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How To Create A Fantastic AI-powered Social Media Marketing Mobile App Like AIMIsocial App

App Development

Feb 2021
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how to create a fantastic ai powered social media marketing mobile app like aimisocial app
Amid the pandemic situation and the current economy, the mobile app industry is burgeoning at s speed like no other around the globe, with the forecasted revenue of more than $935 billion by the year-end 2023.
Today, the number of mobile phone users globally exceeds 3 billion and is predicted to rise by many 100 million in the coming years further. That's wow!
With more than 4.66 billion web users, marketing technology is continuously moving towards personalized marketing. If you don't know your app users, you can't provide them what they exactly desire. Personalization helps you get insights into their choices to deliver customized experiences.
With more than 53% of the globe's population on social media, your business must have a successful social media strategy that helps you reach your target audience.
But not every business can afford an entire social media team, including app designer, graphic designers, content writers, social media, and SEO experts. However, that doesn't mean new app founders will lose the game. This is the right time to come up with affordable social media marketing with a bit of personalization.
Today's mobile app review brings you one such marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate & smoothen your social media content creation for you, and let small companies map out an entire social media calendar with the AI's use.
AIMIsocial app helps companies expand more efficiently using AI-enabled social media marketing. Once you begin using this app, you can invest more time concentrating on your business and less time trying to learn or handle social media marketing.
In the AIMIsocial app review, we might go through the multiple aspects of this mobile app. Let's jump in!
AIMIsocial Media Marketing App - Online Marketing in Minutes!
AIMIsocial is a free mobile app built by Prebuilt Marketing LLC that utilizes machine learning to automate your social media marketing efforts. The mobile app designs, writes, creates, & schedules social media posts for all your social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., with its AI engine's diligent use. This AI-enabled social media marketing app creates user-generated (UG) social media content and handles social media marketing campaigns.
And the best part of this mobile app is that it does everything automatically. All you gotta do is to accept the template that seems the best for you. You can make & schedule posts for a week/month in only a few minutes. And you are ready to go!
According to Zachary Hedges, President & CEO of Prebuilt Marketing, several entrepreneurs don't know how to write content, are not digital marketers, or do not have the time to learn doing it, so they have marketing tools they don't use productively at all. It's like providing them a racing car without a driver.
How can the AIMISocial app take your Social Media Marketing to another level!
There are several innovative features in this app that are pretty self-explanatory as AI drives them. Some of these cool features are;
1. Make Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Artificial Intelligence
Making social media posts for your business was never this simple, with artificial intelligence. AIMIsocial app's this feature lets you make some of the most extraordinary AI social media marketing campaigns that companies can use to boost their user base's quality & quantity.
A good social media management policy guarantees you more profits, consumer loyalty, and audience identification.
2. Unique Designs For Postings
All the social media posts designed for you are based on your business requirements that completely customize the entire scenario. AIMIsocial app works pretty hard to make your social media postings appear great with graphic design content. It makes great use of high-resolution photos that helps users deliver business ideas to the audience.
3. Specialized Content For Each Posting
Companies can make their brand stand out by creating social media posting schedules with UG content & crediting them in the posts. You can make and schedule posts for your social media marketing campaigns with not many busy working hours. All of this can be done in minutes, making it effortless for users to concentrate on other business areas.
4. Social Media Calendar Posting
AIMIsocial app believes in even outcomes. Thus, it helps the user gain consistency by making a social media calendar that lets the users fix a timeline for each & every post for the entire social media marketing campaign.
The users are permitted to make a complete plan for months of their marketing campaign. Plan & schedule your posts for their campaigns every day. It helps preserve your customers, saving them from going elsewhere, at least not due to inconsistency.
5. Always Learning
Since this app is AI-powered, it allows you to learn more & more. It adapts as per your habits of posting and the recent trends in the given field. Apart from streamlining everyday content, AIMI even prepares your social media content calendar for another day and even for another month.
Available For A Broad Range Of Businesses
In this app review, we found that it offers its services to a broad range of businesses like;
- Restaurants & bars
- Service Providers
- Weight Loss & Nutrition Products
- Tourism
- Hair, Nail Salons & Barber Shop
- Real Estate
- Retail Businesses (Home and Garden, Clothing, Toys, Antiques, etc.)
- Painters
- Spa
- Network Marketer
- Plumbers
- Life and Biz Coach
- Landscapers & so forth
This feature enables the app user to pick the field which suits them the most, as you get new fields daily.
The Bottom Line
Suppose you are a startup or a young entrepreneur who wants to automate social media marketing, but with an affordable budget, then this app can be your best suit. It renders an automated social media posting schedule for your business requirements.
The social media marketing app is super customizable; you can develop a tailored calendar, custom posts, photos, or collections using campaigns. You won't have to invest hours trying to come up with an ideal post since the AIMI app will get it done.
The free version of this app enables two posts, one calendar, and a few soft paywalls. While Pro is where AIMIsocial offers features such as unlimited calendars, custom campaigns, custom photos, etc., others get unlocked.
That's all about the app. If you are an app development company, planning to develop such an app would absolutely be worth it. You can create a tremendous personalized mobile app for the business who are not adept in this field and make it a huge success.
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