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How To Create An Awesome Marketplace App - Features & Cost Estimates


Mar 2021
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how to create an awesome marketplace app - features and cost estimates
We imagine a place where all our needs are met under one roof. Online marketplace app is the platform where shoppers get genuine sellers and vice versa. The marketplace is a 3rd-party vendor or distributor like Amazon, eBay, & Flipkart. These are examples of a marketplace. These apps work very similar to the marketplace app for your business. Remember that your app does have all the features that these top marketplace apps have.
Marketplace app links different buyers & sellers through various online distributors. These online merchants offer services in one place. There are normally 3 parties involved, buyers, sellers, and distributors/admin. Now let's talk about a marketplace app, the essential features, and cost estimate to develop such an app.
Scope Of Marketplace App
We all know that upcoming years are going to be super digitized. No one is willing to step out of their homes for shopping and get into crowded shops & huge lineups. Thus, marketplace apps really have a promising future ahead. Amazon is a massive marketplace app and generates revenues in trillions of dollars. It is projected to grow even larger in the future. If you wish to develop a marketplace app like Amazon, get in touch with our professional team.
On average, people invest 44 hours & 35 minutes doing online shopping. Thus, one can easily determine how helpful it is to develop marketplace apps and commence a new business.
Essential Features To Incorporate In Marketplace App
Every app needs to incorporate the best features because only these features will make your app stand out from others in the marketplace. The cost of your app also depends on these features. But before going on to the charges, let's discuss essential app features.
Before using an app, you must have seen that they ask you to sign up or register, even via Google or Facebook. This sign-up is a simple registration that every app asks for at the start. Incorporating your marketplace app with this feature will enable you to know how many people are using your app or actually connected with you.
Some people love creating their accounts on the marketplace to share their reviews. This feature even helps the owners to know how they can improvise their services for users & sellers. Allowing users to create their profile will help you get more loyal users & it will also establish trust among users. Try keeping it simple, ask for gender, name, & product preference as too much information might annoy the users.
This feature can help users whenever they need guidance, or they get stuck somewhere. Just like Zomato, we instantly ask or put in our query when we don't receive our food on time. This section helps users to get information about their issues that they might face while using the app.
Category Listing
category listing
This is one of the essential features. This feature allows users to look for the product in their respective categories. It prevents effort & helps in promoting smart shopping. With this feature's help, buyers & sellers both can easily place and find their item easily. They can easily search through categories and don't have to wander the entire app. This feature makes product search simpler and convenient. Shoppers can shop anything only by picking the right category; likewise, sellers can place their products or services depending upon the various categories.
Search Option
This is a fundamental feature, just like we search on search engines. When users have to look for something other than the enlisted category, they can put their product category or name in the search engine. It prevents the surfing effort and directs users to their desired platform.
Shopping Cart
A shopping cart is another essential feature that all shoppers are aware about. It is the basket to place all the products that shoppers are willing to purchase. A shopping cart is like that bucket where users can put all their items and later buy them together. This also saves ample time.
Here, users can add the items which they wish to purchase later. Imagine a situation where an app user wants to buy something but can't due to unavailability. Some users also put their items on their wishlist. Maybe they are confused about whether to buy or not, or perhaps they are looking for it to get cheaper. Therefore, this is a must-have feature of your app.
Payment Option
payment option
Offering users multiple payment options is essential. You can't think every user would prefer to make online payments. They might like to pay through the COD method. You can also make this feature more appealing by saving user's account information for future transactions. This helps save users time & effort. Ensure that this feature is super secure since it is related to bank accounts & finance.
Order Tracking
This feature helps in tracking your products. We are eager to know where our order is once placed and are keen to receive it. Hence, this feature enables viewing where the order is in the delivery process and the estimated delivery date.
This feature helps users to give honest feedback on your services & product quality. It creates transparency between owners & users, making your app more user-friendly & reliable.
Cost Estimation Of Marketplace App
If you plan to build an app, you must know that the cost is directly proportional to the features & services you add. Decide the features you want in your app and later the designing & developing part. Mostly 3 sections require most app funding: app's features, app's design, and the app's advertising and maintenance. Thus, plan things based on these factors and then contact an app development company 2021 to know the exact costs for developing a marketplace app.
The Endnote
Online marketplace apps are a very good option if you are considering starting a new business. It has a great scope in the future as well. Therefore, contact the best app developer for your project.
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