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How To Build Successful Apps: The 4 Must-Know Tips

App Development

Aug 2019
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build successful apps
As you may already know, building a successful app is not a walk in the pack as the average user has about 36 apps installed on their phones but only use nine of them on a day-to-day basis, among the millions of downloadable apps on app stores. This proves that app developers and designers need to know way more than just writing algorithms to build successful apps. And to do this, you need to have a workable knowledge about UI/UX designing and complete mobile testing protocols among other things.
This is because a lot of factors influence the final outcome after the mobile app development process, which will make your app a success or failure. Also, the type of app, e.g., productivity or utility app will also determine how successful the app is going to be. With this in mind, let’s explore 4 must-know tips on how to build a successful app.
1.  Maintain excellent reviews
excellent reviews
Many apps developers company, designers and, generally, app owners still underestimate the effectiveness of online app stores reviews. Users’ ratings and feedbacks are super important because it influences the purchasing decision of most customers and prospects, which mean it could prevent a lot of people from buying your apps. In fact, 64 percent of people form opinions after they have read one to six reviews. And a whopping 92 percent of consumers read online reviews before buying a product or patronizing a service. And 84 percent trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations.
Also, positive reviews are a very important indication that the project is a success – the app is really well-built. This is important because developers usually go through a lot of hectic processes to build apps. This will obscure reality and make them think the app is well-built, but this may not be the case. That is why you cannot do without second opinions.
That is why it is imperative to ALWAYS take your app reviews very serious. Jump right in and fix issues that reviewers highlight when they use the product. But if you do not fix this, it could ruin the whole mobile app development process, which means all the efforts to craft the app is a total waste of time.
2. Build apps with great user experience
If you have poor users’ ratings and feedbacks, it could also mean that your app has horrible user experience, especially if you see many one star ratings. (There could be other reasons though.) But a more usable app is high on user engagement, which means it has reduced chances of application uninstall. That is why your whole mobile app development effort should be to get great user experience through excellent user interface design and superb app features. But to begin this process, you need to have a clear defined usability and user goals. The app is meant to fix a problem. So it should fix it the best way possible. Also, you should put other factors into considerations, such as bandwidth, and make sure the app does not drain the battery.
That being said, once the mobile app development is finished; the next step is to determine if the user experience will be great (That is if you are still in the pre-launch stage.) The only way to know for sure is to consider these crucial elements of properly built apps:
- The loading speed is no more than two minutes
- The very quick login process
- Zero crash or freeze issues under extreme user testing
- The user interface (UI) design is superb, which means it is not cluttered
- Excellent performance after complete mobile app testing
3. Complete the mobile app testing process
mobile app testing
If you want to build a successful app, also make sure you have proper quality assurance. Quality assurance can only be attained if all the types of mobile app testing are completed. And the only way to complete it is to know the types of mobile app testing that you should do. So listed below are 8 of them.
- Usability testing
- Installation testing
- Interrupt testing
- Memory leakage testing
- Performance testing
- Functional testing
- Operational testing
- Security testing
All these testing types MUST be done if you want your app to be properly vetted before it is launched. They are done to make sure that users love your app once it is released after mobile app development.
4. Make sure your app live up to expectations
Every app user needs it for a reason, perhaps to solve a problem or do a task. This should be the primary task of the developer and nothing else. This is the only way to make sure the main objective of the mobile app development process is achieved and is the central focus of the app right from the start. And it is better to create milestones along the way to make sure you hit your target on every step of the way.
Final Thoughts
Building apps take more than writing algorithms. There are a lot of things to consider and do before you start to build an application. If you are unprepared for the project, it is literally impossible to build a successful app. And if you want to put things in order before you start the project, it will be very helpful to start with developing the good user interface, which will be the first thing everybody will notice about your app.
Also, you must add relevant features, among other things. And always remember that making a successful app is an uphill task. Strategizing and planning are the only ways to get the job done before the mobile app development commences. (This way, you are sure to build a successful app.)
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