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How To Boost User Engagement With Push Notifications?


Aug 2020
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how to boost user engagement with push notifications
Many features of your mobile app can engage your users super quickly. To your surprise, push notifications is one such feature. When used smartly, push notifications can enhance user engagement by 88%. But be careful, your push notifications can turn your users against you as well. The study says that over half the users consider push notifications annoying. Such notifications tend to neglect user goals, use the wrong tools, dismiss context, and other things.
As per the reports, average users open an app 14.7x a month after accepting push notifications; on the other hand, an average of 5.4x times they don’t. Moreover, consented users engaged with the apps 3x more, and 65% returned to the app 30 days later. 1/3rd of the users who accepted push notifications were active on the app after 90 days; however, only 11% of users were inactive.
When you design this feature, you wanted to create more value for your users, so be it. Read this article to know how push notifications can be your best bet to engage your users and offer them a fantastic experience. Let’s first understand the types of push notifications.
Types Of Push Notifications
1. Informational
Pretty self-explanatory, informational push notifications inform users regarding the latest news, app updates, and others.
2. Transactional
These push notifications inform the users of the latest transactions detected by financial institutions. It includes information about sales and discounts, flight delays, a shipment of a package, and others.
3. User
This is just to notify the end-user. It pops up as a red badge on your app icon with several other notifications.
4. System
The system notifications are used to highlight some announcement inside an app. Information about new features in the app, sales of a product, etc. is rendered with the system push notifications.
5. Geolocation
These inform users about local events and promotions, cafes, restaurants available in the area, traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and more.
The notifications above works best in iOS and Android both.
Why Use Push Notifications?
1 Drives User Engagement
The mobile app push notifications push the user to open the app. As a developer, you must do it right to reap the maximum benefits of the push notification feature to encourage the user to engage with your app.
2. Boosts Revenues of Inactive Users
boosts revenues of inactive users
It happens many times that the users install your app but barely use it. A well-designed push notification strategy can switch your inactive users into active and loyal users.
You can deploy a push notification strategy to provide in-depth information to the users about customized offers, latest news, or even thoughtful reminders.
3. Boost Conversion Rates
As per the research, using mobile apps for push notifications to retain attention can accelerate the retention rates of apps by 3-10 times.
4. Helps Target Right Audience
Targeting the right audience can help you retain active users on your app. A mobile app push notification is an ideal feature for you.
After obtaining the location-access permission from the audience, you can customize the notifications as per each user. It will assist you in reaching your users right on their doorstep.
5. Track User Behavior
Another essential advantage of this feature is that it allows you to follow user behavior and examine it. The push notification function helps make sense of complex analytics with the information on the delivery receipts, open times, open rates, etc.
It allows you to obtain valuable insights into user’s behavior patterns alongside interaction times and click-through rates to examine which notifications the users are more likely to open. After observing the user behavior, you can even launch campaigns to connect with them more efficiently.
Push Notification Strategies to follow
1. Use Dynamic Content
Dynamic content can refer to the data gathered from the app use patterns or from users’ profiles. It is interchangeable message content that customizes each user’s notifications.
The best example is Netflix; it leverages the user data on user streaming habits and sends push notifications that mostly consist of a user’s name to improve the personalization factor. This is one of the ways to use push notifications in businesses.
2. Use Location-Data
use location data
You can target a particular group of audience using their location-data. You can send customized messages for up-to-date updates.
As per research, location tracking is a beneficial type of trigger for push notifications. The conversion rates rose to 3.8% for Geo-push notifications than 1.5%for push notifications.
3. Improve your Notification Timing
Timing plays a crucial role and can do wonders once you get it right. It all depends on whether your push notification strategy is competent or not. If you notify your users at night, they won’t open it till morning, and the information might become useless. The same will happen if you inform them about a sale that is about to expire.
This won’t allow you to take any action that will benefit them and thus won’t engage with your app any longer. Hence, the performance of mobile push notification depends partly on how effectively and smartly you use them.
4. Ensure the Relevancy
Ensure that the notifications you send them have information relevant to the users. You can do trials and testing by dividing your users to ensure they are served valuable information.
5. Keep updating
You must always keep improvising to ensure the loyalty of your users. Constant development and improvisations in your push notifications content and techniques will take you a long way. Playing with words, using emoticons, material, length, and others is an excellent way to begin. Always remember to test before applying it in use.
The discussion in this article has made it very clear how powerful mobile apps’ push notification feature is and how it can help keep your users engaged and boost user experience.
The top app development companies know precisely how to leverage this tool to its maximum potential and are experts in mobile app development services with push notifications.
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