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Make Your User Interface More Convenient


Nov 2017
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make your user interface more convenient
Engaging older people as part of your user base was once considered the last frontier of the Internet. However, this scenario is AN elusive reality, as we have seen a steady increase in the number of older people who often register, sign and are signed. Only in the United States Statistician was reported that 64% of older people (65 years) in early 2017 were online, which is 4% higher than in 2013.
But, despite this increase, the elderly still often have demographic characteristics in the design of the user experience. If mobile app development companies do not take into account older users, this removes a whole user base and eliminate them from the online experience: a situation without any victory.
Custom web design for older people can be achieved by using best practices, such as designing a larger user interface design elements, using color to help highlight important content and carry out the Test users.
Make Your User Interface More Convenient For Readers

The More The Sources The Better
Unlike UX designers, not all users have a high-quality monitor that is good in their eyes, and for users on the other side of the tiny 60 texts can be really annoying. If you want to focus on older users, stay below the 12-point font for user interface text.
Sometimes, users have the ability to control the font size in their web browser. However, most of the time it is just an example of the zoom on the page, and this can lead to problems with the function or the screen and these prevent users from resorting to manual override.
In addition, breaking information into smaller sections and use spaces, so they do not suppress the user with bundles of text, which are loaded into small spaces.
Color And Contrast For Optimal Viewing
When designers ignore color recommendations, the user interface can be disabled. The color and contrast of the user interface to help users determine what user interface elements allow them to perform some tasks keep track of where they are on the website, and be aware of what words Refer to individual pages. For example, blue color should be avoided by elements of the user interface that do not have options - blue – is a de facto standard for web links.
Also, if there is no color difference between the links that a user had visited and the one they are to visit, they may lose information about where they came from. However, older users can find it difficult to remember on which part of the website they visited and can spend repeating time actions and return to the same places.
Language That Your Audience Plays
All web designers have read the information on the pages they are developing, and therefore do not take into account the efforts that are required to interact with it.
Consider how information to create websites for seniors, students (HOH) or users who have a visual impairment; The content needs to be taken to someone with a certain difficulty so the person could still test the information presented. Provide subtitle or subtitle when video or audio is critical for UX to HoH complex. Providing language function is important for anyone who has to read the text aloud. You can test text-to-speech (TTS) software, such as Ivona.
Also, recognize that phonetics, text jargon and play can be a problem for the older age group. Slang can destroy the experience you are trying to create, so make sure your context copy appeals to your audience. Avoid jargon that can confuse users and focus on language, which will carry the desired meaning. Comparison of empathy can help you create content that works for your group of users.
Design Your Interface In Such A Way That Things Are Easy To Click
At age 55 to 65 years, hand-eye coordination and motor skills are reduced, which may hinder interaction with the user interface. The mouse is a particular problem for users with a decrease in motor skills since it can be difficult to reach the target interface objects moving between the elements of the user interface and to respond to the target on the screen.
To eliminate this obstacle, make the user interface elements more effective (diagonally not less than 11 mm) and far away from each other (at least 2 mm). You can also try to reduce mouse clicks to a minimum and, if necessary, just a click.
The scroll bar also causes accessibility issues for users with mental disabilities. It is difficult to achieve a small displacement and/or carry out a displacement action.
Keep simple scrolling. Give users a variety of options (by clicking on the arrows on the scroll bar, click on the drag and drop of the page itself, by dragging the slider, with the wheel of your mouse or with the arrow keys of the keyboard). But, in general, avoid displacement wherever possible.
Fortunately, computer keyboards and touch screens on mobile devices help older people stay turned on. Many older people are better off with a PC keyboard with a PC and/or touch screens.
Make Your UI Designs Easy To Remember To Be Able To Minimize Difficulties
So that any user can perform the tasks in the user interface, which they needed as quickly as possible and faster to get from point A (point of entry) to point B (where they carry out their task). That is why clear navigation through the user interface is so important.
But when it comes to older citizens, the navigation system of the user interface is even simpler to make it easier for travelers to travel. Why? Because, although our memory of long-term procedure (remembering how to do things) is practically the same as we get older, our attention to scale, as a rule, is reduced. And short-term, episodic memory has a tendency to suffer. This means that our ability to learn new concepts, such as interaction with the new interface for older generations, has its limitations.
Try using standard icons and navigation patterns, such as the top horizontal panel, which displays all parameters to one or navigation information, which directs users to specific sites with a small number of clicks. 
Do not hide important information. Leave the breadcrumbs, to guide the users to the corresponding section of the web page.
Also, avoid links that are not 100% necessary. This will help you gain user confidence and encourage users to click on links that take them to important areas of your site or app development.
Know Your Customer Base
To make your experience more enjoyable for your audience, you should strive to work within the scaffolding, which takes into account the needs of target users. But the fact that users have not grown up in different times of technology, designers are playing catch up, to create the impression of the delights of users of different age groups.
User Testing
Even when designers are guided by the recommendations given to older people, the only way to know how someone is going to interact with the site - is testing them. With the generation of older users consider the quality of users who evaluate the method in a reasonable way so they have seen everything that happens on the screen of the participant throughout the test. 
One of the main pain points which older people cannot see and read is what is on the screen. Problems or loss of vision or hearing means that some older users may be difficult to interpret the content of websites and mobile devices, with which they interact. When testing your user interface for real users with real problems get a more accurate idea of how well you will solve such problems.
Try user prototypes test tool, such as Justinmind, so you can submit your design in real time. This will give you more immediate feedback on why and how to solve the problem with the design.
And why not take it one step further: get older UX practitioners, involved in the design process, and allow the elderly users to control their experience on the Internet.
Modelling UX terms from the perspective of older people: 
There is still tremendous growth potential among older users. But just like any other group of users, older Web users force us to develop experiences that reflect their needs. Limitations that can occur with age mean that some of the most common ways of interacting with digital technology does not apply to older Web users.
When the problems old people incur while using digital technology is identified, it will help the designers not to include them in their design. User testing is a flawless way to ensure that your audience had what they need and what they want. Include the generation of older users in the design process for user interface design and user experience, will enable the developer to attain success in his/her career. 
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