Important Tips On How To Boost The Conversion Rate Of Your App

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Although there are millions of mobile apps and websites on the web today it is rather disturbing that only a very few of them have been able to achieve an impressive conversion rate. According to some experienced app developers India, a lot of people focus more on getting people to use their apps and visit their websites but they don’t focus much on compelling content and great user experience. 
They often forget that the best publicity technique can attract millions of people to your app and website but only a few of them will use your app for long or patronize you. To mitigate the anomaly and increase your conversion rate, here are some tips from successful app developers India.
Test every function of your app:
Successful app developers India do not only test mobile apps, they also test every function of the app on as many devices as possible. You must know how your app performs on iOS devices and you must also test it on every Android device. While you may not get every brand of devices, you can get a device that runs on each of the Android operating systems that your app supports. For instance, if your app supports Android 3 Jellybean, 4, KitKat, 5 Lollipop, 6, Marshmallow, 7 Nougat, and Android 8 Oreo, you must test it on each of the platforms. In fact, you must test every function on all the platforms.
If all the functions of your app are working well except one, that one will discourage users. It is like the drawbacks prevent users from seeing the pros of your app. So, your app must be 100 percent operational. This is why most app developers India spare no expense in testing their app before launching it. You need to get it right the first time because users hardly give a second chance.
Personalize your app:
Depending on the purpose of your app, you will increase your conversion rate if you personalize your app. What each user experiences should be different based on certain criteria like geographical location. For instance, if your app list restaurants, bars, and hotels in different areas, the list of restaurants that someone in Dayton will see should be different from the list of restaurants that someone in Cincinnati will see even though they are both in Ohio. 
Make your phone number a link: 
While using your app, a user may decide to call you either to ask a question or to complain, it is quite difficult to copy out a number and paste on a dialer. It will give users a better experience to make your number a call-initiating link on your mobile app. That way, users only need to tap your number and a call will be initiated. This will not only give users a great experience, it will also increase your conversion rate.
Shorten your registration form:
It is quite difficult to type on a PC and more difficult to type on the mobile device. In fact, the only time people enjoy typing on their device is when they are on social media. So, users hate to see long registration forms. In fact, they find it irritating. Of course, you need to get as much information as you can for proper profiling. But you also have to think of customers’ convenience too. 
You can shorten the form on your app. For instance, instead of creating separate fields for first name, middle name, and last name, you may need to merge them together as a full name. That reduces the form by 2 fields. Some people also break down the form into two stages. However, some app developers India believe that a 3-field form is the best. In addition, you should remove captcha. Captchas are not only annoying, they are also irritating. 
An app development company once found out that their conversion rate increased by 33% when they removed captcha from their form. So, if you still have captcha on your form, you should remove it immediately in your own interest.
Multiple payment options:
If you run an online store, you should select a payment gateway provider that accepts multiple payment options. This makes payment very easy for customers. If you have just one or two payment options, chances are good that you are already losing customers. If a customer proceeds to check out and finds out that your few payment options are not convenient for him, instead of converting his funds into any of the available payment options, he will just bounce and abandon his shopping cart, never to come back.
Your payment gateway should also be perfect. If a customer is mistaken debited twice for the same order, even if he gets back his refund, he may never order products from you again. So, your payment gateway can also help to boost your conversion rate.
Avoid intrusive ads and pop-ups:
Nothing can be as annoying as an intrusive ad that will pop up and on your device when you are busy because it will interrupt your flow. Even if the ad is on a product that you need, you won’t read or listen to the ad at that moment. So, don’t put your users through such experience. Avoid intrusive ads. Find a better and more engaging way to allow ads.
Reward your users once in a while:
It is important to reward some of your ardent customers occasionally. This will not only encourage them, it will also help them build a strong attachment to your brand. However, note that if users don’t enjoy any value from your app, rewards will not improve your conversion rate. This is why great app developers India focus more on the value their app offers. 
Your app should have little or no crash rate:
High crash rate scares users from a mobile app more than gunshots scare people away from the street. In fact, you will be damn lucky if a user still uses your app after it crashed on him once. So, you should ensure your app hardly or never crashes. 
In conclusion, following these few tips will go a long way in boosting the conversion rate of any mobile app. 

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