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How to Get Accurate Software Testing Cost Estimation?

Software Testing

Jul 2023
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how to get accurate software testing cost estimation
When we say technology is leading the world, sometimes, it can destroy the world as well. We literally mean what we are saying right now. As Software developers help the world to take a step forward with the evolution and advancement of the world, software testers make sure to test them thoroughly to make sure the world evolves and advances just at the pace it should. But most of the time, we simply ignore how crucial and important software testing is for the real world. So, before moving on with the software testing cost estimation, let’s take a brief look at how important software testing is and why businesses should spend enough to test the software.

Why Is Software Testing Important?

Though software testers have always been ignored most of the time, some of their ignorance has brought some of the biggest destruction of the time.

List of Some of the Destruction Due To The Negligence of Software Testing

  • Beresheet Crash: Israel's first lunar lander lost its control as the software testers neglected to recognize every possible affecting factor. As the terminator should diminish Beresheet's speed from 3700 miles each Hour (6000 Km/hr) to zero; however, the motor quit terminating while the rocket was around 4 miles away from the surface.
  • British Airways: System errors can not cause much damage, right? Well, it did to British Airways. The company found a significant glitch in the programming, which disconnected their frameworks and led them to cancel 100s of fights, causing inconvenience to thousands of travelers.
  • False Missile Alert: On one fine bright day, the people of Hawaii got false news of a ballistic rocket assault which turned out to be configuration defects in the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency's alarm starting programming. It took them nearly half an hour to remove the alarm.
  • Casualty of a Pedestrian: This is one of the first cases where a pedestrian was struck by a self-driving Uber car as Uber's system failed to correctly classify and predict the path of a pedestrian crossing a midblock, which ended up killing the person.
  • Failure of Google+: Google needed to shut down Google+ as a software bug exposed the private information of millions of users to third-party developers.
This is not the end; there are various other known and unknown accidents we can name that has happened due to ignorance in the testing phase. Hire a software tester that can make sure not even a single semicolon error is being ignored. You might be wondering that does software testers are not part of the development team. Well, they are an add-on that is definitely part of the development team but will demand extra hours and money for their task, just as the software designers. The software testers will check for the loopholes and bugs that the software developers might have missed through manual and automated testing. Before moving forward with the cost estimation, let's know a bit more about manual and automated testing.

Manual VS Automated Testing: Which One To Prefer for Your Software?

manual vs automated testing

  • Manual Testing

Manual testing is the method of testing where QA testers, project managers, and even developers run tests on the Software considering various scenarios and putting themselves in the shoe of users. Manual testing is majourly preferred to test and enhance the UI, UX, behavior of web and app, accurate working of the features and functionalities, user acceptance, and more. The manual testers will make sure your digital solution works perfectly well for the users.
  • Automated Testing

Automated testing is a collection of frameworks scripted with a set of automation rules that incorporate different function libraries, test data sources, object details, and other reusable modules to test the Software thoroughly. As there are various automation testing frameworks and tools available to browse from so, choose the one wisely that can help find the bugs and issues with low maintenance cost.

When to Choose Automated Testing over Manual Testing?

Even though it's clear that both manual and automated testing goes hand in hand, there are a few scenarios where you should choose automated testing over a manual one.

Task Repetition

If you need to run tests in a repetitive manner, that too for a large amount of data, automated testing can be the one. With a little bit of supervision, you can get better results through automated testing.

Staff Shortage

If you are working on tight deadlines and there are just a few dedicated testers on the team, you should rely on automated testing more. Automated testing will minimize the workload for your team, but on the other hand, they should try to cover every possible aspect through parallel testing. The solution is you can hire software testers from top software development companies that can share the load with your team to make sure they meet the deadline delivering top-notch results.

Which One to Choose?

There is no answer such as which one to prefer. As we can see, both of them have their own set of offerings. We can say none of them is going to replace the other. No matter how many advanced technologies the world can come up with to enhance automated testing, we will still need manual testers that can view the software solution from the user's perspective to make sure the UI, features, and functionalities of the Software, sensibility of the application and more things work well just the way the user wants it. So when it comes to your Software, make sure you consider every affecting factor of your Software to determine whether manual testing is going to play a major role or automated testing. If you are not sure what can bring the best value to your project, reach out to the software development companies, and they will help you out with your development and testing process to make sure your software solution does not end up on the list of failed Software.

How can Software Testing Affect the Software Development Cost Estimation?

how can software testing affect the software development cost estimation

Well, it might seem directly unreverent as you might think it won't do anything other than add the burden to the development budget. But software testing can help you minimize the expenses that can affect you and your business in the future. Don't get much idea of what we are talking about? Let's explore some of the factors that can help you reduce the software development cost estimation.
  • Minimize add-on Expenses

Let's assume you have chosen not to go through quality assurance checking for your solutions; it can turn into the worst nightmare of your life. It might affect your development budget instantly, but it surely can in the near future. The messed up data structure, features, functionalities, code structure, and more demand a revamp, which can turn out to be way more costly than testing the solutions.
  • Enhanced Data Security

The software testing team will check the working of the database, structures, authenticity, and everything else that can put you and your users at ease when it concerns data security. Rather than have scammers attacking your system and creating chaos that can put you in a difficult position financially, damage your brand value and make you lose your customers and business; it is advisable to hire Quality assurance testers for your Software.
  • Build Strong & Reliable Software Architecture

The software testing team will make sure your Software does not only have the features and functionalities but will make sure the accurate working of that. Along with this, the testing team of a top software development company will also make sure that your Software has clean codes that can make your Software strong and reliable. Along with this, it can also minimize the redevelopment cost estimation. Rather than building an entire solution from scratch, the team can leverage the current coding structure and make the changes as per your requirements which can minimize your redevelopment costing in the future.
  • Minimize Software Downtime

Server and software downtime is one of the issues we face most often. It will demand investment in terms of finance, manpower, tools, and more which can burden you with extra expenses. The software testers will check the system in every possible scenario, which can minimize future costing and offer an enhanced user experience.
All in all, spending a bit more on software testing can help you to save thousands of bucks in the future while making sure your software is safe from any kind of damage, cyber-attacks, data leaks, and more.

How Much Does the Software Testing Cost?

It is way more clear that one cannot provide the fixed cost without knowing anything about the development project. The cost estimation for software testing depends on various factors, which include the location of the tester, the project size, the testing team size, and more. Here are some of the factors and their cost estimation that can help you determine the testing cost.

Cost Estimation of QA Testers Based on Location

Location Rates
USA $35 to $45/Hour
UK $20 to $30/Hour
Ukraine $25 to $35/Hour
India $10 to $15/Hour

QA Tester Cost Estimation Based on Type of Testing

Type of Testing Rates
Functional Testing $15 to $30/Hour
Compatibility Testing $15 to $30/Hour
Automation Testing $20 to $35/Hour
Performance Testing $20 to $35/Hour
Security Testing $25 to $45/Hour

QA Tester Cost Estimation Based on Their Role

Type of Tester Rates
Quality Assurance Engineer $25 to $30/Hour
Quality Assurance Analyst $20 to $25/Hour
Test Engineer $25 to $30/Hour
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer $40 to $45/Hour
Automation Test Engineer $30 to $35/Hour

How to Minimize the Software Testing Costing?

how to minimize the software testing costing

Frequent Testing

Testing an entire project might seem one time task, but it can affect the development process as finding and fixing the bugs during the development phase itself will minimize the chances of getting more blunders. Along with this, post-release bugs can be more damaging to the code structure than discovering them during the early phase. So frequent testing in the early stage can help you optimize the development cost as well.

TDD - Test Driven Development

Test-driven development is a software development approach that can focus more on creating tests before starting the software development process. There is a specific process that the testing team needs to follow for TDD.
  • Red: Write a failing test considering the desired behavior of the code, which should not pass as the developers haven't implemented the code.
  • Green: Write a code structure containing the minimum amount of code, just enough to pass the test. The code does not have to be in complete form but should be enough to pass the test.
  • Refactor: In this stage, you will complete the code to make it more readable, efficient, and maintainable. Make sure to maintain the clean code and implement them for the initial run.
  • Repeat: Follow the same process to build innovative features and functionalities.
TDD makes sure your codes are thoroughly checked and stay well-maintained throughout the development process, making sure your Software stays optimized and faces minimum challenges.

Utilize Better Tools for Better Results

When it comes to automated testing, there are various tools available that you can choose from, starting from UI testing automation tools to run the tests in less than 5 minutes to the tools that can verify the DOM structure and more. Do a bit of background research and make sure your testing team is using the low-code solutions available at pocket-friendly rates to make the best out of it.

Outsource Software Testers

Top software development companies frequently develop and test software solutions which makes them more proficient in their field. Having assistance from industry experts can make the process more efficient than ever. Their software development teams are already equipped with all the necessary tools and technologies needed to test the Software and run all the necessary tests that you might think you don't need at the time. Hire software developer testers that help your team expand their capabilities and make sure to release the Software with no bugs and loopholes.


This blog has clearly stated that Testing software before the launch is not an option but a necessity. So, you can reach out to the software development companies with your development requirements to get an accurate testing cost estimation considering all the above-mentioned points. As mentioned above, if you want quality results within budget, reach out to top Indian software development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem, who have proficiency in developing industry-specific solutions. Their team of developers is proficient enough to deal with any solution complexity and deliver top-notch development outcomes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can explore the B2B listing platforms like Clutch, AppDevelopmentCompanies, TopAppDevelopmentCompanies, TopSoftwareCompanies, and more to find the top software development companies to find the most competent and proficient team of software testers.

Yes, you can reach out to the top software development company like Hyperlink InfoSystem and check the technical expertise of testers before hiring them for your next development requirements.

Defining the time frame to test the software solutions depends on various factors such as project requirements, type of Software, the complexity of the software development, included features and functionalities, size of the team, and many more.

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