Improve The User Experience Of Mobile App To Convert Visitors Into Active Users

mobile app user experience
The user experience on mobile devices is essential to get a visitor to become an active user. That is, after the user has decided to install the app and try it for the first time, he will continue to use the app. This implies that the user's first experience must be optimal before he becomes an active user.
Much of this process is achieved through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is also common to introduce useful tutorials or tips the first time a user enters an application. However, there are more to it. The optimization of interfaces is becoming a standard. More people are interested in this topic because it is a basic requirement for a successful application. App development companies will help you integrate these features into your app.
Due to the great competition that exists in the mobile applications market, you must offer a great user interface and solution to a problem. You should study your competition, their features as well as understand the needs of your target audience. The success of an app developed by app development companies depends not only on the interface but also on the idea that lies behind the application, that is, the solution it offers to its users.
From the first use, you must show everything your application has to offer and highlight its features so that the user can see what he is to get from it.
How to improve the first user experience in mobile apps
A good starting point to improve this process is to interview the recurring users of your application. That is, those who have downloaded the application and use it often. Ask a series of questions that help you understand what users appreciate most about your application and how it helps them solve various problems or situations. Also, you can ask them about the options they would like to improve or maybe extra features that they would like the application to have.
Ideally, the first user experience in a mobile application highlights the best features of your application in order to convert casual users into active users. This process can be a challenge due to the great competition that exists. You must be very clear who your users are and what they need. That way, you can offer them an application that is right for them.
There is no magic formula to carry out a successful process because much depends on the type of application you create as well as your target audience. However, there are certain actions that could be effective to make your app a success. Here are some of them:
Interactive tutorials
interactive tutorials
The tutorials can be really effective and even necessary for the user to know how to access certain functions of the application. The user may not want to see it before deciding to explore the application. This is a valid decision by the user, so you should not force him to review the tutorial in order to access the application. What you can do is remind him through notifications that the tutorial is available and he can see it whenever he wants.
The essence of the tutorials is that they are quite interactive. The user should be shown the actions to be performed visually. Using a supporting text is also valid, but much of the communication should be achieved visually. You have to be careful when designing a tutorial because it should be clear and concise. 
Application usage permission management
Asking the user for permission for the app to perform certain actions is common in many applications. However, it must be done carefully and at the right time. If these notifications interrupt the flow of use of the application, it can cause a bad impression on the user and can even become a nuisance to many users.
The application should only ask for permission when it is absolutely necessary, for example when it requires certain information from the device in order to continue or perform some specific action.
Access without registration forms
access without registration forms
The simplicity of the registration forms is an essential factor to be able to attract users. Many applications have forgotten the registration form and it is only necessary for users to download the application in order to use it.
Consider the possibility of deleting the registration form if it is not necessary for the use of your application. On the other hand, if you really need the user to register to continue, then you can choose to offer the registration through Facebook or Twitter. This is one of the most popular options in applications because it is a simple and fast process for the user. He just has to enter his Facebook account and he’s done. In a matter of seconds, he is already registered. Not only is it a quick process, but it also prevents the user from accumulating usernames and passwords for each app that he uses on his mobile device. 
Notifications and non-intrusive alerts
It is much more common for social network applications to show notifications because they inform you each time someone has commented on your post, if you have a new friend request if you have received a new message, etc. However, they are not the only type of applications that have notifications. Many games also inform the user when they have already recovered energy or life or when a new special level has been unlocked for a limited time.
Notifications are the way the user remembers application. However, they should have a clear use for the user. They should offer information that the user is interested in. And above all, they should not be intrusive or annoying to the user. For example, if the application sends an update reminder, it should be sent at considerable time intervals. A notification that could be considered intrusive is one that is sent every hour and gives you the same information. This type of notification could be a nuisance to the user, so you should be careful when deciding what type of notifications your application will send.

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