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How To Drive Sales And Gain Customer Loyalty With Your Android App

App Development

Sep 2017
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drive sales and gain customer loyalty android app
In today’s business world, organization whether small or big requires an Android app. Mobile applications are not only used for social media app or games; people are now using apps for tasks such as banking, shopping and more. Due to the user-friendly abilities, more businesses are reaching their target audience on small mobile screens. Also, the App creation process is made easy with the availability of best mobile app development companies.
How can your business benefit from Android App Developers?
The fact is that your customers are on mobile. Whether tightly grasped in their hands or their pocket, they always have their mobile devices with them. An average person spends a considerable of time on their tablets or smartphones. Also, the majority of these smartphone users are using one mobile app or the other. So what better way to connect with them if not through a mobile App? 
As a business person, you need better client relationship, and with the rapid growth of mobile users, portable applications are an easy avenue to connect them. Direct correspondence with customers bolsters trust which is fundamental to develop business. Android app developers can build a mobile app to enable you to expand your business. The advantage of this is that an android app can handle any task and operation on tablets or mobile devices. Mobile app development companies have made it easy to reach more customers and expand your business.
Another major advantage of Android is that it a free and open platform. Android app developers are coming up with innovations taking the platform to a new level. Android’s market is increasing on a large scale due to features, standards, security, and ease of use. 
How do You Make More Money with Your App?
You have consulted with an Android app development company, and your App has been successfully launched in the Google Play Store. What next? You are now ready to turn your App into an engine for driving sales and generating customer loyalty. Here are some proven tips to help you:
Give out Coupons 
Nowadays, smart companies are giving out online coupons. The number of mobile coupon users worldwide continue to rise and is expected to increase more in the coming years. Customers preferred it to paper ones because they don’t need to be cut out and stashed away for later use. Also, they can lose the paper coupons. The mobile coupons are sent, saved, and redeemed all on their smartphones. Moreover, mobile coupons save cost. Instead of paying to print coupons and loyalty cards that customers have a hard time keeping track of, businesses are providing all the same benefits in their apps.
Use App Analytics to Monitor Your Apps
Monitoring Your App with App analytics is like nurturing a baby. You can see in real-time the details of your App’s activity and if it is growing. With App analytics, you can measure your app’s growth and progress, view the number of downloads and know what app pages or content are most popular and engaging. The insight you gain with analytics will enable you to tweak your App’s content and functionality based on actual market feedback. Also, you can measure the positive or negative impact of changes you make if the analytics app is customizable and automatically updatable. Moreover, with the analytics, you gain actionable business intelligence to drive constant improvement of your App. This strengthens your App’s usage, market position, and performance; this ultimately impacts your business. Besides, keeping your eyes on the user is a necessity. You’ll want to keep the number of active users as high as possible. 
Use Geo-Targeted Push Notifications
Displaying information that is relevant to those who are near your store or business with new updates such as deals, news or in-store event is another way of gaining customer loyalty. A fancy name for this approach is geo-targeted push notification. It serves as an extra tool within your marketing to-do list since it provides an additional communication channel. Your App can drive sales where necessary. Is it Pizza Wednesday? Are you pushing stationary sales with a new pen? Utilize your App to let customers know, and sales will reflect this effort.
Make Your App Easy for Your Customers to Find, Access and Install
Make your App easy for customers to find, access and install your store. This can be done by promoting your App on all your social media. When customers visit your website, the ‘download App’ button should be seen easily. Also, you can offer discounts for their first purchase on the App as an incentive. Also, the installation process should be quick and not complicated; the App should be easy to install. All these details should be discussed with your Android app developer.
Push Notifications at the Peak Periods
Sending a message to users through push notifications is one of the most efficient ways to increase sales. With the dawn of internet-enabled phones, consumers usually fill spare time browsing the web on their devices. For instance, a user may read the news during commute. You can harness these peak periods of time to send users notifications that can drive consumers back in the buying process. For example, simple messages about abandoned carts can be transmitted through the App when the user is logged on. This is an opportunity for you to finalize a sale that would otherwise have been lost.
Streamline Advance Mobile Ordering
Users of smartphones, especially Android users have a high propensity to conduct transactions on their phone like placing a walk-in hotel booking. When you provide customers the opportunity to pre-order goods and services and even store favorites in a mobile App, you have given users speed and convenience. In this way, you have the edge over your competitors, since you give mobile users what they want. This method is especially effective during peak periods when there are long waits in stores. A mobile App can capture the customers who dread the long waiting lines, by giving them the option of ordering for goods and paying online. Consider promoting your store based on consumer convenience. That would keep them loyal to your business and keep them from going elsewhere to spend money.
Technology is creating more avenues for businesses to grow day by day. This is the time to craft your business marketing plan. Start by contacting professional Android App developers to help you create a winning Android App for your business. Moreover, as people are most often on the go while making their buying decisions, apps are making customer’s life easier, and increasing efficiency and revenue for businesses. 
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