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Is Python Suitable For Mobile App Development?

App Development

Nov 2022
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is python suitable for mobile app development
Python has been around us for a while. Even if we choose to deny it, we can not ignore the fact that python is the most used programming language for web developers out there. You might be aware of all the fuss Python is making for web development.
If we talk about the stats, around 48% of global web developers choose Python over Python, C#, C and various others. You might be aware of all the fuss Python is making for web development. But is it possible to use Python for mobile app development? Let's talk about that in this blog.

Is It Possible to Develop Mobile Apps Using Python?

If we answer this question straightforwardly, then yes. It is possible to use python for mobile app development. The Python GUI frameworks make it possible for mobile app development companies to use it. To be honest, Python is versatile.
We can use Python for almost any kind of web, app and software development starting from the development of web browsers to games. Along with that, Python supports cross-platform app development as well. It helps to minimize the development efforts of the developers allowing them to create apps for Android and iOS using a single codebase.

What Types of Mobile Apps Can We Develop Using Python?

1) Audio-Video Apps

If you want to create Audio-Video mobile applications, Python development is one of the top choices. Top app development companies use different Python development libraries such as OpenCV, PyDub and audio and video mobile app development to offer the best user experience to the target audience.

2) Game App Development

Have an action game development idea in mind? Ask your mobile app developer whether they can use Python for your game development. Web developers can develop quick game prototypes and even test them through Pygame and Python. When it comes to mobile game design, you can use Python to design the game, dialogue trees and many more. Python development is useful for the entire game development process starting from the design to support and maintenance.
Various gaming solutions include Battlefield 2, EVE Online (EVE Echoes), World of Tanks, and others. All the features and add-ons are designed and developed using Python. 

3) Blockchain Application Development

It is one of the most generally utilized innovation trends and truly rules the market. Blockchain development is extremely challenging for developers, yet Python makes it simple.
Python is a straightforward language and makes building blockchain applications consistent. Hire app developers that can utilize HTTP solicitations to communicate with the blockchain on the Web.
Furthermore, mobile app developers can utilize Python frameworks, for example, Flagon to make endpoints for different features and functionalities of the blockchain. Mobile app developers can likewise run scripts on various machines and foster distributed networks with the assistance of Python.

4) Command-line Mobile App Development

Whether you call it a console mobile app or a command-line application you are referring to the same type of mobile application. It is a PC program utilized from a command line or shell and does not have a graphical UI.
Python is great for such command-line applications since it offers Real-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature. As Python is an incredibly famous language, various mobile app development companies use different free Python libraries to make command-line applications.

5) Machine Learning Mobile App Development

Yet another innovative tech trend in the previous ten years, Machine Learning development, which is an algorithmic innovation that gives data to working frameworks and empowers them with intelligent decision-making.
Machine learning mobile app development was beforehand a tedious task, however, it has become more open thanks to Python. Python gives free libraries to machine learning, like Pandas and Scikit. It tends to be utilized under the GNU license.

6) Business Mobile App Development

Python has viable readiness and the capacity to foster different sorts of applications. That is the reason Python is really popular among business and e-commerce mobile app development and ERP solution development.
For instance, written in Python, Odoo offers many business applications and makes a set-up of business management mobile applications.
Tryon is another Python-developed business mobile application that is a high-level, universally useful application with a three-layer structure.

Is Python Suitable for Different Operating Systems?

Android App Development Using Python

Java is one of the popular languages for Android app development. Hence, if you need to compose an Android application in Python, you will require a method for running Python code on a Java virtual machine.
VOCs ("Vestigial Output Compiler" or "Vexing Obtuse Compiler") make this conceivable. It is a component of the BeeWare suite and permits you to get to Java native objects like Python, execute Java interfaces in Python classes, and subclass Java classes in Python classes. It will empower you to compose Android mobile applications straightforwardly to Android's native Programming interface.
VOC is a transpiler that incorporates Python source code into CPython bytecode and transpiles that bytecode into Java-viable bytecode. It implies accumulating Python source code into CPython bytecode and changing over it to Java-viable bytecode.
There are other a few different android development tools too which execute Python in Java or the other way around. A few instances of such devices are Jython, JPype, Jepp, and PY4J, from there, the sky is the limit. Every one of these development tools accompanies its own benefits and downsides relying upon the kind and extent of your project.

iPhone App Development Using Python

iOS app development is a bit more complex than for Android. iPhone developers can use Kivy package documentation for the most recent data on iOS development utilizing Python.
The interaction ordinarily includes setting up a Python environment, encoding your application with Python/Kivy, and using Xcode for the deployment.
Do not forget that, iPhone app developers will in any case require a macOS machine to send applications to the Mac Application Store, so regardless of whether you can develop applications in Python, you actually need an iMac or MacBook to deploy the applications.

Example of Python Mobile App Development

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Disqus
  • Spotify


This blog undoubtedly proves that Python can be one of the preferable choices for mobile app development as well. So, if you have any mobile app development requirements, then you can reach out to the Python development company and discuss your requirements. You can even reach out to the team of Hyperlink InfoSystem as well. We will offer you the best possible development solutions.
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You can reach out to one of the top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire dedicated app developers with expertise in Python that can leverage their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions based on your project requirements.

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