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Communication as we know it has undergone several stages of metamorphosis over the years; from the era of writing letters, sending telegrams, telephone communication to the present phase of instant messaging.
Today business is encountering a fierce competition in the market and so the need As a result of stiff competition in the market, business owners are increasingly adopting for real-time communication to swing the pendulum in their favor. 
Ten years ago, the world was still basking in the euphoria of SMS decade ago, today, which has been dwarfed by popular chat apps, thanks to the advent of instant messaging. Smartphones have played a significant role in bringing these apps to the fore. 
Customer Relationship is very important for business development. As a matter of fact, no business can flourish without providing an optimal customer service. 
With this in mind, top app development companies consider providing a chat option to their esteemed customers a top priority. 
Research shows that Instant Messaging Apps like Whatsapp have a user-base of 1Billion Users (as at January 2017). Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, Google Hangout amongst others are home to billions of users. 
A recent market survey indicates that in the near future, the audience would be demanding more for such apps. Of course, you don’t want to be left out. You would want to follow the trend. So, you would of necessity need to add the chat option in your app. 
This article shows you why you would need a chat option for your app and the features of such apps.

1. The Customer-Centric Approach:
Adding the chat option in your mobile application, shows you are quite concerned about your customers. Providing Toll-free numbers and emails are great options available to your customers to make inquiries, lodge complaints, etc. and have those issues sorted out. However, in this time and age, those media are no longer the preferred options. Clients want their issues attended to as quickly as possible, and emails and call centers fall short in this regard. 
Also, there is the problem of Language. Staff members may need to undergo training before they can sort out the queries of the clients. Nonetheless, the major setback here is that clients would have to wait, even though hate to go through such time-consuming ordeal. 
2. A veritable tool for Business Promotion:
An app with a chat feature would definitely fair better on the iOS app store than those without the feature. Thus, for start-ups or small businesses, having the chat feature will enhance your future business prospects. Not only will it boost your productivity it will sky-rocket visibility, marketing and the promotion of your brand. 
Apps with chat features offer you a great opportunity to display your products and services directly to your customers and get instant feedback from them. 
3. The Importance of SMS cannot be over-emphasized:
Those who doubt the importance of SMS or Short Hand Messaging today, based on the notion that it was the master tool of the past seem to forget that SMS is first of all chatting option. As a chatting alternative, it allows you to reach millions of people all over the world. 
It is important for you to note that not everyone is using a smartphone or an Internet-enabled mobile device. Therefore, in this regard, the SMS is still a very useful communication tool. 
Moreover, SMS is a two-way process instant communication between the sender and the receiver. Updates regarding your business, products and services, bank services, etc., are passed through text messages. Uber, Ola, and other top taxi services use SMS only to inform their customers when the cab has arrived and is ready for use. With SMS Customers can keep track of their interaction with the company for reference purposes in future. 
4. Chatting Tools offers Wide Range of Facilities:
Those who still think that chatting tools are only used to send text messages would need to re-evaluate their position. Presently, they form the bedrock of social media networking. With these tools, Group Chats, Video and Audio calls even to international numbers, Document sharing, and much more are performed with it. It has an end to end encryption to ensure the user and hiss data is completely secured. 
5. Valuable Customer Information to Store in Database:
What can be better than discovering the preferences of your customers on time? This information would help you reframe your strategies accordingly, and provide goods and services to meet such preferences. In a nutshell, chat apps will strengthen the bond between you and your customers. With such app, you can get their phone numbers, emails addresses, City, Country, his preferred brand, etc. These would help you prepare a formidable database of your clients. 
6. Having Enterprise Chat App is an asset:
Enterprise Chat Apps are a great asset to businesses because they offer a plethora of services to clients like a taxi, banking, online shopping. The added advantage with these chat apps is the customized and highly secured communication. Studies show that Enterprise is a preferred chat tool for corporate communication in offices. It can also be used for all kinds of businesses whether retail, wholesale or online.
7. Getting New Customers on the Board:
As earlier stated, chat apps can be used to pass information to, attend to queries of and promote products and services, to existing customers. Nevertheless, it does not end there. In their quest for new and unique products, people have become more interactive. The number of online shoppers, (especially new ones) is consistently on the rise. Having a Chat app for your business is, therefore, a viable opportunity to find prospective clients and get them on the board. 
8. Propelling Customers to Revisit your App:
While you showcase a wide variety of products and services in your search for prospective clients to enhance your business prospects, it is even more crucial that you identify who your important clients are. Instead of spending time trying to convince clients to buy products, it is preferable to display products according to their taste. Such customized communication is more likely to ensure that the client revisits your app. 
The chat notifies you when clients revisit your app so that you can help them make the right choices based on their tastes. 
Top iPhone app development companies and business firms understand that important of adding a chat option to their mobile apps. Chat apps are beneficial to both the clients and the mobile app development company. Clients can get instant assistance concerning products and services from support staff. This prompt assistance will guide them in choosing the best product.
And from the business perspective, it helps you gather information about your client's preferences and get instant feedback that would enable you to improve your service delivery. 

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