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How To Build A Therapy Mobile App?

App Development

Feb 2022
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how to build a therapy mobile app
We all have heard that taking care of Mental health is as important as taking care of physical health. But even today thousands of people out there never go for therapy due to fear of judgment or have no idea that they even need one. These all factors accelerate the need for a therapy mobile app. Having a therapy mobile app helps people out there to be in touch with an expert consultant, know about their symptoms and cure them without even physically visiting any offices.
The introduction of Therapy mobile apps has made people conscious of their mental health. The global mental health apps market size is expected to reach USD 17.5 billion by 2030 which was around US$ 269 million in 2020. Having a therapy mobile app offers innovative ways of managing mental health. But not all therapy mobile apps should be the same.
Let's have a look at some of the trending therapy mobile app development that you can choose to go for.

Self-Management Apps

Self-management apps let the users find their own critical thinking ways. Users have to give the mobile app all the required data to set up prescription updates, anxiety management, stress, or sleeping disorders themselves as per the application's settings and tips. It can likewise be associated with wearable gadgets to keep track of pulse, sleeping cycles, blood pressure, and so on.

Mobile Apps to Improve Mental Abilities

These kinds of applications assist users in improving and sharpening their reasoning abilities. They can prove to be useful for individuals experiencing depression or post-Coronavirus disorder. It helps to improve memory and focus with unique activities.

Disease Management and Care

These mobile application developments are specially designed for users with the counselor. This type of mobile application lets the user connect with their counselor whenever they need it. It allows them to keep track of their progress, audio/video counseling, propose therapy choices, or direct urgent care.

Symptom Tracker

Mental health symptom tracker mobile application tracker helps to gather users' information, like behavioral patterns, social associations, physical exercise, sleeping cycle, and so on. These applications are not intended to diagnose or supplant therapy counselors, however to give a guardian important information about the patient and alert the counselor when the user needs additional consideration or urgent help.
All these therapy mobile applications might have different purposes. But you should keep one thing in mind before building a therapy mobile application that the users using all these mobile applications can be from any age and background. So, hire mobile app developer who includes all the necessary app features such as:

Must-Have Therapy Mobile App Feature:


Therapy mobile applications can be useful to track overall wellbeing as well as should also monitor mental health disorders. This component can be helpful to record sleep cycle, mood swings, symptoms, calories intakes and physical exercise, thoughts, sentiments, and so on. Users can dissect information themselves or hand them over to their therapy counselors. You can likewise add calendar and checklist features to make self-monitoring easier to understand and advantageous.

Chat and Video Sessions With the Counselor

Telehealth services are on the rise starting from the covid-19 stage. The telehealth usage was 78x higher at the peak of covid-19 and even now it is 38x higher than the pre-covid stage. Along with that virtual visits are the new normal for the counselor. That is the reason it is important to add chat and video meeting features when you want to build the therapy mobile application. It will let the users and counselor have their therapy sessions without leaving the application. Along with that, you can even add other features such as screen sharing, video recording, document transferring and so on to make the therapy sessions more interactive.

Video & Audio Content

You can enhance your mobile app development by providing the feature for audio and video content. This feature can do wonders when the user can not reach out to a counselor and need urgent support or care. It can have relieving perspectives, lifting the mood and exhilarating up the assertions, instructive reason, unwinding and stress release, alleviating symptoms or minimizing worsening stages, sleep cycle management, and so on. Likewise, patients and counselors can upload video and audio files from their therapy sessions on the off chance that they need to watch them once more.

Urgent Care

Now and then individuals suffering from mental health problems require urgent care. In this way, it's a decent thought to build an urgent care feature that can give admittance to a quick emergency assistance call or somebody from a formerly made list of significant contacts, and permit live chat or making an audio or a video call to a helpline or a counselor.
Additionally, you can have step-by-step directions on how to respond if there should arise an occurrence of urgent care and a tab with quick access to required contacts.

Profiles Creation

The absolute initial step of building a therapy mobile application is to sign-up and the profile creation feature. The sign-up profile should be simple and consistent as it's a user's first connection with your mobile app solution. Then again, profile settings ought to incorporate all the required data for utilizing the application - full name, contacts, age, gender, disorder, chronic illnesses, allergies, intolerances and so on. Likewise, assuming this will be a patient's profile utilized by trained counselors, consider adding a document sharing feature to give the chance to upload tests and reports attachments.


This therapy mobile app feature lets the users share their progress, ideas, and thoughts to social media or send them directly to their counselor, required trained professional, and their loved ones. A feature of mood sharing on social media platforms lets the users share their progress that can motivate other users as well. Along with that, it very well may be helpful to give a possibility to export the users' information in various formats and email it.

In-app Push Notification and Reminders

This therapy mobile app feature arrangement reminds the users to keep their mental health in check over the course of the day, do work out, take medication, practice relaxation, inform about therapy sessions, energize and brighten up the mood, and so forth. In any case, it is significant not to exaggerate, as counselors state that such a large number of notifications and reminders add extra pressure to the regular everyday practice.
Along with having all those features, you should be careful about data security. As your therapy mobile app will have all the sensitive details about the user which you should protect at any cost. To enhance the security you should have some high-level security features, Such As:
  • Implement Multi-factor authentication including password, face ID, fingerprints, voice recognition, phone call/message verification, etc.
  • Use end-to-end encryption so nobody with the exception of use and counselor could read a sent message.
  • Set up fraud notification to inform the users of whether there has been an information spill or even if anybody's attempting to sign in from another unregistered device.


Still, have doubts about how to build a Therapy mobile application? Don't worry we have got you covered. Reach out to Hyperlink Infosystem mobile app developers with all your queries and concerns and we will provide you with the best fit solution as per your mobile app requirements.
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