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How To Develop An Airline Booking Mobile Application?

App Development

Jul 2021
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how to develop an airline booking mobile application
While traveling from the airline, what's the one thing that matters the most initially- Passport? No, it is airline booking. Not many people realize how important it is to arrange airline booking. Thanks to the latest technology and demand for mobile applications, we can have an airline booking application.
It does not matter till booking - but also makes sure of everything till we end the travel journey.  Lately, the preferences and desires of travel customers have changed. And later, it creates issues in the booking process. However, with the innovation, a determined standard flight ticket booking evolution shifted into a digital method.
Therefore, various changes came in the trending booking mobile applications based on digital platforms, enhancing the user experience. By observing the customer demands, the airline industry has shaped into the mobile application. To offer customers a smoother and convenient airline experience- the requirement for an airline booking app has developed.
It has emerged as a crucial element of airline business ownership and is vital to retain customers. Applications maintaining an online flight booking system can provide this business with a competitive edge and become an essential factor in guaranteeing customer delight. The effectiveness of applying their business can define a comparison between two airlines and their differences. The app is as crucial as generating an exclusive and convenient flight ticket booking experience.
According to a survey, in the last few years, the arrival of flight booking apps, air ticket booking has boosted by 80%. Whether you are a startup or new to the travel industry or want to expand your existing travel company,  you require an app. Unfortunately, there are few airline booking applications like Ryanair, MakeMyTrip, and many others. The app will enhance the sleek and efficient avail of your services to new and current customers.
In this blog, we will show you how to develop an airline mobile application and how much does it cost:

Following Are The Steps To Build The Airline Booking Application;

steps to build the airline mobile app

1. Well-Defined Booking Application

Before beginning the mobile application, you need to be sure about what the app is all about. Create the application in a well-defined way so that the users do not get confused while operating it for the first time. Make sure you do need to give a long lengthy explanation.

2. Relevant Developer

It is essential to hire best app developers to build this application. You can hire in-house developers or outsource it to the relevant developers who are experts in this field.

3. Highlights About UI/UX Design

Before starting the work, make sure you are convinced about the UI/UX design. It is the first thing the user will notice, so select according to that.

4. Began the Work

It is an origin point of development, where we acquire to know what sort of technologies will be applied and plan the first process emphasis.

5. Development Process

In this step, we will see how the development of the application is taking the process. Then, finally, we will see how our app is commencing from planning to turning into reality.

6. Release Product

Once the app is completed, some legal information, press releases, and other factors need to finish. Finally, let the world know how your new or updated application is.

7. App Follow-Up

After the app has been released, check if there are some errors to fix, new features to add, changes that need to be done, and other elements that will not drawback for your mobile application.

Must-Have Features You Need To Add If You Want to Make Your App Different From Others:

must have features for airline booking application

Adaptation Of Different Language And Currencies

It is one of the essential features which several people face while booking. You should have a feature where users can switch to a different language. If the user travels somewhere in a foreign language, they can pay in different currencies. It will improve their overall experience.

Multiple Payment Methods

Like currency, there should be options for paying by multiple methods. Nowadays, every online mobile application has this payment feature. It eases the payment method of the users. They can pay through UPI, Credit or Debit Card, Netbanking, and other sources.

Flexibility In Dates

The app must be promoting the selection of dates feature before you choose on the flight. The app should be providing users with the facility of arranging flight availability on the intended days. Such flexibility in selecting the date of travel before obtaining the flights would make traveling decisions by a user much more convenient. It will also boost the user experience of your app.

Social Media Integration

People hopeful about availing of your services for an upcoming vacation will need to stay ahead of your latest suggestions, best deals, and promotions, which you aptly advertise on social media platforms. Social media integration in your application enables your customers to immediately link to your social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You could also spread social media about the online booking system highlights you may have registered or launched.

Invoice And Records

To avoid the unnecessary waste of time in manually generating invoices, the reservation platform within your app should produce those automatically for you. Your app invoice feature must count some details, including invoice number, different tax rates, and collapse of services. Your app's booking system should also help you control all the booking data, customer data for marketing, and economic data for recording.

Chatbot Query

It is solely not feasible for you to solve customers' queries or assist users through messages and calls. Allowing an AI chatbot within your application may be an exceptional opportunity for you to avoid such slow tasks. Users can also see flight status and get transparency on the other queries as well with this chatbot.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Flight Booking App

According to the mobile application development company, the average rate of building an airline booking app will cost you around less than $25, up to 300$ or more depending on per hour.

Final Words

With the revolutionary marketing trends, airline booking applications have tremendous scope for business growth. It might be time-consuming and not so budget-friendly- but if you follow the proper steps and execute it appropriately, it will be all worth it.
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