Lean On The UX When Creating Your Communication Strategy

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Caring for the user experience (UX) is one of the essential factors for the success of any digital marketing strategy. There are so many information inputs and the amount of information that brands use to continually seek creative ways to reach their customers. 
A good way to attract clients is by offering an excellent user experience. It is one of the first steps that any brand has to take to get closer to its customer. You can begin to create a lasting and useful relationship for your business.
In a communication strategy there are infinite points to follow:
- Have a good SEO.
- Have good content on the blog.
- Perform good management of social networks.
However, you should not ignore the user experience. There are so many factors to take into account when designing a digital strategy that, often, the user's experience is left out. But for a long time, this aspect has taken more force.
For example, if your strategy is based on a content marketing strategy and you open a blog with useful and valuable content, but you do not choose the colors well, and it is illegible, nobody will be attracted to your content. Do you know how to manage a good user experience? Here are some keys to get it.
Why the user experience is important
A positive user experience increases the overall quality of a web page or an application. It is the basis of any digital marketing strategy. Without it, nothing is going to happen as you planned it.
Imagine that you loved reading and got a book that you wanted to read. You open it, and you love the cover. It has a wonderful image and a very careful text. The synopsis is valuable content that makes you more attracted to the book.
However, you open it to start reading, and the text size is so small that you cannot read the content easily. You will most likely abandon the book, and you will be frustrated. When what you expected as an interesting reading experience turns out to be a frustrated reading you never forget that author. 
The same goes for websites. If you enter a website with excellent image and you start browsing, but it turns out to be a nuisance, you will never visit that website. On the other hand, if the feeling offered by the web is positive, the content is coherent, and you find what you are looking for, you stay and continue navigating through it. You may even end up buying something from the website.
Six common mistakes in the user experience

Caring for the user experience of your website visitors will help you improve conversions. To do this, you should avoid these six common mistakes in this regard:
1. The architecture of the neglected web
You should not create a web page without taking into account its architecture. The rule is clear: No more than three clicks for the user to find what they are looking for. Also, good web design is synonymous with a well thought-out architecture.
2. Illegible texts
You need to pay attention to color, size, and type of letter. It is becoming less common, but it keeps happening. When users access a website, and its readability is terrible, they will automatically abandon it. You must check that your texts read well on all devices.
3. Links and broken images
Take care of indexing. If you have broken links or broken images you should solve it as soon as possible. The user does not like something that he wants to see to give an error. Therefore, work your links.
4. It's not mobile first
This concept is becoming increasingly stronger due to the growth in the use of mobile devices. Not only is it necessary for your website to be responsive. You should think about how each of the content will display on the screen of mobile devices. Your website must be designed to work correctly in these environments. If not, you will lose many of the clients that enter from these devices.
5. Aggressive advertising
Aggressive advertising negatively affects the UX; ads that are confused with content, pop-up ads, advertisements with autoplay, etc. All this type of advertising has a bad impact on your website and your users.
6. Links of poor quality
Quality backlinks are a good way to get the user's attention and retain it. However, if you play with poor backlinks, your user will not have satisfactory navigation and Google may penalize you. This will also affect your reputation as a brand. You should hire Indian app developers to help you develop sleek apps that will benefit your brand.
Key elements when designing your user experience strategy
Do you know your consumer? You must anticipate and surprise the users. But, for that, you must know who they are. It is important to take into account the data that the user has been sharing with your brand through different channels. Bet on the Cross-Channel marketing.
This trail is very valuable and will allow you to create your buyer persona. Collect the data, analyze them and create the strategy based on these data.
Email marketing or social media strategies will help you collect valuable data. You can interact with your users and create community through social networks. Email marketing will also let you know what kind of information they like to receive and the hours they are active.
Previous experiences also count
Location is key when designing your online marketing strategy. Brands must use this data strategically, but they do not always do it. It is not easy for the user to offer you this information. Therefore, if you already have it, do not abuse it. If they consider that you are abusing their privacy, they will never offer it to you again.
Surely it is not the first time that you carry out a marketing strategy in your company. Therefore, it is interesting that you use the data analyzed in previous campaigns. They will help you determine what can and cannot work.
In this way, you can decide which actions have a greater effect on your users. You will know if you prefer notifications via email, an SMS or even postal mail. You must adapt to what they ask you.
You can hire an Android app developer to help your brand with the necessary app that will optimize the experience for your clients. Hire an Android app developer today. 

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