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Extensive Guide: How To Upload Your Mobile App On Google Play Store


Mar 2022
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how to upload your mobile app on google play store
There are around 6.5 billion mobile users around the globe, and an average mobile device has around 80 mobile applications in their device. This number of mobile applications in a single device changes based on the user's age as older people have fewer mobile applications than younger ones. Mobile application development is on the rise. There was an era where people used to say, " I will open a restaurant as people like to eat out." Mobile app development has changed that to I will own a mobile application as people love spending time on their mobile device."
So, Developing a mobile application that meets the user requirements and has easy-to-use features and functionalities, there is almost no chance it will fail to get the users' attention. As we have demonstrated how to create your mobile application, you can upload your mobile application on the play store. But it is not an easy process to get it done with. So, here we will provide you with an extensive guide on uploading it on the play store.
Before moving on, there are some of the prerequisites that you have to meet:
  • Have an app! (You already have that one.)
  • Get a unique Bundle ID that represents your mobile application.
  • You will also need a signed app release to get that you will need a signing certificate.
  • Here is the guide on how to get the Signing certificate.
  • Google play store allows maximum APK file size up to 100 MB only. So, you will need APK expansion files that can break your mobile application if it extends the maximum required file size.
If you fulfill all these prerequisites, you can move on with your process to publish your mobile application on the android play store.

1) Create Developer Account

You will need a developer account to publish your mobile application. If you do not have one, No problem!!! You can create a developer account following a simple account creation process.
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Accept terms and conditions of the Developer Agreement.
  • Next, you should pay registration fees. (The google play store demands $25 fixed registration fees.)
  • Provide the remaining account details to complete your developer profile.

2. Create Google Merchant Account

After successfully creating a developer's account, you should create a google merchant account. After creating one, you should link it to your developers' account. It will let you receive payments for in-app purchases. You will receive all your payments in the merchant account only. There is a process you should follow to create a merchant account.
  • Sign in to the account with your developer's account.
  • On your dashboard, go to the menu and select reports.
  • Choose financial reports.
  • Click on set up a Merchant Account Now.
  • Provide required business details.
  • Click on submit.
It will link your merchant's account to the developer's account after completing the process successfully.

3. Upload Your Mobile Application to the Google Play Store

Completing this task might be a bit complicated. But it is worth the shot. We will describe the end-to-end process to upload your android mobile application. All you have to do is follow the steps carefully, and you are done. You will have your mobile application live and working on the Google play store.
  • You will see a menu from that click on All Application.
  • Next, click on Add a new Application.
  • After that, you will see a drop-down language menu. Choose your default language from that.
  • Provide your mobile application title in 30 characters.
After that, you will have two options to upload your mobile application.
  • Upload APK
  • Prepare Store Listing
Let's move forward with Upload APK first and then will go for prepare store listing.

4. Upload APK

We have asked you to create an APK file if your mobile application size is more than 100 MB. Follow the below-listed process to upload the APK files. You will see a box on your current screen. You can drag and drop your files over here. Or you can browse and navigate the files here as well.
Go to the menu and choose release management.
Go to app releases.
Now you will see options such as internal test, closed test, open test, or production release. Click on create the release.
If you are unsure how your mobile application will perform and want to test for certain users first, choose from the internal test, closed test, or open test. But, if you want to make it live for everyone, click on the production release. We will advise you to test it first for certain user groups before introducing it to everyone.

5. Prepare Store Listing

Let's see, prepare store listing first before moving ahead. This step will require you to add your entire mobile application profile. There is no need to worry; you can complete your app profile in one go or save the draft and complete it later on. To complete your app profile, the google play store demands basic information about your mobile application, such as:
  • Mobile app title ( Up to 50 characters)
  • Mobile app subtitle ( Up to 80 characters)
  • Mobile app description ( Up to 400 characters) You should add a summary of your mobile application here. Such as the features and functionalities of the app, how it can help users, The targeted user audience and so on.
  • Upload mobile application images, GIFs, icons, videos, app screenshots that define your mobile application.
  • Next, you need to add other languages translations of your app. Google play store allows you to purchase it or add your own developed translated version here.
  • Choose the best-fit type and category of your mobile application.
  • Next, Provide your email address and contact number. You can choose not to provide your contact number, but you have to provide your email address for users to reach you.
  • Next, provide your privacy policy link. Your privacy policy should demonstrate the usage of user data. The privacy policy will provide details about what type of information your application will take from the users, and this will guide them on whether the user should download the mobile application or not.

6. Provide Content Rating

The most crucial step is to provide the content rating. This step will decide if google play store should accept your mobile app or remove it.
  • Go to play console. Visit the app menu and choose store presence.
  • Provide app information and accurate rating.
The rating you will provide can guide you to reach out to your potential audience. If you provide an incorrect app rating, users can report it, and Google can also suspend or remove the mobile app.

7. Pick the Best Fit Pricing and Distribution Model

Moving to the last step to upload your mobile application on the google play store.
  • Choose the pricing model of your app. You can keep your app paid or else free for the users. You can go for a hybrid approach as well. Keep it free for a few users or for the time being, and you can change it to paid later on as well or vice-versa.
  • Pick the region. You can select all the countries, or you can even choose specific countries as per your app's comfort.
  • Pick android programs or devices.

8. Make Your Mobile Application Live

If you have made it this far, then congratulations, you can live your mobile application in a minute. For one last time check, all the steps and information you have provided are correct or not; if there is anything you should update or add, do it now.
  • Hit the publish button
You will see a pop-up if your app has any warning or missing pieces of information or errors you should solve before publishing your mobile application. If not, Congratulations!!! Your mobile application is now live on the google play store.


The process might be a headache for you as it demands lots of information, but not for our Android app developers. They have years of experience with Mobile app development. They have published more than thousands of mobile applications till today. So, if you find it tricky, reach out to us, we will help you with the mobile app design, development process, and we will even make it public for you.
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