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Learn The Best iOS Programming Languages To Become A Successful iOS App Developer

App Development

Mar 2021
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learn the best ios programming languages to become a successful ios app developer
Being an app developer is definitely a thing to be proud of, especially when it pays you well. According to the recent Statista report, Apple has paid over USD 200 billion to iOS developers for selling goods & services via the Apple App Store. Isn't that an astonishing figure? This report is adequate to attract several aspiring iOS app developers. If you are also one of the iOS developers who are determined to achieve your dream of becoming an iOS app developer, then you have certainly made the right choice.
But, do you know which iOS programming language you must know and learn? If you aren't sure, don't worry. Being the top mobile app development company in 2021, we have shared the top iOS app development languages with their features, benefits, and drawbacks to know more about these programming languages. So without further ado, let's get started.
Top Languages for Native iOS App Development
Below are the top programming languages for iOS app development to embrace to build native iOS apps.
1. Swift
According to a Stack Overflow survey, 6500 developers were asked about their favorite iOS development language. And guess what? Swift is one of the most trending programming languages to build native iOS apps. It has user-friendly syntax, which is also brief. Swift renders quick coding style & safety with data storage. This way, it naturally gets rid of unsafe code for a super-secure coding environment.
Key Features Of Swift
- Needs no separate library import to support functionalities
- Provides quick access to current Cocoa frameworks
- Follows functional programming patterns, such as map & filter
- Short and to the point iteration over a vast range of collection
- Provides tuples to save various items in a single variable & multiple return values
- Easily readable due to its straightforward syntax
- Solid typing & error managing functions to reduce code errors & crashes
- Easy to incorporate with Objective-C and include new features
- Lack of support for previous iOS versions
2. Objective-C
It is an object-centric programming language & the first programming language to develop apps for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV. It is a matured & developed language that you can count on to create heavy apps.
Key Features Of Objective-C
- A metaclass is automatically created and easily manageable during run time
- Dynamic typing announces a variable that holds a reference to an object
- Provides Smalltalk style messaging, making it simpler to understand the language
- Offers the automatic garbage collector
- Easy to connect & use the private APIs
- More steady than Swift and does not have normal version updates
- Compatible with C++ & C++ libraries
Its memory management is intricate to process, and hence it has to be understood by Smalltalk & C.
Top Languages for Hybrid iOS App Development
Below are the top languages to embrace if you want to build hybrid iOS apps.
1. C++
It's an extension of the C programming language and an excellent programming language to learn. C++ is a flexible language making it easier to build different operating systems, game development, and browsers. You can also efficiently control overusing system resources and memory for a simple iOS app development process.
Key Features of C++
- C++ is a high-level programming language
- Provides a library full of in-built functionality accessed by suitable header files
- Platform independent & permits to use of the same piece of code in different environments
- Offers dynamic memory management strategies and supports dynamic memory allocation
- Has complete control over memory management
- Able to run on small as well as large scale of data
- It enables running the same program on multiple OS or interfaces
- Misusing the pointers might cause the system to crash.
- It does not support in-built threads
- Security problems exist due to worldwide variables & pointers
2. JavaScript
The best part of this language is that it runs smoothly in multiple environments and even outside of browsers. This enables you complete control and handle the mobile app development process productively. JavaScript is highly suggested to develop apps for multiple platforms, including iOS & Android.
Key Features Of JavaScript
- Rapidly verifies user input for mistakes to save time
- A lightweight scripting language made for data management at the browser
- Provides browsers with extra functionalities to prevent server load & network traffic
- Provides arrow functions to ease the syntax and tamp down the coding lines
- Platform-independence to write the script once and run it anytime & anywhere
- Simple structure, feasible to apply, and saves a lot of funds
- All modern browsers support JavaScript
- Accelerates the program's execution as it easily connects to the server
- Supports only one inheritance
- JavaScript code can be viewed & cause harmful activities
- Shortage of debugging facilities to detect the issue
HTML, also referred to as hypertext markup language, helps organize & present content on the world wide web. This programming language could be an appropriate choice if you have planned to develop location-based apps. Multi-platform functionality & agile market deployment features allow you to manage the app development process efficiently.
Key Features Of HTML
- A fantastic HTML feature that helps you add photos, audio, and video to a web page
- The best learning curve for amateurs as it is easy to learn
- Simple to show HTML documents on any platforms like Linux & Windows
- Include links to the web pages to assist the readers in surfing more information
- It uses several tags to develop an app as it's a tag-based language
- Easy to modify and quick to install as the text is compressible
- Easy to use a broad range of objects, layouts, and colors
- HTML requires a lot of code writing
- It needs a browser to interpret it correctly
- It isn't centralized, and all web pages must be modified separately
Start Your iOS App Development Journey
In this article, you get to know and learn about the top programming languages for native as well as hybrid iOS app development. Without any hassle, you can start your journey to become a successful iOS app developer. If you have an iOS app idea and wish to verify it, then you can connect with our professional team.
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