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How To Build Thriving Real Estate App Like Zillow?

App Development

Aug 2021
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how to build thriving real estate app like zillow
With the cut-edge competition in real-estate, every real-estate market player has no choice but to have a mobile application for real estate. Affirming a mobile app for real estate will enhance their business and increase profit with proficiency. The market of real estate is booming with opportunities.
A decade ago, people had agents, estate buyers, and others in person for trading, but now the app has brought everything into one place. There are several real-estate apps like Zillow in the existing market. But, the users always look for something more.
According to a study, in the USA only- with 245 million users, Zillow has generated $3.3 billion in revenue. For industry experts, it is the largest advertising network on the market. It is the world's most famous real estate mobile app and website. It has been stated that more than 188 million users use the app every month.
It all started in 2006 with Lloyd Drink and Rich Bartron transforming their idea into reality. So if you are also interested in a built real-estate app like Zillow, you are at the right spot.

Below Are The Steps To Build A Real Estate App like Zillow?

steps to build a real estate app like zillow

Be Certain About the Purpose

Like every other company, be positive- about beginning a mobile application. What's the purpose, and are you clear about the idea? Undoubtedly, humans use their phones for every task. So, if you make the right app, users can glance at the property listed on the real estate app. They can be seen anywhere globally and at any time - no need to visit some property and wait for it.
To develop an app, you need to add primary details about the property, like the house or the apartments, so the users do not get confused while operating the app. Do your market search thoroughly to identify your audience.  You need to understand the users' issues you can solve and help to solve them.
After research, the market made a list of the particular properties that users like to see on the website or the app. It will require an extensive database of real estate, but you will be able to find the primary purpose behind the existence of such a listing. Do not forget to comprehend rules and regulations while doing it.

Check Real Estate Design

The market design has been directed at definitely marketing your services. It does not matter what you want in the end; it matters what the users/ audience demand. If the design is not attractive enough to draw them towards the app, any other function is waste. Users do not only see the features- but also how the real estate mobile app is operating.
Would you please not make your design too over-creative, making it harder for the users to understand? A successful real estate app is a simple and easy-to-use app. The function should be appropriately placed, and the page should not take more than 2 seconds to load.

Emphasize On Location

Every real estate target audience is based on the locations. Even Zillow's location search is pretty compelling. Users can commence searching by entering a zip code and proceed ahead with a map search. Your marketplace user will learn about you and your features with the help of location.
You can also integrate Zillow API that includes neighbourhood boundaries and near-related APIs with geographical information. It contains Geonames- which is a dataset of more than geographical names. To provide information about the local business, market, and industries function should be there. And last but not least- form a custom map with property listing, business data, photos, and videos. The tool will enable users to draw a polygon on the map for better search results.

AI-enables Property View

With the utilization of advanced technology, several things have eased the work. Even in real estate, with the help of technology, users can see their house, office, apartment, or anything through their mobile application. They have access to view 360° images and videos, whatever they want to see just by sitting at their place. Due to this reason, there has been an increase in the number of users in the real estate app.
The feature already exists in Zillow, and you can already see the result in it. To obtain a competitive benefit and appealing visualization of the appearance of real estate, 3D video or panorama, 360 ° images, and videos, AR/VR technology will be needed. Zillow has its Zestimate calculator that evaluates property values ​​utilizing statistical models, big data, and machine learning. It gives relative efficiency with an error of 5%.

Efficient Monetization Strategies

Creating a reliable real estate app like Zillow might be expensive, especially if you plan to build it with a multi-functional platform. So, to make the most out of the app, you need to follow a few monetization strategies. For example, you can have provided premium services to the agents and leverage them.
You can follow up traditional digital marketing strategies like advertisement, promotions, and subscriptions. The paid and premium service will help you to make a profit.
The development of a real estate website is a challenging project because of API's integrations and because it includes multiple user roles, such as sellers, buyers, and admin. Hence, the development team should form your real estate website for different types of users. To create an app like Zillow requires a perfect plan and execution.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a reliable property application demands an immeasurable plan and expertise. Real estate app development may seem complicated and challenging, but it is not. It may also seem time-consuming and expensive, which somewhat it is- but not what you expect. All you need is the right plan and understanding of your core audience and a clear idea about how to commence creating your online presence.
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