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How To Develop An Audio-Only Social Media Platform Like Clubhouse

App Development

Jul 2021
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how to develop an audio-only social media platform like clubhouse
Mobile apps have been increasing in unexpected numbers with more and more businesses realizing their potential. In fact, several businesses solely rely on mobile apps to survive such as Uber. Think about anything and you will know why mobile apps are a far more accessible and user-friendly tool compared to websites.
With a plethora of mobile apps by top app development companies out there , we will draw our focus on this awesome little app called Clubhouse. You must have probably heard about this app unless you are not really into apps. This audio-only app was launched in 2020 and has established a reputation as another big social media platform.
Clubhouse is a unique audio-only app where people can instantly get together into the voice chat rooms. This app includes talent shows, celebrities, and thought-evoking discussions. If you don’t know much about this app, except its name, we will go into detail to give you a clear idea for building your app.

Topics To Cover

- Introduction to Clubhouse App
- How does this Audio-only Social Media App work?
- Who uses Clubhouse?
- The App Statistics
- Things you Must Know About the App
- How to Access the Room?
- Benefits and Drawbacks of the Clubhouse App
- The Bottom Line

Introduction To Clubhouse App

This incredible app is free-to-use and revolves around audio-only. This audio-only social media app allows you to create and join rooms to chat with people over a conference call. There are no photos, videos, or texts. It’s a live podcast with an additional layer of uniqueness. App users can connect and leave the call whenever they want. This app is totally free-to-use and available over iOS and Android platforms.
How Does This Audio-only Social Media App Work?
This app has an invite-only social network. Meaning, for you to join it you need an invite from the current member. You can anyways install the app, however, it will be placed on a pointless waiting list. But, as per Paul Davidson, the CEO of Clubhouse, the app will ultimately open up for everyone. At present, anyone managing getting a Clubhouse app invite is only offered 2 invites of their own.
While joining you can pick topics of liking such as fitness, business, technology, or something else. The discussion room is like a conference call, where one individual is talking and others are listening. After the discussion is over, the room will close.

Who Uses Clubhouse?

This app has been joined by several famous personalities. By using this incredible app you might get a chance to hear from stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Drake, Oprah Winfrey, and many more. You will also discover artists such as Tiffany Haddish, 21 Savage, Kevin Hart, and several others. Popular Techies Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk (richest man on the planet) have also talked on this app in the past few months, augmenting the app’s popularity.

The App Statistics

Below are some important stats about this social media app usage globally.
- Over 180 businesses and investors have made investments in Clubhouse to date.
- This app has been valued at USD 4 billion.
- This social media app has been positioned as the 16th most famous app in the Social media app category.
- More than 18 million people have installed this app.
- According to sources, this app has more than 10 million users, most of them being added between Jan to Feb 2021.

Things You Must Know About The App

- The app firmly does not encourage any aggressive behavior or discriminatory actions.
- The hosts of the room can control discussions.
- Several clubhouse social network rooms are live for more than 2 hours, therefore it is recommended that hosts or moderators re-adjust the room every 30 mins.
- Moderators can cast out the speakers when they finish.
- In case you are an audience member, the host can trigger the raise your hand button.

How to Access the Room?

The rooms on the screen of your app’s homepage will be open for you. You will be on mute throughout the discussion unless you are invited to speak. Once you have joined the room, you can click the raise hand button. You can also join the room by tapping through the notification if you get pinged by someone. And if you wish to leave the conversation, you can tap on the leave quietly tab.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Clubhouse App

benefits and drawbacks of the clubhouse app


- You can request speaking if you want to speak to your presenter.
- Access & host this free-to-use app.
- Chatroom covers a wide range of topics about your interest and business.
- Build solid connections with people globally who share similar interests.
- Hear out those who have accomplished great things in life.
- This app is a great way to connect, learn, and teach as it is engaging and informative.


Just like other social networking sites, if you are not cautious, this app can be a distraction in your way to achieve big dreams. Below are some limitations:
- Blocking or reporting users is not possible currently.
- No credibility.
- It is difficult to find valuable chat rooms sometimes.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading this blog you must have understood how exceptional this app is. Clubhouse app has a simple UI and enables you to meet and establish connections with others. This audio-only app provides you a chance to join lectures, performances, debates, comedy shows, book clubs, etc. for free. Moreover, this app also lets users earn money from subscriptions, getting tips, and conducting events. With more people invited and joining the room, the buzz around this app will only rise!
Therefore, if you want to develop such an app and take the opportunity of these booming apps, you can get in touch with our mobile app development company. Our expert app development team will surely assist you in your app venture.
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