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IoT Is In Front Of Our Eyes In 2022 (And We Didn’t Even Notice It)


Feb 2022
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iot is in front of our eyes in 2022
Raise your hands if you think watches are no longer the same. By that question I mean, as a watch their original purpose was to just show us time. That’s it.
The two hands would show hours and minutes, with an additional hand that shows us the seconds. At least I hope they were called hands. It has been too long since we have seen an analog watch.
And today, smartwatches can show us how many steps we have walked, how many calories we have to take, are taking too much stress, and all that important stuff.
Did we ever sit down to ask, “What the heck just happened? How did we go from this stuff shows time to this stuff can now show you the universe?”
Why did I start from an example of a single watch, I don’t know. But I want you guys to understand, that the term IoT, isn’t something that should be taken lightly.
Since the last couple of years, the Internet of Things/IoT has seen a massive acceleration in its growth and implementation. And if you think this is just the case for rich individuals, then you are wrong.
I am talking about entire cities that have installed various IoT appliances for easy handling of their infrastructure. Don’t worry. I will share that information with you within this article. But first, we need to understand, what IoT is.
“Alright, I am all ears, what is the Internet of things?
As the name suggests, the Internet of things is, well, several things that are interconnected with each other with the help of sensors, and software. Their main priority is of exchanging data with other devices over the internet.
That is it. It sounds complicated. But it’s not.
And in the year 2022, there is a huge potential for the Internet of things to take things to the next level. In fact, by 2025, it has been predicted that over 3.7 billion Internet of things mobile connections will be the norm.
With that case, let's have a look at some of the places where the IoT development has taken things to the next level.

1) Car Connections

More and more vehicles are coming out with internet connections. Because of the internet access, these cars can share access. This trend is here to stay as every year the integration of the Internet of things has been increasing in our vehicles.
This is why today, sensors do everything, from opening the hatchback, locking the doors to even turning the car on and off.

2) Internet of Things and Houses

The idea of a smart home is pretty old. It’s also the most popular way of integrating the internet of things within your safe space. Today, it's very easy, and readily available for everyone as now there are dozens of appliances and products in the market that anyone can use.
As always, our good friend Amazon takes the lead in this as well. With its easy-to-use product that is amazon echo, it has dominated the market when it comes to smart homes. A very close runner-up is Google Home from google.
The users can be ever more connected with everyone else and can use their appliances for a range of things such as weather reports, talking to an artificial intelligent A.I., calling a cab, knowing sports scores, playing music, etc.

3) Wearable Accessories

You know it, I know it, we all knew this was coming. This is why I started with the example of a watch. I don’t even think that the current generation will ever realize that there was a time when watches were used to just showtime.
Today, it seems like the watchmakers saw some of the James Bond movies and decided “I want to have that thing, apart from the exploding bombs and the violence.” And Tada, now we have smartwatches, that show us the number of steps we have walked, our calorie intake, our blood pressure. Heck, we can make calls, receive calls, send messages/emails, all from our watches today.
James Bond wishes that his watch could be as cool as ours, thanks to the Internet of Things.
When it comes to Wearable accessories, then nothing beats our old Fitbit. It can do all that and collect your sleep pattern, plus send your data into a monitor of your choice where you can see what needs an improvement.
Or if you have too much money on your hands, then feel free to get an iWatch. That’s cool too.

4) Smart Cities

Alright. I saved the best one for the last. A man’s got to create some anticipation for the climax after all. Back in the day, regulation of traffic, traffic lights, parking spaces, and congestion-related issues needed a lot of manpower behind it.
Hundreds of workers and a fleet of the crew had to be ready 24X7 in case of any emergency.
But today, thanks to the internet of things and with proper connection and data, all this is a thing of the past. Say goodbye to road congestion, traffic, and say hello to an easy driving experience, and enhanced parking procedures.
IoT has had an immense impact when it comes to transforming entire cities, and the best example to show is Barcelona. Barring their amazing examples for creating walkable and healthy superblocks, the city is working to integrate its system with the internet of things which can help in reducing a lot of chaos.
Some other examples of cities include New York, Amsterdam, Singapore.


Despite being in its nascent stage, the internet of things has taken the world by storm. We can only imagine what other great things are in store for us soon.
Thank you for reading the article. If you’d like to read more such articles, feel free to check us out on Latest Blogs.
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