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iOS 15 Is Here: Get All Details For Latest Update And Features

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Sep 2021
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ios 15 is here: get all details for latest update and features
Apple has launched the much-awaited operating system iOS 15. Apple is known for leaving everyone spellbound always; let's find out what new iOS 15 has to bring in the box this time.
The latest version was released on September 20, 2021, and has new unique features. iOS 15 has tools to lessen distractions, Facetime calls with Android users, notifications summary, multiple downloads, more privacy features, and much more. Unlike other operating systems, Apple iOS has a different method; hence, every device has access to the new iOS 15 system. Even if you own iPhone 6 or the latest iPhone 12, you will get the same operating system. Along with iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and last week four new iPhone 13 models, a watch series, and a new iPad were introduced.
People have expectations from iOS and its features, and Apple tries to fulfill beyond that. First, let us talk about the features with the latest aspect - Here is the list of upgrades and top best features you will find out in the iO15 and the reasons why iOS 15 has created so much buzz:

Facetime Calls With Other Device Users

Indeed, it was one of the most awaited features for every iPhone user. Earlier, Facetime calls were limited to iPhone users only; now, they can connect and talk on every mobile device. However, the new features of Facetime are not ready for prime yet. As per the speculations, Share play will release on falls - it will enable you to sync video playback and audio with your loved ones. You can use Facetime calls in portrait mode, and it is easy to turn on and off.
Just like zoom app, features like grid show will be there in iOS 15. Therefore, you can have calls with multiple participants, share links to call - which can be accessed to Google devices and Microsoft devices through the browser. Another splendid feature is spatial audio, where people's voices will come on screen, making your video call more live and real.

Notification Summary

It is entirely different from previous ones, and the notification has been redesigned. The app icon is larger, defined, and with specific details that make it more compact. Whenever someone texts, you can see their icon or picture in the notifications. One of the best features of notification would be how they classify the notification into a group - so it will help you remind them if you miss something. You can even mute them according to your preference as a mute for 1 hour, for the entire day, deliver immediately, and turn off the app notification (click on the left side of the notification. You will find this feature).
It will give customers a customized feeling which is quite beneficial for several busy users and not getting time to go through everything. Now, coming back to the significant feature in the notification is the notification summary. It will give you a review of tasks that are not important during the day or that time. For that, you need to go to settings> click on notification> click on notification summary (top button)> and set your core. iOS 15 gives you the option of placing more than one summary so that you can plan your schedule according to that. You can also select the apps you would like to see on the summary and the ones you want to avoid during that time.
Another feature that will come soon in iOS 15 in notification summary is screen sharing.


Another feature that has been redesigned in Safari. The new version of Safari provides a location address bar/ tab at the bottom of the interface. You can do it with a tap and search with the address bar or URL link. If you like the previous one, iOS 15 allows you to operate like you were doing in iOS 14. Thus, we can say that one feature offers you multiple experiences. Safari on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 has a new Tab Groups feature. It enables you to keep and organize your tabs, as well as quickly transition between them. Tab Groups are also synchronized across all of your devices, allowing you to access them from any location.
You can swipe between tabs without making more effort. Swipe right you will get new; swipe up you will see all tabs open in your Safari. It is as simple as it sounds and way easily manageable for the users to search. You can even create custom groups by going to settings and choosing how many tabs you want in your custom group tabs.

Redesign Maps

An interactive globe view and considerably increased data in a new 3D view for cities are now available on maps. Neighborhoods, business areas, monuments, structures, and other features have been enhanced, including new road colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new moonlit night mode.
The Maps app now has a new 3D city-driving experience that works on both the iPhone and Apple CarPlay and includes road elements like turn lanes, centers, parking lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks. Now, travelers can find local stations more easily and pin their favorite lines thanks to a makeover of transit navigation. Maps will automatically trail a user's chosen transit route and alert them when it's time to arrive. The new animation makes it different from others and helps you calculate how much time it takes to communicate somewhere and even how much traffic the person will face.
It will provide physical features and notify the accurate position to deliver walking directions by applying the camera. Multiple search options operate through filter search, and it can automatically update search results.

Live Text

Now capture text through the camera - yes, you heard it right. The live text feature allows you to identify a phone number, email id, or any text. All you have to do is capture it in your camera, copy it, and paste it somewhere on your phone. Hold-on there is much more than that; it will also allow you to translate that text live at the moment. Thus, for instance, if you are in a foreign land and want to understand the meaning of the text, you take out your iPhone, click on the text with your camera, and tap on the translation options. It's that effortless for the users to remember or learn a text. You can also utilize translated copy in other applications of your iOS 15.


With iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the Photos app becomes even more personal. Apple is introducing a new interactive Memories feature that allows you to customize the appearance and feel of your story by picking a song and a mood. Spotlight search can now detect text and images due to new intelligence abilities that allow you to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Spotlight can also find text and handwriting in photos using Live Text.


In iOS 15, Apple released a wallet app that allows users to save their government ID cards. On your iPhone, it's a digital counterpart of government-issued identification cards such as your driver's license. However, the ID feature isn't included in the initial version of iOS 15, and it's still unclear how it will operate. Some banking apps already employ this selfie validation capability to authenticate users when connecting with new devices.
Not just limited to that, the wallet app can help save room keys, homes, offices, hotels, corporate, and other cards. You can also check if your card or pass has expired or not. The changes are minor in the Wallet features but very convenient for the users.


You can save your health records, such as reports, vaccine records, and much more in the health features of iOS 15. The users can also check their test results with these features - which makes it comfortable for them. There are new options of sharing, where you can share your record with doctors, friends, family, and respective people.


Focus is a new updated feature in iOS 15 that helps users reduce distraction. A Focus can filter alerts and Home Screen pages based on what a user wants to focus on at any given time while allowing urgent messages to get through. When a user's Focus is now blocking incoming alerts, their status in Messages is immediately updated to represent that they are not currently available unless there is an emergency. It syncs with other Apple users and there are changes in brightness as well. There are custom and pre-focus modes in iOS 15.

Final Words

There are more updated and new features in iOS 15, and the User Interface has also been better and more seamless. The operating system was in the news since the announcement, and we must say it turned out to be quite engaging and helpful for iPhone users. Let us know how you found the iOS 15 system, and share your view with us.
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