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Top 7 Python Development Frameworks

Web Development

May 2022
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top python development frameworks
When it comes to programming languages, python has been the top choice for web development companies around the globe. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it provides end-to-end development support to develop websites, mobile applications, conduct data analysis, and even automate tasks. So, Python development has been one of the top and trendy choices for web developers.
Python has never disappointed python web development companies when it comes to providing web development support. The usage of outstanding frameworks with Python language can minimize the efforts web developers have to put to develop feature-rich, outstanding web development solutions. As every other existing framework can do wonders while used with Python development but some significant frameworks have always been the top priority of the developers when it comes to Python web development. It minimizes the efforts developers have to put to build the unique features of the web development solutions. Let us explore some of them.

What Are The Top Python Frameworks?

1) Bottle

When it comes to building APIs for small application development, Bottle is the perfect framework. It provides access to form the data, cookies, file upload, and various other HTTP-related metadata. One of the most amazing things about Bottle is that it never demands any application development support other than a standalone python library. The developers can work perfectly fine just with the hardware. The Bottle makes the small application development easier to manage to allow Python developers to create a single source file under the micro-framework category. Along with offering HTTP server support, Bottle allows the third-party template engine integration with WSGI/HTTP server that enhances the app development process.

2) Django

Django is the full-stack framework that is famous among the Python web development companies because of its DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) algorithm. There are various reasons that justify the popularity of Django such as, it provides authenticate support, URL routing, database schema migration, pre-built libraries, MVC-MVT architecture, mapping of the URL, and so on. When it comes to database management and support, Django can work well with various popular databases such as MYSQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and various other third-party databases and it uses ORM for database mapping. Along with that, Django is one of the most secure python frameworks compared to every other existing framework.

3) Web2Py

After Django, another popular full-stack framework is an open-source framework - Web2Py. Web2Py works well with every operating system owning its own web-based IDE. This platform-independent framework has a web-based IDE that fulfills all the IDE functionalities like code editor, debugging, one-click deployment, and various other functionalities accurately. One of the features of Web2Py that attract web developers is ticket support allowing users to generate a ticket whenever they face any trouble with the framework. Other features that differentiate Web2Py from Django are, backward compatibility, role-based access control, multiple protocol readability, and various others that Python web development companies can come across while using it. Various fresh python web developers prefer Web2Py as it does not demand any installation or configuration from the developers' end.

4) Flask

One of the most adaptable, lightweight micro-framework is Flask. Apart from its modular design, Flask is famous for developing solid web applications. This Unicode-based Python framework is compatible with Google App Engine. Flask offers full support for restful requests dispatching, HTTP request handling, unit testing, Jinja2 template, and Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. The web applications developed using Flask are compatible with any type of extension. Web developers can integrate any ORM with this framework for database mitigation. Along with that, Flask supports the cookies that enable the client-side sessions.

5) CherryPy

Even being one of the oldest micro-framework, CherryPy is an open-source, object-oriented framework that works on a minimalistic approach. This independent framework allows the Python development company to work on multiple servers at the same time. It offers in-built features such as coverage, profiling, testing, catching, encoding, authentication and various others that can help web developers to build stand-alone Python mobile applications. The excellent configuration system of CherryPy allows the Python development company to access the data and templates through their preferable technologies.

6) CubicWeb

CubicWeb is an open-source, free to use, full-stack framework. When every other framework works with separate models and views, CubicWeb prefers to work with Cubes. This semantic web framework supports multiple databases, reusable components, Web Ontology Language (OWL), Resource Description Framework(RDF) and so on. CubicWeb provides enhanced security for web and app development.

7) Dash

Another open-source framework, Dash is a micro-framework that is widely famous among Python developers for analytics web application development. One of the amazing things about Dash is that any fresher web developers or even data scientists can develop a web application using this framework as it does not have much coding knowledge. Though it does not demand much coding language, it allows the Python developers to customize the web application. Along with that, Dash allows third party server integration like Flask and JSON packet communication. Dash supports the HTTP request that offers easy error handling. Dash python framework uses ReactJS for front-end rendering that supports the browser rendering and server deployment. Dash offers plugin support that allows developers to build cross-platform and mobile-ready applications.


Is this the end of Python Frameworks? Of course not, there are various other python frameworks that exist. You might know the frameworks that are more compatible with Python development and we haven't listed them over here. As we mentioned above, these are some of the trending python development frameworks that python development companies prefer the most. If you are considering other python frameworks for your next development project, Hire Python developers to discuss which one can be perfect for you. You can reach out to them even if you have no idea which framework can work well with your project requirements. Experts at Hyperlink InfoSystem will guide you with the end-to-end development process.
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