How To Build Great User Experience For Your App

build great ui for your app
It is no longer enough to only app developers, you must also tell him what you want now. The success of any app depends on user experience. You must emphasize the importance of great user experience to your app developers.
If you want to succeed with your app, here are the requirements you must give your app developers. These requirements are vital the user experience on your app.
Start with a survey
Users are the most important when it comes to mobile apps. No matter how great an app is, it is of no use if people don’t use it. So, since you are designing your app for users, shouldn’t they contribute to the design? This is why your app developers must seek users’ views on important UX-related decisions through surveys.
Apart from that, a particular feature that looks cool to you may be discouraging for most users. So it is important to send out a survey and get diverse opinions before you begin to design so that you don’t start on the wrong foot.
Test your app
App developers must test every single feature on your app before launching the app. Never assume that a particular link or interface should be working well. You should ensure that every button, link, and interface is working perfectly before you launch your app. 
It is very funny that if only one feature out of twenty-five features is not working, that is the feature most users will first try out. And once that does not work fine, they will assume that others are not working too. So, it is important for users to test the app and send their recommendations that you should work on before launching the app.
Always seek feedback
always seek feedback
There is always room for improvement even in the most successful app. So, you should always seek feedbacks even after launching the app and also ensure that your app developers responds to all the feedbacks. In other words, there should be a regular update based on users’ feedbacks.
Watch your font size and color contrast
While it is great to get users as informed as possible, they hate to scroll to the right while reading. Everyone is used to scrolling downwards but it becomes frustrating to scroll upwards and rightwards at the same time. So, your text should appear all at once. And if they have to scroll, it is more convenient to scroll downwards. Scrolling to the right is like reciting the English alphabets from the back off heart. You know how difficult it can be.
Let all your texts appear on a background that will make them very bold and easy to see. Don’t make your users strain their eyes. So, you need very good color contrast for every page. This is why you must test every page. 
Simplicity matters
When an app is very simple, users can easily understand it. If a user spends over 2 minutes still not sure on how to navigate his way through, then something is wrong with your app. A very good way to keep things simple is to reduce the number of features and functions. 
You should only concentrate on the features and functions that are directly relevant to the purpose of your app. Several app development companies believe that by packing their app with a thousand functions, users will be impressed. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The more the functions, the easier it is for users to get confused. When the functions and features are few, then it will be easier for users to understand.
Fast loading
fast loading
Your app should always load fast. People are generally impatient so they get annoyed with slow apps. It should not take up to 10 seconds for a good app to load. Any app that takes more than 20 seconds to load has scored below pass mark in that regard. So, your app must load very fast.
You may need to cut off heavy videos and pictures because these files slow apps down. Having fewer features and functions also helps in this regard. The more the functions on your app the slower it will load.
The smaller the better
People are now very careful with their storage. So, they check the size of an app before downloading it. If your app is too big, it may scare off prospective users. Another reason is that, the bigger your app is, the higher the chances of having to delete some apps to create space for it. Most users will rather shun your app than delete any existing app for it.
Even the users that have already installed your app may need to delete some apps to create space for another app. In that situation, most users will rather delete the largest apps first and yours may be among. 
So, you should make sure your app is as small as it can be. Keeping it simple with your app is applicable for this reason too. The more features and functions an app has, the bigger its size will be. 
Low battery consumption
It is better to ensure that your app conserves battery power. Nobody likes having to charge his or her device often. This is why when they figure out your app as the one that drains their battery most, they will delete it almost immediately or use it less often.
Lower your requirement
The lower the requirement of your app, the more the people that will likely use it. The more you raise the requirements, the more you cut some prospective users off. Don’t force people to upgrade their OS before they can use your app. It will be counterproductive for you.
Make it free
To an app user, the difference in cost between a free app and a 1-dollar app is much more than $5. In fact, it has become an absurdity to pay to download an app. Your app should be free. You will need to figure out another way to make money from it. May be you can make money from ads. If it is a game app, you can make money by selling useful in-app items.

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