can bring traffic to your mobile app, it is the description of the app that will make users either download or pass it. So, you need to take the time to come up with great description. Try to pass more information with fewer words. Let prospective users understand exactly what your app can do. 
This is not where you use unnecessary jargons. Keep your terms simple and intelligible for everyone. If the description template cannot capture all what your app does, you should focus on the most important functions first. Remember, keywords are for app store algorithms to be able to bring up your app when a search is conducted but your description will attract users. You don’t want to mar your great keyword search efforts with poor description.
Make your app logo very unique
app logo
Top app development companies usually make the icon of their apps very unique and eye-catching. You should take a cue from them. Your app will be standing among millions of apps so it is important to make the icon of your app so distinctive that while a user scrolls through any app store, your icon will attract his attention. 
Another reason for catchy logo is for advertisement purpose. If a user eventually downloads your app, unique logos will continue to remind him of your brand as he navigates through his phone.
Screenshot the best parts of your app
A lot of people just take a couple of shots of their app because they are needed on app stores. But top app development companies use this medium as an opportunity to advertise their app more. So, they usually take a lot of shots and they select the best ones for this space. Take shots that will make users want to experience what it feels like to use the app. This strategy is very good for game apps. If you can, you should use your screenshots to tell an attractive story.
Put up a captivating video trailer
Top app development companies do not only use video trailers to showcase what their mobile apps can do, they also use trailers to display their level of creativity and innovation because that is what prospective users will be looking for. The idea is to use the opportunity to inform, educate, and entertain potential users at the same time. Even if they don’t eventually download your app, you would have created a lasting impression on their minds that will make them easier leads subsequently.
Monitor your competitors
It is important to monitor the apps of your competitors to see how they are faring and what they offer users. You should be able to learn a couple of things that will give you a competitive advantage over them. You should also watch out for flaws in their presentation so that you can capitalize on the flaws to compete better.
Use the review platforms to your advantage
Reviewing a great app usually sounds like an advertisement so you should adopt the reviews platform for your app. Great reviews usually attract users. However, it is very important to bear in mind that review is a double-edged sword. The flip side of this strategy is that if your app has some faults, reviews will publicize the faults. So, you should ensure that your app is great. 
Sometimes, reviews come with negative comments that may be annoying. Whenever you see any negative comment, use it as an opportunity to warm your apps into the hearts of users. The way you respond to negative comments tells a lot about your brand and others will be watching out for your response. As mentioned earlier, pacify the poster(s) of the negative comment. Most importantly, you should respond to negative comments as quickly as possible.
Adopt informative app name
You should give your app a name that is short, informative, and sweet. It should include one of the best keywords for the niche. The name should also be catchy and memorable for prospective users. Character limitation on Google Play has made app naming a difficult task. Remember, the keyword you include in the name of your app can influence the ranking of your app considerably. 
Choose the right category
choose the right category
A lot of people think it is wise to choose a wrong but less competitive category for their app. This will only make it more difficult for your app to be spotted. It is better to choose the right category and the right subcategory. However, it is possible for your app to fall into 2 different categories. For instance, a weight loss app falls into health and fitness categories. In this situation, you can select the less competitive category.
Price your app right
You need to put a proper price tag on your app to avoid turning prospective users away. Right now, there are so many free apps that it is not such a good idea to put a price tag on your app. Nevertheless, if you think your app is worth a particular price and there are no free alternatives just yet, you can place the appropriate price on your mobile app.
Localize the promotion of your app
It is important to use the kind of language the potential users of your app can relate to. If your app is meant for teenagers, you may need to use the kind of slangs common among them. This draws them in more.
In conclusion, by applying some of the tips discussed above, you will boost the optimization of your app on app stores immensely.

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