How To Increase The Success Chances Of Your Android App

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Android app development has become very competitive now. There are too many apps available and more are still being produced every day. On the other hand, mobile phone users have to cope with limited internal memory of their device. This is why app users have become very choosy. They notice a little fault in your app and they dump it.
So, you need to apply the following tips to make your app user-friendly and to make it succeed. To make your Android app a hit, here are a few tips to apply.
Start with a need
Apart from game apps, all other apps either solve a problem or pass some information. So, you must make sure there is a need for your android app. No one will download your app because it has great user interface or because it is easy to use. All those features are secondary. They will first download it because they need it to solve a problem. All other features will come after that.
So, if you can’t find a need for your app, you might as well play in a niche where there are players already. However, to enter a niche, you must first of all study all the apps within that niche and then design your app as an improvement on their drawbacks.
Carry the potential users of your app along
When it comes to android app development, it is important to carry your potential app development companies along by seeking their opinions before you start building your app. You should seek their opinions on two issues. First of all, you must be sure that what you think is a need gap is really a need gap. 
It is important that you find out if people will download such app. Without carrying out a survey, you will be designing an app based on assumption. You also need to seek their views on some important design features. They need to let you know what they find most attractive in apps. You can now design your app to suit what they want. 
Continuous promotion
app promotion
No matter how successful your app may be, you must continue to promote it even if you hit millions of users. You have to keep promoting it vigorously until you decide to retire it. Till then, you must use all marketing strategies within your disposal to continue to market it.
You must optimize your app for both search engines and app stores. This is another effective publicity strategy for the game. As mentioned earlier, promotion should never stop. Not everyone has heard about even the oldest app. 
Continuous improvement is also important
Even if you think your app is the bomb, you should continue to seek feedback from users. Continue to ask them for ways you can improve their experience. After that, you also need to provide regular updates based on the feedback you received. This is why the best apps are the ones that are regularly updated. 
The second advantage of seeking regular feedback is that it will make it difficult for another app to emerge within your niche and beat you to it. 
Test your app thoroughly before launching it
Don’t make the mistake of rushing to launch your app. You must first hire a set of testers that will test all its functions, buttons, features, and pages. You should also respond to their recommendations before you launch it. It will be a little careless of you to allow users to detect the bugs testers would have detected if you had subjected your app to thorough testing.
Keep your app simple
The best feature of an app is simplicity. Design your app in such a way that it will be very easy for users to navigate. If users begin to hunt for their way on your app, it means you have not done a good job and it is not likely that the app will succeed. They will switch over to a simpler app.
When users keep using the help button, you should improve on your app. The easier your app is to use, the less people will hit the help button. You need to make the app as intuitive as possible. One of the ways to achieve simplicity is to cut off functions that are not related to the purpose of the app.
You can also create shortcuts for frequently used functions. You should help the users of your app to type much less. This is because typing is very difficult on mobile devices. You should ensure that they do less of typing. For instance, you can use the location of the user to make certain decisions. When displaying the prices of your products, you should display it in the currency used in the location of the user. This means that if a user browses your products while in the UK, prices should be displayed in pounds. When that same user checks out your products through your app while in the United States, the prices should be displayed in dollars.
You could also make your phone number a tap-to-call link so that if a user intends to call you, he only needs to tap your phone number from your app and the call is initiated to you. It is much more convenient than having to copy out your number and then paste it on the dialer.
Fast loading
fast loading
Nothing is as annoying as a slow app. An ideal app should be able to load completely in less than 10 seconds. In addition, your app should also be very responsive. These two qualities are very vital to give the users of your app a wonderful user experience.
The smaller the better
As mentioned earlier, mobile device users battle with internal memory constraint. So, they get to download only extremely useful apps. They also check the size of an app before downloading it. This implies that the smaller your app the more it is likely to be downloaded and the bigger it is, the less it is likely to be downloaded.
Apart from that, even if your app has been downloaded, it may be brought up for deletion to create space for another in-coming app if it is too big. While there may be other tips for making your app successful, the tips outlined above are the most important ones and you should apply every one of them.

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