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Know Your Mobile App Design Basics: User Interface Vs. User Experience


Sep 2020
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know your mobile app design basics user interface vs user experience
As much as it is difficult to understand the technical terms, you need to deliver a phenomenal user experience. Hence, it is crucial to get your mobile app design fundamentals clear before beginning the development process. It is a piece of cake to design your mobile app once you know the exact meaning of these terms.
So what is it that confuses most of the amateur developers? It is UX and UI design. Both terms have been misunderstood or considered the same. However, the user interface is not the same as the user experience. This confusion mostly arises from the overlap of skill-sets and tools in both processes.
It is almost impossible to draw out one discipline from the other. The UX is a blend of tasks centered on improving mobile apps for effective and enjoyable use. Simultaneously, the UI is its counterpart, the look, feel, display, and general interactivity of a product.
UX design basically helps users achieve functional tasks throughout the platform and services, whereas the UI design includes compelling and appealing user interaction interfaces. UX & UI designers work in the same area and projects but implement different skills at multiple developmental stages.
This article will make things clear on the difference between both user experience and user interface.
what is the user experience
The term is introduced by Don Norman, the first person to portray the significance of user-focused design. The concept of this design is that decisions should be based merely on users' requirements and desires.
UX is everything associated with a user's perception and interaction with the mobile app. UX is the pragmatic, experiential, meaningful, impactful, and valuable attributes of human-machine interaction. Mobile app UX consists of users' views and feelings before, during, and after their contact with an app. UX also involves all facets of the end user's interaction with an app development company, and it's app.
A UX designer's chief concern is to address the mobile app's feel to the target audience. Hence, the UX designer will explore various alternatives to solve user-specific issues and render them solutions. In the end, a mobile app that has an excellent UX is simple and user-friendly.
The Significance of UX Design
A UX influences the user's opinions of the mobile app. Users look for apps that deliver value, are simple to use, and help fulfill a goal.
The UX ultimately ascertains if a user will come back to your app or delete it altogether, by providing a poor review.
What Contributes To An Awesome User Experience?
Effective mobile apps have one thing common: they are helpful to users.
The mobile app must be useful and offer a great value to get used repeatedly by the users. Designing an awesome UX starts with following the design thinking methods and forming an extensive understanding of the target audiences' lives and unfulfilled needs.
Design thinking is an integral part of a successful mobile app development. UX designers perform much research to either approve or disapprove initial mobile app ideas to guide the product's development.
One must keep in mind that UX is much more than how a user feels regarding the app. It includes a strategic understanding of the app's business model and the processes customers use. It encompasses understanding the broader context in which users interact and engage. An effective UX design builds solutions that match the users' needs and finally operate within the technological platform's limits.
The Significance of Design Thinking
The design thinking method keeps up innovation by studying and considering various solutions to a single platform. The main principle of design thinking states that a user-focused approach to product development stimulates innovation, which leads to differentiation in the market.
Effective mobile app development requires user experience research. It is significant to understand UX and UI working together to solve user issues before commencing the development process.
what is the user interface
The user interface isn't merely about navigation menus and tabs, but about the interaction between the mobile app and the user. The UI design isn't about the looks of the product, but how it works. Where will you place the CTA and tabs for your users to understand the app's flow quickly? Does a specific interface even need tabs? If yes, what is the purpose of those tabs? For a fantastic user interface, you must render users with the necessary actions to figure out how the app will help them achieve a goal.
The Significant of UI Design
UI designers worry about the layout of the visual elements and the look of the product. This has a massive influence on the emotional connection with the user. There is still a discussion of what kind of UI will form a positive UX for a product. Many think an aesthetic looking UI is needed, while others argue a simple interface is preferred.
What Contributes To An Awesome User Interface?
The interface design is the first thing users see in the mobile app and influences their perception, whereas UX is not as noticeable to the user. It is a UI designer's responsibility to improve the brand within the interface. In the end, UI design helps guide users via the interface with visual support. Below are a few elements of a fantastic UI:
The interface must avoid uncertainty and ambiguity by making everything lucid with visuals and language.
Many users like seeing familiar features, tabs, and CTA. Familiarity can include common symbols, colors, icons to communicate a message like red to delete or exit.
This includes the speed of a fantastic user interface, which must not be slow.
It is essential to have tuning across your app to enable users to recognize usage patterns.
It is not imperative to implement an appealing factor to the user interface, but adding the aesthetics can make the app more fun.
Final Thoughts
Now you must know the exact difference between UI and UX designs. And although they are different, they must work collectively to meet the end goal and develop an amazing mobile app that forms a connection.
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