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iOS 14: Awesome Features You Must Know About

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Sep 2020
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ios 14: awesome features you must know about
After first introducing iOS 14 on June 22, Apple finally launched it on September 16. It is one of the biggest Apple updates to date, featuring Home screen, design changes, significant new features, and other things that smoothen the iOS interface.
As an iPhone lover, you must know if your phone supports iOS 14 or not. According to Apple, iOS 14 can work on iPhone 6s and later models, just as iOS 13.
If you are wondering whether to download or not, considering the capacity usage, you still should. The good reason is that last year's iOS 13 has some issues like bugs. These issues provoked the Defense Department not to download iOS 13 and wait for the next version, i.e., 13.1. Now, the beta version of iOS 14 has very few issues than the last version.
Moreover, the silver lining is that there are super cool features you should know of, which will be covered in this article.
Without any delay, let's get started!
iOS 14 Super Cool Features
1. Siri
Apple updates sometimes leave Siri out of the picture, but this wasn't the case with our latest update. Apple's giving us a smart assistant with a significant refresh, new abilities, and a considerable redesign.
Siri now pops with up novel animations, offering particular widgets for questions like 'What's the weather today?'. Siri now also supports sending messages and enhanced translation support, all thanks to the new translation app. This translation request works offline; hence, you don't require a web connection.
2. Home Screen
Apple is reforming the iOS home screen this time of the year. iOS 14 is the first version that supports adding widgets to your Home screen. This version lets you remove apps from your home screen and also eliminate the entire screen. Your apps will stay in a new App Library, a page, one swipe beyond your final home screen.
The App Library naturally groups all your apps into big folders that display the most recently used apps. You can find apps with a search box at the top, see automated recommendations in the top left box, and recently used apps in the top right box. Folders will naturally get arranged by categories, such as Health & Fitness, Social, etc.
It's an excellent way to cleanse your iPhone's home screen without losing your data access. It's a massive change to the iPhone's home screen in ages.
3. App Clips
app clips
Google has Instant Apps, while Apple has App clicks now. These are useful mini-apps that appear only when you require them and don't force you to install the whole app. For instance, for a parking app, you can use the QR code to access the app's useful portion without needing to go to the App Store.
This reduces the burden to download lots of one-time use apps and thus take up your storage.
4. Widgets
Widgets are finally coming to iOS, can be resized, and look far better now. Apple's iOS 14 will renovate the widget experience. The new widgets can have more content and a handful of new sizes, but they can most essentially be pulled right off the Today view and on your home screen.
A "Smart Stack" widget allows you to swipe across your commonly used widgets, and can even be set to naturally show you the widget you'll mostly need in your entire day.
5. Translate apps
There's a new app in iOS 14, and it's known as Translate. You can mostly guess what it does. This new app delivers voice and text translations into languages. This app can also work offline and is very useful when you are out of range.
6. Picture-in-Picture
Only available on the iPad is not available on the iPhone as well, all thanks to iOS 14. This will naturally happen when you close an app with a video playing, and that video will be compressed just like on the iPad. When watching a video or talking over a FaceTime call, you can swipe again to the home screen, & the video will resume playing in a small box. This might sound like a little new update, but iPhone users will indeed love it.
7. Messages
Several features are coming to messages, and it seems like competing apps like Whatsapp have influenced it. You can now pin chats to the top of the app and many fun expressions and customizability for Memoji. Apple has introduced one such feature being masks that can be added to your face.
Group chats have seen an up-gradation as well, with in-line replies and mentions along with tailored group images. It seems like these images alter based on the conversations and the most in the group.
8. Map Improvements
map improvements
Maps will keep enhancing for years to earn back a good reputation. But Apple is here to make it an excellent experience for everyone. The previous year saw the rollout of new map data to the entire USA, and they'll come to more countries later. They make a significant difference in the usability of the Maps app.
This year what's new in cycling directions that can take into account stairs, bike lanes, and elevation changes. Maps will display the location of familiar speed cameras and red light cameras, route you near congestion zones in towns that have regulated traffic areas, and can render specialized electric vehicle routing.
The Map app will help you seek places to visit in big cities with a new Guides function. Apple is working with other iPhone app development companies to render guides to attractions, restaurants, landmarks, hotels, shopping, and other activities.
9. Privacy
iOS 14 allows you more control over your data and privacy. A new recording indicator alerts you whenever the mic or camera is being used, alongside detailed privacy information. Another instance, when an app asks to access your gallery, you can choose a specific picture to provide it access to instead of the entire library.
10. Car Key
iOS 14 supports your car key, and if you have a particular BMW model, you can unlock, share, and restrict your car inside iOS. A useful little trick ensures that you don't lose access to your car if your iPhone runs out of battery as the key works for 5 hours, even without a battery.
After going through this article, are you already excited to install the iOS 14 version? Or you already installed it mid-way because you couldn't wait? No matter what, have fun with your new iOS 14 because it will keep you hooked for a while.
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