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Learn To Upload An Android App On Google Play Store

App Development

Sep 2020
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learn to upload an android app on google play store
With too many smartphone users, the most popular and dominant platforms in the market are iOS and Android. Google Play Store is undoubtedly one of the most popular and dominant platforms in the mobile apps and software market. Speaking of which, in terms of mobile apps on google play store, you will be surprised to know the figures. With approximately 2.8 million apps on Play Store and 3739 mobile apps getting launched daily, google play store is rocking the mobile app market.
Now, if you are already in this field of mobile app development or have been observing it closely, you would be aware of the hindrances developers go through at the time of development and also while uploading the app on the google play store.
The process of releasing an app on google play store is not really challenging but more time-consuming and lengthy. There are some significant tasks that you must do before moving onto the publishing process.
Prerequisites before Releasing your App on Google Play Store
1. Test Your Application
There is no need to mention the importance of app testing. Despite incredible features, if it fails to perform up to user expectations, it fails in the market. Hence, it is essential to test your app as much as possible and be 100 percent certain that it will perform marvelously.
2. Compress App Size
The size of the app is of great concern. Users are less likely to install your app if it eats up too much of their phone storage. Also, Google only allows the app size up to 50 MB. Android's APK Expansion file is of great help to effectively upload the app to the play store to exceed the limit. This will divide your app into parts, and each part can be up to 2GB, providing an extra 4GB space to your app.
3. Sign App With Security Certificate
sign app with security certificate
You must make a private key utilizing Release Keystore. This is a security certificate signed as an APK that you will require each time you launch an app to the google play store. This is also called a JSK file that includes credentials like the Keystore password.
4. Release Beta Version
Before launching the app, finally, the app developers must release the beta version of your app. With this, the mobile app developers get feedback from the users to help them make new developments in your app where users find any error.
A Guide to Upload Your App in Google Play Store
1. Create a Developer's Account
This is the initial step towards launching your app. You must create a developer's account to upload and launch your app. You just require to pay $25, and it's that simple to create your account. Later, you need to go through the developer's development agreement and approve the same. Fill in the details and make your payment via the selective option, and your job is done here. This is a mandatory step, and you can include information about your choice with time. The account creation process takes 48 hours, and your task is done.
2. Link Your Merchant's Account
This step is compulsory to make a payment center profile, whether your app has an in-app purchase or plan in the future. Below are the things you need to do:
Register to the Play Console
Choose the download reports
Select the option 'Set up a merchant account now'
Fill the information about your business
After making the account, it will naturally connect to the developer's account. Merchant accounts help to overlook sales and monthly payments quickly. This will help you track the revenues report.
3. Android App Development
After finishing the google play console's set-up, it's time to add your app to the play store. Below are the few steps for the same:
Select the "All app" button in the menu.
Choose "create an application."
Select the default language of the app.
Include a short description of the app.
Select "create".
Once you add the app, your app will be showcased on the google play store with app title, summary, and name. You can modify the overview of the app when you wish. After finishing the process, you can go to the entry page of the app store.
4. Create Store Listing
create store listing
This is one of the essential parts because it gives intense information about the app to the users. The details of your app can be altered later or saved in the draft. There is a specific requirement for the app content at a few places, such as title only 50 characters, app summary only 80 characters, and a huge description in 4000 characters.
5. Upload APK
Once you perform the above steps, you have mastered the fundamentals of app launching. Now is the correct time to upload the APK of your app. APK is nothing but a bunch of features and functionalities of the app and such elements that are needed to make your app work on the device.
6. Content Rating
It is compulsory to make your app a rated one, to get ratings on your app. If you neglect this step, your app will get included in the unrated app list, and google play store might remove it later.
7. Monetization
You should prepare a monetization technique of your app to give it a final touch. Set the cost and location of the app where you desire to deliver your services. You can also choose the type of devices you wish to offer your app.
8. Launch
After you have checked twice the steps as mentioned above with accuracy and filled the correct information, you can tap on "review and roll our release." Once you confirm the roll out again, your app gets launched.
After carrying out the above steps effectively, your app gets successfully launched on the google play store. This is not your job done, but the beginning. Once you have published the app, there comes app promotion & app updation tasks to carry out every once in a while. App development is a long-term process; hence, make sure you are ready for it before you begin with it in the first step.
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