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How To Create The Slickest Video Chat Messenger App Like Glide App

App Development

Jan 2021
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how to create the slickest video chat messenger app like glide app
Humans are social animals who demand a constant touch to communicate with others as the most vital part of their existence. Millennials & the later generations are all used to sharing with friends, colleagues, & other familiar persons through a series of digital messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. However, these messengers are confined to sending messages. To the most, they may allow users to record & send audios to their friends. However, the Glide app is the future of messaging since it facilitates the user easy video messaging on iPhone and Androids.
What Is Glide App & How It Functions?
Technology evolves with time and changing human needs. The same is the case with messaging apps by one of the top app developers in 2021. To find solutions beyond WhatsApp and Facebook, Jonathan Caras, Ari Roisman & Adam Korbl created the Glide app, a unique video chat messenger. This Israel-based startup began functioning on 15th May 2012, and Glide was released for the users in March 2013. The app has been loved & applauded by its users, receiving over 15 million users in 2015 itself.
The Glide app is like a video walkie talkie that allows users to chat through video calls in real-time. The users don't need to create a video & then upload it on the messenger to let their buddies see it. This app ensures that the video gets uploaded to the messenger as it gets recorded, leading to real video discussions. The recording person may record videos at any time & send them across. In comparison, the viewers may see it as per their Availability & then respond.
Glide app allows its users to unravel the true power of video-chatting in their lives. There is nothing such as face-to-face interactions & text messages, or emoticons that can't replace its value. The potential and effectiveness of the Glide video chat are unlimited, with a friend showing his or her real emotions after getting a gift or a grandmother's first visual of their granddaughter or grandson. Glide app offers a new dimension of comprehensive connectivity and easy shareability.
The Glide messenger assists the user to make videos without saving them on their mobile phones. The device's ROM & RAM capabilities determine its performance. Saving your videos in the cloud space rendered by the Glide app helps you keep your phone responsive & smooth. The Glide app even sends these videos in literally half the data usage; then it takes a normal video to upload & send. Through such innovations, the Glide video messaging app promises full video communication for its users, like sitting face-to-face, with a lack of effects on-device storage.
The Glide app incorporates a unique feature for the Apple smartwatch owners. Glide is the best video call app mainly for smartwatch users since it lets them watch real-time video texts from their watch itself and send responses in the form of texts or emoticons promptly to their friends.
This is also the perfect video messaging tool for deaf users since it easily sends texts in sign language. Allowing them to record & send almost 15 mins videos on android & iOS platforms, the Glide app helps them interact with their counterparts or other sign-language professionals.
Remarkable Features That Make Glide App Exceptional
1. Swift Messaging Speed
Glide app is the quickest live video messaging app on the planet. It blends the comfort of voice or text messages with the expressiveness of video chat. Glide's video messaging app enables its users to share real moments as they occur and enjoy quality video communication.
2. Answer As Per Availability
Glide app allows its users to view video messages received according to their Availability or comfort.
3. Quick & Free Messaging
quick and free messaging
Glide apps send video messaging at the speed of light without having them to be downloaded or uploaded separately as attachments. The free Glide app versions are on both iOS and Android platforms.
4. Review Videos
This app allows its users to check their videos before sending them easily. But, the user may even choose to tap & stream live videos.
5. Photo Sharing Enabled
The Glide video chat app now enables its users to easily snap a photo in real-time or upload it from their device. These pictures can be later shared with family & friends with one touch.
6. Emoticlips & Other Filters
This app includes options to make Emoticlip messages that are concise, animated videos with fun characters. Extra cool filters take the entire concept of video messages to a whole new level.
7. Smart Watch Users
smart watch users
Glide App Download enables its viewers to see video messages straight through their wearables. They can then answer using text, audio, and emojis.
8. Sign Language Usage
The video messenger app allows deaf & dumb people to send texts easily using videos to display words in sign language & send them to friends.
The Glide app video shapes the futuristic version of messaging where the sender & receiver can successfully feel, display and see emotions without typing words or sending emoticons. This live video messaging app is mainly a technological peak of Skype or Whatsapp but without the length & upload restrictions of WhatsApp or the user availability issues of Skype.
Pros & Cons
- Quickest video sharing
- Highly convenient
- User-friendly
- Excellent for long-distance
- Share precious moments
- No video archive
The Bottom Line
Glide is an excellent video messaging app for iPhone and android that enables its users to send messages in real-time videos. Videos can be formed easily and sent simultaneously without downloading them or internet usage issues. The app is unfolding more robust video messaging features with a straightforward & easy-to-user interface and a newly available image sharing option. If you are considering developing a new app, it would be smart to create an app like this, incorporating the features mentioned above for your clients. Amid the cut-throat competition, there are very few unique apps there can make a place in users' hearts; developing such an app can undoubtedly guarantee it, and Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you for mobile application development such an app with the latest technologies and a skillful development team.
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