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How To Build A Recipe Mobile App That Replaces Your Cookbook?

App Development

Jul 2021
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how to build a recipe mobile app that replaces your cookbook
The practice of mobile application development is emerging, and there is limitless usage of mobile applications. One of the fields for which the mobile application is so demanding is cooking. Everyone is taking an interest - discover new recipes and ways to try them.
One of the things - which the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that we can make different varieties of food at home. Hence, the demand for recipe app development increases.
So, What is a recipe app?
Recipe app is a mobile application that makes users cooking better, faster, convenient, and more manageable. The app is a perfect integration of digital scullion and a reliable companion in the kitchen. For some, it is a chef - that guides you and presents you the chance to consult with other users; and you can share your experience with them too.
It is not just an ordinary app; there are various factors in it - thus, there is a demand for the applications. The purpose of the recipe app is to provide you helpful cooking content and encourage you to upgrade your culinary skills. The apps also have a large variety of audiences. So, if you intend to make a recipe app, you are at the right spot.

Following Are The Steps To Build A Recipe App;

steps to build a recipe app

1) Determine Mobile OS

The first thing you need to choose is which mobile Os platform - you want to publish your recipe app. Initially, it would help if you settled on which platforms your application will work, Android or iOS. Next, you can decide on the data - identity, where your target audience is.
There is no point in creating an app - if it does not reach your target audience and users. You can also opt for both Android and iOS platforms. It might be expensive for your budget- but the chances of return of investment is also higher.

2) Add Instructions

No matter what the app is about - you need to write instructions. Your customer should not get confused while visiting your app. If the recipe app is complicated, the users will leave the app and never come back. So it should be simple and convenient. Steadily, you put detailed step-by-step recipe instructions.

3) Share, Like And Comment On Recipes

Make your user participate in your app. The mobile recipe should be informative, quirky, unique, and reliable. There should be options for likes, shares, and comments. There should also be the option of sharing recipes public and privately. Even let the user have the opportunity to upload their recipe. It will make user engagement and interest in your recipe app. Finally, communicate with your app users about your latest recipe and new events.

4) Offers And Rewards

To make users participate more, provide them with several offers and rewards. Everyone loves apps that have suggestions and tips. It will be a winning situation for both owners and users. The user wants to know more about the app and take more excitement.

Reasons To Invest In Growing A Food Recipe Mobile App?

As we mentioned earlier, the recipe mobile app has a vivid audience, and several people are interested in being part of it. Moreover, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the number keeps on growing. Therefore, as the external projects came to an end, this enormous number of people found solace in activities like cooking, health, games, and these were the most leisure-related topics during the peak of lockdown.
According to a survey, 59% of the 25 to 34 years old use smartphones or tablets for new recipes and culinary expertise. One study even determined that these food recipe apps appreciate a market size of numerous potential users from the developed and developing countries - who have searched through social media and showed a profit in cooking. Therefore, it is clear that there is no stopping in this cooking industry.
The total revenue of the app in 2019 was $461.7 billion worldwide, and it is predicted to generate $935.2 billion by the year 2023. Not just above the 20s, now even the under 20 age group of people have shown interest in such apps.

The Excellent Methods To Monetize Your Recipe App:

monetize your recipe app

Freemium Model

Who does not love to use a free app? The majority of people prefer free over premium apps. But it does not mean you cannot earn by providing free applications. The more people download it, the more chances of gaining increase. Such a model is called Freemium, and it is a great way to make money. However, you can add features paid for the premium one.


It is another alternative to the above monetization method, except that after the trial time, the user must pay monthly to access your recipe application.

In-app Advertising

Advertising is the most manageable way to monetize applications. The main obstacle is obtaining advertisers who allow making your app their advertisement platform.

In-app Purchases

If you can begin with an idea of what digital advantages to sell in your application, you are grateful to implement such a monetization model either. Among in-app purchases' ideas are access to few recipes, paid stickers, and many such features.


If your recipe app achieves the success you have thought, you may consider a sponsor and provide them to design your app to meet the sponsor's brand. You get the monthly sponsorship fee in this different way, or you can divide the revenue with your sponsors. It is the best way to promote your cooking app.

Final Words

Recipe apps are an excellent method to invest your money. As food is one of the primary necessities of humans, cooking will never go out of the picture. Hence, investing in an app, even though it is a bit costly to create one, is always a reliable idea. Even it ensures to have an increase in your return on investment.
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